A demo is now available! Use this demo to determine if you’d like to purchase the full version!

Take a peek at what 3089 has to offer! You’ll be able to explore the unique terrain, try out some of the weapons & take on a quest in 3089’s demo!

You should have a machine with at least a dual-core processor & dedicated 3D graphics hardware to play 3089. You will also need the latest Java Runtime installed & you may need to uninstall old versions of Java.


  1. You cannot save or load games.
  2. You can only play for 10 minutes at a time; I strongly recommend you play multiple times, though.
  3. Vehicles cannot be flown.
  4. “Special” items, like the grappling hook, telelocator & decoy, are disabled.
  5. “Backup” stations, which set respawn locations, cannot be used.
  6. Multiplayer is not supported in the demo version.


  1. The installer is a universal Java installer which needs to be run with Java — make sure you have it installed.
  2. Try double-clicking the 3089Installer JAR file — it will hopefully start the installer!
    1. If an archiving tool, like 7Zip or WinRAR comes up instead, close it and try step 3 below:
  3. If the installer doesn’t start, try right-clicking the JAR file and selecting Open With -> Java Binary.