3089 Update: New textures & key giveaway!

Hey all,

3089 has been updated! Lots of the building textures have been improved & new ones have been added.

The long awaited “snap-to-grid” building placement feature is now implemented, which should greatly help in placing aligned structures.

In celebration, Phr00t’s Software is hosting another free key giveaway for both games! You can enter on Facebook here:


Keep an eye out on the Facebook page for announced winners!

3089 is now entering “maintenance” mode, where updates will address bug fixes & balancing tweaks as needed.

Here are the full list of changes in v1.3.1:

  • New building textures with the help of Swawa3D
  • Snap-to-grid building placement feature added
  • Added a “safe mode” when retrying the game if it crashed before
  • Arrow keys will now always defuse bombs again
  • Tweets won’t be made if 3089 couldn’t determine your IP address
  • You can no longer use the grappling hook to float up on hooked robots
  • You can no longer try and fly a vehicle flown by another player
  • Hid the other player when it is flying a vehicle
  • Fixed multiplayer synchronization bugs, particularly with restarting a server & vehicles
  • Fixed flown vehicles in multiplayer from bouncing around midair
  • Fixed vehicle weapon synchronization in multiplayer
  • Fixed an end-game condition that could constantly be re-triggered
  • Fixed a spelling error in one of the Xax Natives dialogs
  • Fixed player positioning when starting a new game after loading a player at a high level area
  • Other minor performance & reliability tweaks

Let me know if anything broke!
– Phr00t


Major 3089 Update: Meteor loot, base takeovers, new textures…

Hey all,

Our artist, Swawa3D, improved nearly all of the robotic textures, tweaked some models & helped implement a cool new visual feature where details will glow in the dark (like robot eyes). We are planning on tweaking some of the building textures next.

Want to take over a blue base? Now you can! After clearing out a section of a blue base, you can use a conversion tool to permanently convert that section to a friendly red base — you’ll be rewarded with skill points too, depending on the difficulty of the area. Pick up the tools at a Quest station.

Meteor charges are here! Meteor strikes will occasionally drop explosive items, but get them quick before they disappear!

There are lots of other improvements & fixes, listed here:

  • Improved textures & models from Swawa3D (http://www.swawa3d.com/)
  • New “Base Takeover” capability (via items obtained at Quest stations)
  • New “Meteor Charges” occasionally dropped by meteor strikes; get them quick!
  • Spiderbots & Rollertanks now have reinforced armor on sides & back
  • Fixed a bug that caused games on the Find Multiplayer Games list to not be selected correctly
  • Blue multiplayer quest icons will now disappear properly when no longer needed
  • Bosses will no longer drop consumables on death
  • Turrets will no longer flicker on the minimap
  • Disabled client construction of storage bins (so clients don’t leave items on servers that may go offline)
  • Fixed positioning of floating “Stun” messages
  • Added an option on the Pause Menu to relocate the red X challenge
  • Arrow keys are no longer fixed as movement keys & can be reassigned
  • Fixed the “short name” of collectors to just show your name
  • Tweaked multiplayer messages to be more informative
  • Fixed some spelling errors
  • Redesigned crosshairs by Swawa3D
  • Added an option to kick client when you are the server
  • Reworded the message when trying to toggle a hoverboard with no installed slots available
  • Removed ghosts from being shown in the minimap
  • Other minor performance & reliability tweaks

This is likely the last major update since 3089 is nearly complete & will soon be entering a maintenance phase consisting of primarily bug fixes and balancing tweaks as needed. However, some texture tweaks are still coming & I’d like to implement a snap-to-grid building option.

Let me know if anything broke & as always, back to work!
– Phr00t

3089 Steam Release Date: January 10th!

Hey guys,

3089 should be on Steam this Friday, January 10th! Steam clients should pick up on the release status & begin downloading the game if you’ve already redeemed your Steam key. Talking about Steam keys, all should have been distributed to Desura, GamersGate, IndieGameStand, IndieRoyale & BMT Micro owners. If you didn’t get an e-mail and you are a BMT Micro owner, let me know!

3089 was also updated to v1.0.10! This should hopefully be the version released to Steam. I made some physics to physics placement tests & made the artificially intelligent robots hop off cliffs if their target is near the bottom.

OK, getting ready for the release and let me know ASAP if you experience any issues! Back to work,

– Phr00t

3089 Update: Box physics & quest location fixes

Hey all,

Important polishing update in preparation for Steam — hopefully boxes won’t do this anymore:

For some reason, the physics library I am using (bullet) doesn’t like box objects rolling on large terrain. So, I modeled boxes after spheres — you’ll notice them roll a little easier, but overall they will still behave like boxes.

Also, I redesigned how quest targets spawn. They should all spawn much closer to the initial “?” and not jump around randomly anymore. This also greatly helps multiplayer co-op, since tasks will be right next to each other — allowing you to work with your teammate much more closely!

3089 should be ready on Steam in approximately a week, if all goes well!

OK, back to work!

– Phr00t

3089 Update: Improved Inventory Interface!

Hey all,

Thanks to feedback from the artist @ http://www.swawa3d.com/, 3089 got some usability improvements. Take a look at how the item descriptions look now:

Things are much better organized & aligned, making it much easier to read. A “damage per second” value has been added to weapons, which should make comparisons easier. Finally, the box will follow the mouse cursor, and not always be centered on the screen.

I’ve also “capped” the size of the user interface, so players with high resolution displays won’t see the interface stretched across the screen.

The other change you may notice is an option for “Jump Control” in the input configuration section. This will allow you to hold down the jump key to control the height of your jump. This option defaults to “off”, which was the behavior before this update. Read about the rest of the updates here: https://3089game.wordpress.com/version-history/

Preparing for an early January release on Steam! I’m also gathering Steam keys to send to current owners, just as I did with 3079.

OK, back to work!

– Phr00t

First 3089 “Stable” Release!

Hey all,

3089 is no longer considered “Beta” software! That doesn’t mean development is ending or even slowing down — it just means 3089 has had all of its major planned features implemented (like multiplayer, combat, story, weather etc.) & the action runs smooth and with no known major or moderate bugs. However, I’m sure with your feedback, plenty of updates to this great game are still to come.

The underwater environment has changed quite a bit. First, visibility has been significantly reduced for both the player and other robots. This will make swimming underwater a more steathly form of transport & not so deadly. Projectiles will also be limited in length to about the length robots can see. Air spawns have also been removed underwater, so you should no longer see ships floating back to the surface. 🙂

Ramps have been added to base entrances, so it will be much easier to get in & out of bases. I watched too many players accidentally fall off a base edge & struggle to get back!

The other big change is how meteor damage is handled — if you have a roof over your head, you need to be closer to a meteor strike to be killed. This way, standing near windows will no longer be so dangerous, although I still don’t recommend it!

There are lots of other changes in this update, so please read over the version history here: https://3089game.wordpress.com/version-history/

What’s next? I want to make sure 3089 is stable for the big upcoming Steam release planned for early January! After that, I want to improve building mechanics, add some new quest task types & we’ll see what else 🙂

OK, back to work!

– Phr00t