Version History


  1. Updated to latest jMonkeyEngine libraries
  2. Fixed a beam damage problem


  1. Updated to latest jMonkeyEngine libraries
  2. Built with Java 8 (Java 7 runtime, though, for backwards compatibility)
  3. Updated ambient occlusion shader (quicker & looks better)
  4. Left-justified the main menu


  1. You can now perform a location rescue in an enemy tower (you will be teleported outside)
  2. Improved ambient occlusion performance and visuals, particularly up close
  3. Updated to the latest version of jMonkeyEngine, including many performance improvements
  4. Fixed a few graphical glitches with explosions and clouds off in the distance
  5. Fixed a bug in ray vs. sphere collision detection (may help with landing shots)


  1. Fixed “Field of View” from getting set to 0 in some situations (caused HUD to show, but not 3D geometry)


  1. Fixed bomb defusing when arrow keys are assigned to movement
  2. Pausing the game will now disable weapon scopes
  3. Added a “Field of View” setting to “Effects Config”


  1. New building textures with the help of Swawa3D
  2. Snap-to-grid building placement feature added
  3. Added a “safe mode” when retrying the game if it crashed before
  4. Arrow keys will now always defuse bombs again
  5. Tweets won’t be made if 3089 couldn’t determine your IP address
  6. You can no longer use the grappling hook to float up on hooked robots
  7. You can no longer try and fly a vehicle flown by another player
  8. Hid the other player when it is flying a vehicle
  9. Fixed multiplayer synchronization bugs, particularly with restarting a server & vehicles
  10. Fixed flown vehicles in multiplayer from bouncing around midair
  11. Fixed vehicle weapon synchronization in multiplayer
  12. Fixed an end-game condition that could constantly be re-triggered
  13. Fixed a spelling error in one of the Xax Natives dialogs
  14. Fixed player positioning when starting a new game after loading a player at a high level area
  15. Other minor performance & reliability tweaks


  1. Fixed multiplayer crash on connect introduced in v1.2.1
  2. Enemy headquarters would just disappear when taken over; now fixed
  3. Fixed a spelling mistake when hopping into a vehicle
  4. Ghosts & empty vehicles will no longer count as “enemies” when taking over a base


  1. Improved textures & models from Swawa3D (
  2. New “Base Takeover” capability (via items obtained at Quest stations)
  3. New “Meteor Charges” occasionally dropped by meteor strikes; get them quick!
  4. Spiderbots & Rollertanks now have reinforced armor on sides & back
  5. Fixed a bug that caused games on the Find Multiplayer Games list to not be selected correctly
  6. Blue multiplayer quest icons will now disappear properly when no longer needed
  7. Bosses will no longer drop consumables on death
  8. Turrets will no longer flicker on the minimap
  9. Disabled client construction of storage bins (so clients don’t leave items on servers that may go offline)
  10. Fixed positioning of floating “Stun” messages
  11. Added an option on the Pause Menu to relocate the red X challenge
  12. Arrow keys are no longer fixed as movement keys & can be reassigned
  13. Fixed the “short name” of collectors to just show your name
  14. Tweaked multiplayer messages to be more informative
  15. Fixed some spelling errors
  16. Redesigned crosshairs by Swawa3D
  17. Added an option to kick client when you are the server
  18. Reworded the message when trying to toggle a hoverboard with no installed slots available
  19. Removed ghosts from being shown in the minimap
  20. Other minor performance & reliability tweaks


  1. All new in-game interface inspired by Swawa3D (
  2. Fixed some significant memory & performance bugs in jMonkeyEngine, might resolve any stuttering on some systems
  3. Fixed a bug that caused items lost on death to not deactivate
  4. Items are now organized in store inventories
  5. Dagger weapons charge their lunge attack faster than swords
  6. You can now grapple onto large & flying robots
  7. Got rid of console debug messages when pressing some keys
  8. Updated Game Guide & Quick Tips for new interface
  9. Other minor performance & reliability tweaks


  1. Menu system redesign inspired by Swawa3D (
  2. Changed default keybinds for running & stealth to more mainstream options
  3. Increased color saturation of robots
  4. Multiplayer questing fix: tasks requiring stealthy elements won’t spawn right next to each other
  5. Multiplayer questing fix: killing a co-op buddy’s quest target won’t fail your task’s “no killing” condition if that quest target was suppose to be killed
  6. Multiplayer questing fix: followers & friendly robots won’t engage other player’s quest targets that shouldn’t be killed (e.g. spying tasks)
  7. “Buy more armor” hint won’t prevent other hints from appearing (via the default “Q” key)
  8. Surveyor aggression now resets after being killed for any reason
  9. Added an in-game option to take screenshots with the F12 key (files get placed in your 3089 directory, or in your home directory for the demo)
  10. The color of the dynamic box placed will carry over to the next box when using the construction tool
  11. Fixed a rare crash when robots would investigate another robot which doesn’t have a valid position yet


  1. Generally lowered color saturation of the terrain while adding a little more color variety
  2. Increased texture resolution of the ground
  3. Increased texture resolution of base floors
  4. Removed most of the color variation of robots on the same team
  5. Stations will do a better job of stocking replacement parts for broken items in your inventory
  6. 1 letter names will now create unique worlds (if you already have a 1-letter named world, it may have changed — use the “Location Rescue” option in the pause menu to reposition yourself).
  7. Fixed a bug that caused Surveyors to have much less health than they should for their rating
  8. Significantly increased map scrolling speed when using the keyboard to pan
  9. Teammates should no longer turn on each other
  10. Fixed a crash when erroneous keys are somehow assigned and then later displayed
  11. Change made to hopefully prevent freezes when trying to connect to some multiplayer games
  12. Followers will now unfollow you correctly if you aggravate them
  13. Energy beam weapons will no longer hurt teammates
  14. Vehicle pads now cast & receive shadows correctly
  15. Fixed a spelling error in the “Effects Config” menu
  16. The middle mouse button will now switch weapons; useful for gamepad mapping
  17. Map’s left & right direction is now also inverted when selecting “invert mouse” in “Input Config”
  18. Improved network performance by only sending held item changes when needed (instead of every switch of a held item)
  19. Menu will now automatically enter “Quick Tips” when trying to start a new game, instead of asking the player to click “Quick Tips”


  1. Quicker & more accurate physics test to determine if a space is open for a spawn to be placed
  2. Robots will make better decisions at whether to jump off a cliff or not


  1. Multiple box physics fixes: shouldn’t fall through the ground or be stuck in walls
  2. Escort targets will no longer remain following you if reported unreachable
  3. Only 2 active attackers can engage a “Protect” task target now
  4. Quest target spawn locations improved; no longer jumps around randomly
  5. Multiplayer quest sharing now spawns quest tasks right next to each other
  6. Other minor engine & performance tweaks


  1. New theme music by Foster Powell @
  2. Accuracy penalty for movement reduced
  3. Pistols now are always single-shot items
  4. Rifles can have up to 2 shots
  5. Launchers can have up to 3 shots
  6. Fixed zero burden items (introduced in v1.0.4)
  7. Alignment & sizing improvements to inventory interface
  8. Tweaks to the inventory grid (darker, larger etc.)
  9. Minor tweaks to some robot face textures
  10. Fixed abnormally high damage-per-second values for Pistols
  11. Default music volume now set to 70%
  12. Energy & Ammo-based weapons now have the same cooldown values


  1. Inventory interface redesigned; much easier to read item descriptions
  2. Melee hitbox more forgiving (slightly easier to land hits)
  3. Added an option for “Jump Control” in “Input Config”: hold jump to control height
  4. The planet graphic on the main menu will now disappear if many options are displayed

v1.0.2 — First Stable Release

  1. Underwater visibility significantly reduced for player & robots
  2. Projectile range significantly limited underwater
  3. Dying robot parts will no longer be incorrectly drawn behind clouds
  4. Fixed Graphical glitches with construction indicators
  5. Fixed base ramps from not appearing on large height differences
  6. Replaced “Greenlight” button with “Facebook” & “Twitter” buttons
  7. Capped height of robots inside Towers so they will fit properly
  8. Fixed graphical glitches & odd patterns with the water surface in the map
  9. Followers will now obey your quest task requirements
  10. Fixed enemy aggression when on a Protect task before the timer has started
  11. Air spawn locations improved: no longer underwater or on edges
  12. Action music cleared between games
  13. Color overlays cleared between games & when returning to the main menu
  14. Reduced the stun effect duration
  15. Older multiplayer servers turn red in the server list
  16. Added more information to the multiplayer screen, like if forwarding is required
  17. Added a “Previous Quest” button to the Quest dialog
  18. Explained the quest task requirement key section a bit better
  19. Meteors will now be less deadly if you have a roof over your head (e.g. more safety provided in buildings, even near windows)
  20. Removed the selector when hovering over tips in Quick Tips
  21. Ramps have been added to provide easier access in & out of bases
  22. Made the Decoy a bit easier to use & added help messages to the Decoy & Telelocator
  23. Changes to the “Quick Tips” section
  24. Other minor performance & stability improvements


  1. Removed “toon” outline effect from Ghosts
  2. Fixed a rare crash when killing Spider Bots
  3. Fixed a crash when loaded the game with no effects enabled
  4. Fixed vehicle spawning pads & hatches from being placed underwater
  5. Fixed multiple spawn points in the same place
  6. Synced with official LWJGL 2.9.1 release
  7. Other minor graphical fixes (beams, water surface etc.)


  1. All new “toon” look: really accentuates & improves the polygonal look
  2. Fixed numerous graphical glitches with shadows, rain, water & more
  3. Multiplayer merge mode now implemented! Join in co-op to make a super-robot!
  4. Spawn system redesign: more things where you expect them, less (hopefully zero) where you don’t
  5. Multiplayer story event redesign: things should sync up more reliably story wise in co-op games
  6. Fixed item description width in low-resolution settings
  7. Fixed waypoint not being updated in multiplayer when other player was viewing inventory
  8. Reduced statistic display from to 1.x (information overload improvement)
  9. Message now appears telling player what part (or item) was lost on death
  10. Time-ripping items shouldn’t appear within turrets or boxes anymore
  11. Added the robot image from Burningpet to the Main Menu background
  12. Fixed grammar in some parts of the Game Guide
  13. New tree models
  14. Reduced “Booster” skill bonus
  15. Default draw distance is set to “Far” instead of “Normal”
  16. Updated to LWJGL 2.9.1 & the latest jMonkeyEngine3 build
  17. Simplified the Mac build: just run 3089.jar instead of “”
  18. Many minor performance & reliability improvements


  1. New base floor textures
  2. Sight is calculated closer to eye level on robots
  3. You can no longer eject into building walls from vehicles
  4. Roofs on buildings made darker
  5. Improved ground spawn locations
  6. Turrets will no longer spawn inside boxes
  7. Performance improvements in terrain generation
  8. Upper arms of robots made shorter & a little fatter
  9. Added color variations to robots
  10. Increased the player’s camera height
  11. Doubled corrosion effect’s damage


  1. New decoy tool! Shoot & spawn a harmless but annoying decoy to distract enemies
  2. Added “scrap metal” piles among terrain; can be used for shelter & cover
  3. Fixed sliding on slopes
  4. Programming chips & using consumables won’t remove the “info box”, it will auto-update instead
  5. Fixed a bug when using up consumables while in storage
  6. Fixed robots saying “Following Target” & “Following Disabled” too often
  7. Improved “Do quests or red X challenge” tip
  8. Corrosion damage is now green instead of brown
  9. Meteor showers will happen less often
  10. Tweaked Game Guide documentation on items
  11. Base wall doors are placed more consistently & more often
  12. Improvements were made to spawning locations; hopefully fewer underground/in wall spawns
  13. Robot weapons with special abilities (like stunning) will be colored differently
  14. Updated physics engine to latest version: should improve performance & physics behavior
  15. Shadow rendering performance improvements
  16. Fixed a spelling error when interacting with radars
  17. Other minor tweaks to reliability & performance


  1. Added all new pre-defined classes to help newbies get started (you can still make a custom character if you wish)
  2. You now start with 12 skill points instead of 10
  3. Fixed the BMT Micro auto-updater buttons
  4. Fixed “Hook cannot support your burden” messages going to the wrong player in multiplayer
  5. Centered the player’s starting position and difficulty calculations to the exact center of the world
  6. Reorganized the “Quick Tips” section and tweaked the message recommending reading the those tips


  1. Fixed a nasty crash when connecting or changing followers in multiplayer
  2. You can now enter longer addresses for servers
  3. Game no longer locks up when trying to connect to a bad server
  4. Added a “You need to make a player first!” message when trying to find/join a multiplayer game with no saved players


  1. Improved item graphics
  2. Increased texture resolution of base floors
  3. Stat icons are now displayed in item descriptions
  4. Fixed a bug that caused some boxes to float
  5. Ghosts will no longer make other NPCs disappear on contact
  6. Added “<Press Enter>” to the full version’s “Thank You” message


  1. All new “Escort” quest task!
  2. All new dynamic menu background
  3. Flying followers will now follow you correctly
  4. Energy weapons will now charge correctly (bug introduced in v0.113b fixed)
  5. Robots will no longer oddly wiggle near edges
  6. New players will now need to read the “Quick Tips” before starting a new game
  7. Robots will no longer auto-follow you if you already have some followers
  8. Followers are no longer lost when going into a hatch
  9. Consumables skill is now significantly more effective
  10. Consumables come in packs of 6 instead of 8, are more costly
  11. You can now quickly exit towers after triumphing over the tower’s leader
  12. Reduced requirements for skills as difficulty increases, particularly for stealing, stealth & piloting
  13. Crates no longer drop complete special items (like grappling hooks)
  14. Energy launchers can no longer charge up attacks
  15. Launchers will now always have special stats like leech, corrosion & stun
  16. Pistols now have better accuracy, but worse range
  17. Lobbed projectiles now cause bigger explosions
  18. Other minor performance and reliability tweaks


  1. All new GraviGun! Pick up crates, move & throw them!
  2. Replaced the Time Warp item with the GraviGun
  3. Corrosion damage has its own sound & indicators now
  4. Telelocator is cheaper & works quicker
  5. Fixed quest spawns from getting farther & farther away when being respawned
  6. Quest spawns happening very high or very low underground should be fixed
  7. Improved physics object creation with simple box objects (should improve performance & behavior in some situations)
  8. Updated the opening message when starting 3089
  9. Other minor performance and reliability tweaks


  1. Improved death animations & resulting explosions
  2. Improved crate destruction animations
  3. Limited how many flying robots spawn when you are not flying
  4. Made the penalty on bumping enemy ships in a vehicle more significant
  5. Fixed flickering & wiggling bugs when being dropped from a surveyor
  6. Further reduced occurrences of spawns in impossible locations
  7. Blank chips will no longer be dropped by Spiderbots / Leaders / Bosses etc.
  8. Fixed a bug that caused “Player Already Exists, Load Instead!” messages to appear and then not show on the “Saved Games” list


  1. All new time ripping ability: stop time completely in dire situations!
  2. Enemy & friendly ships will now spawn high up in the air
  3. “Quest” key now includes useful hints when not on a quest
  4. Vehicles won’t crash when hitting other robots
  5. Vehicle health has been increased
  6. You can now request friendly ships to follow you while flying
  7. Fixed the opening menu animation
  8. Bosses defeated now provide some skill points as a reward
  9. Fixed rocks & trees from spawning inside buildings
  10. Fixed the “Spy” etc. quest timers still being displayed after quest completes
  11. Fixed trees being spawned underwater in some situations
  12. Friendly guys will never massively attack other friendly guys for accidental collateral damage
  13. Fixed a talking loop bug after followers kill an enemy
  14. Messages on the HUD move quicker into position
  15. Other minor performance and tweaks


  1. Fixed flickering & disappearing shadows
  2. Competing base walls will no longer overlap
  3. Watch towers and other geometry won’t disappear near edges of the screen anymore
  4. Fixed a “setDamagedBy” stack overflow crash
  5. Fixed terrain textures & color gradients
  6. Fixed road texturing
  7. Being damaged by ghosts will now cause the quick-exit penalty
  8. Fixed a robot artificial intelligence bug that caused them to get stuck in a “hostile down”/”target neutralized” talking loop
  9. Increased the chances of single-shot weapon generation


  1. Constructions are now synced in multiplayer!
  2. All new base structure & organization: much more urban feel
  3. Added a “Draw Distance” setting with “small”, “normal” & “far” options
  4. New ship platforms where vehicles will spawn
  5. Followers will better coordinate attacks
  6. Multiplayer players will no longer bounce in underground hatch areas
  7. Menu name text should no longer become transparent
  8. Followers will do a much better job of teleporting to leader when needed
  9. Fixed a rare crash when a ghost died during multiplayer connect
  10. Improved terrain chunk generation performance
  11. Roads no longer run inside bases
  12. Shrunk building foundations a bit
  13. Reduced penalty when teleporting to other player in multiplayer
  14. Floors & ceilings will have different textures inside buildings
  15. Zooming with a scope is a little slower, easier to control
  16. Added a “level of detail” system that improves performance with terrain rendered far away
  17. Many other minor performance & reliability tweaks


  1. Crash when rendering the new explosions on some hardware should be fixed
  2. Moved watch towers out of the starting zone (they were replacing important buildings)


  1. Clouds will no longer jump up and down
  2. Clouds no longer have hard edges or odd second layers
  3. Fixed a bug that caused some robots to stand still too long
  4. Fixed a “scene modified outside thread” crash in multiplayer
  5. Fixed a NullPointerException crash in beam firing in multiplayer
  6. Fixed a quest description crash in multiplayer
  7. Fixed an skill point exploit involving the map & enemy towers
  8. Now only explored terrain will be shown in the map
  9. Red & blue base areas are more flat
  10. Enemy towers are now more visually distinct with blue roofs
  11. Added more texture to tree tops
  12. Improved building texturing & coloring
  13. Added new narrow and tall “watch towers”
  14. Map crosshair is more visible
  15. “Stations Nearby” text will light up green when stations are listed
  16. Added all new icons for each stat (like a shield for “Defense”)
  17. Re-designed the quest dialog with new icons and more compact view
  18. Quest task limitation icons now show on the HUD during the task
  19. Tree trunks are now smooth
  20. Added more detail to the terrain textures
  21. Cleaned up some of the robot models
  22. Added more detail to robot textures, particularly spider-based robots
  23. All new rifle model & graphics
  24. Spider legs should fine more natual locations to step & stand
  25. All new explosion effects
  26. Lighting changes: less intense, more natural
  27. Starting surveyor at dropoff will fly more straight
  28. Many minor tweaks to performance


  1. Multiplayer Questing support added
  2. Added a multiplayer section to the Game Guide
  3. Fixed setting input configurations to “null”
  4. Increased the buffer for sending multiplayer updates
  5. Fixed multiplayer respawning as just a foot
  6. Fixed a crash when holding traded items
  7. Added version check for all variations of 3089
  8. Increased nighttime lighting around the player
  9. Increased tree size & variations
  10. Robots should no longer spawn close to the player
  11. Other minor performance tweaks

v0.96b — First Beta Release

  1. Multiplayer item trading: fair trading system implemented
  2. Added an option to teleport near the other player
  3. Waypoint is now placed on the other player at all times
  4. Significantly extended view distance
  5. Improved menu organization with coloring
  6. New dialog box graphics
  7. Fixed a multiplayer network data compression bug
  8. Skill points are now tied to the player’s save file, not world’s save file
  9. Fixed a memory allocation problem with network servers
  10. Fixed a rare syncing problem with robots in multiplayer
  11. Fixed texturing on robot models
  12. Player shooting sounds will now always play centered
  13. Increased the volume of the hook connection sound
  14. Difficulty ratings have been reduced, but health & damage increased to compensate on enemies
  15. Performance improvements to offset increased view distance


  1. Fixed the grappling hook from crashing when used


  1. Added new weapon abilities: leech, corrosion, stun & shot reflection
  2. Added more variety to handheld weapon graphics
  3. Weapon projectiles are now different shapes & colors
  4. Fixed homing shots sometimes messing up
  5. Explosions from other player in multiplayer don’t hurt
  6. Fixed a rare crash in multiplayer when disconnecting
  7. Enemy robots will better strafe (move side-to-side) when attacking
  8. Multiplayer players are now white instead of pink
  9. Fixed the multiplayer player’s height so they don’t “wiggle”
  10. Fixed some “see-through” areas on handheld weapons
  11. Added some extra background text to some in-game dialogs
  12. Tweaked the starting messages to be more helpful
  13. A waypoint will be set to the nearest weapons station at the start of the game
  14. Made some changes to the Game Guide


  1. Huge multiplayer progress! Should be playable (not yet complete)
  2. Reduced prices of construction tools
  3. Agility is more effective (e.g. need less Agility for more burden support)
  4. Burden limits increased for telelocator, hook & hoverboard
  5. Multiplayer list will no longer show duplicates
  6. Fixed box health rounding errors
  7. New multiplayer player model


  1. Reduced terrain texture stretching on steep cliffs
  2. Added new melee weapon graphics
  3. Timewarp’s effect won’t mess with shadows anymore
  4. Fixed a shadow memory usage problem
  5. Robots will no longer automatically follow you when flying a ship
  6. Fixed a rare crash when no area is found to spawn robots in
  7. Fixed a rare crash when no position data was available immediately after joining a multiplayer game
  8. Flying attackers won’t indefinitely hover over a target; they will now occasionally fly off & around
  9. Added version information to @3089game tweets
  10. Daggers will now stun targets
  11. Grappling hooks will now be a bit more effective at stunning targets
  12. Added a hotkey to toggle hoverboard use
  13. Updated the Game Guide with stun effects
  14. Added a message telling players to follow @3089game on Twitter for servers
  15. Muti-shot weapons have been made less powerful: less explosive, homing & damage boosts on these weapons
  16. Multi-shot weapon accuracy has been slightly increased
  17. Added a “Burst” indicator to the HUD
  18. “Burst” is now a more important stat; pistols have the most burst, launchers have the least
  19. Ammo-based weapons shoot a little faster, energy weapons shoot a little slower
  20. Range decreased for rifles, increased for launchers
  21. Lob-based weapons fire with more force
  22. Towers are more visually distinct with a new spiked roof
  23. After killing a boss in a tower, all enemies in that tower explode to make for an easy exit
  24. Updated to the latest jMonkeyEngine build, including new MacOSX physics libraries
  25. Other minor performance & code tweaks


  1. Dynamic daylight shadows!
  2. Easy, medium & difficult quests will always be generated
  3. Quests will be sorted by difficulty at quest stations
  4. Removed roads in the starting base (assures buildings are placed)
  5. Fixed a crash in multiplayer when swapping held items
  6. Multiplayer progress: preliminary syncing of robots
  7. Should have fixed a rare server lockup when quitting a game
  8. Minor performance and graphical tweaks


  1. Multiplayer preview: find & start multiplayer games, chat & see other player (otherwise buggy & incomplete)
  2. Roads, which the player can travel faster on, will be generated
  3. More unique terrain: flatter flats & more varied hills
  4. Shading of terrain will be smoother & more accurate
  5. New dialog & inventory box graphics
  6. Item descriptions are better organized & color coded
  7. Fixed a bug that caused base walls to not be completely generated
  8. Robots will now run towards an aggressive target, even if it is really far away
  9. Base doors are now wider
  10. Performance improvements in world generation


  1. Ambient occlusion crash on some hardware should be fixed
  2. Improved ambient occlusion performance


  1. New “Overlord Boss” system to progress story (you may need to restart your game to trigger boss spawns)
  2. New optional graphical effects: anti-aliasing & ambient occlusion
  3. Sunlight is now directional and dynamically lights terrain
  4. Fixed ghost factions so they will attack properly
  5. Quest targets that die unexpectedly should now be processed properly
  6. Spider legs should always move naturally now
  7. Quests will no longer generate 2 or more items to pickup at the same time
  8. Sneak attack generally easier to accomplish
  9. You can now eject from ships underwater
  10. Tree trunks are now tapered
  11. Lighting effects are generally brighter
  12. Audio effects now load after the “Phr00t’s Software” logo
  13. Fixed a spelling error on one of the story messages
  14. Robots will no longer rush you in battle; they will dodge from a distance
  15. Defense is more variable and generally less effective
  16. Stamina effectiveness increased to compensate for Defense changes
  17. The same backup station can no longer be activated again (it was pointless to do anyway)
  18. Cooldown stats are now labeled in seconds
  19. Surveyors are less powerful
  20. Markers for quests will be placed at correct heights
  21. Telelocator use now makes robots lose you if you teleport out of their sight correctly
  22. Homing weapons will no longer home-in on targets far away
  23. Stations will now stock some items based on what you could use (e.g. stock missing parts or replacement parts in your inventory)
  24. Consumable & complete special items are less likely to drop as loot
  25. Updated the Game Guide & Quick Tips
  26. Generally reduced enemy difficulty ratings (but increased their health & damage to compensate); should make things like radars, stealing & timewarps more effective for your current area
  27. Reduced effects when reclaiming structures
  28. Other minor tweaks


  1. Fixed large number of flying robots spawning when inside a tower
  2. More useful stations are placed inside of buildings instead of duplicate health stations, for example
  3. Fixed the bomb timer after it has been defused
  4. Reloading immediately after death with no backup station will not replay the death animation again
  5. Energy will now be dropped to zero when killed
  6. Reduced the amount of hatches among the terrain
  7. Reduced leader height a bit (shouldn’t stick into ceilings)
  8. Modified the startup message on graphics settings


  1. Fixed an item corruption bug that was introduced in v0.81a


  1. Fixed “Programming” skill boosts sneaking its way into chips
  2. “Tower Triumph” rewards should be better limited to only triumphing over towers 🙂
  3. Timewarps will now only affect robots at 3 difficulty points above the level of the timewarp
  4. Improved building textures
  5. Leaders are now more visually distinct
  6. Improved cloud graphics
  7. Fixed a typo in quest item rewards


  1. Stealing from friendly robots no longer crashes the game
  2. Stealing success rate capped at 80%
  3. Failed stealing attempts will now disable stealth mode


  1. Added enemy towers that you can infiltrate for skill rewards
  2. Numerous sound system improvements; reintroduced reverb
  3. Sound problems when leaving underground hatches should be fixed
  4. Fixed textures not being randomized in buildings
  5. Chips will no longer provide the “Programming” skill
  6. Programming is slightly less effective
  7. Item level is now based on the lowest part’s level (instead of the highest)
  8. Robots will talk less often
  9. Robot feet model has changed
  10. Terrain textures are less monotone & a bit smoother
  11. Changed grass model
  12. Your active constructed teleporter is now shown on the map
  13. You can now teleport back to your backup station via the pause menu
  14. Added window application icons (no more default icons!)
  15. Enemy robots will now react quicker to obvious, loud & visible threats
  16. Disabled the “Run” key on a hoverboard, since it did nothing
  17. Decreased hoverboard acceleration a bit (top speed is still the same)
  18. Increased your visibility when running, flying or using a hoverboard
  19. Homing shots you fire will only target threats
  20. Leaders are now a bit shorter
  21. Inventory and other interface windows are more pixelated (to make the art more consistent)
  22. Made the dialog & info boxes slightly blue
  23. Modified tree tops, especially inside bases
  24. Changed the menu selection graphics


  1. Games are now loaded at your last backup station
  2. “Hover” stat is no longer shown on hoverboards (it was redundant)
  3. Asteroid strikes will happen less often
  4. Boxes that slip underground will be removed
  5. Boxes should no longer be found floating in air
  6. Hoverboards no longer will have the “Stealth” stat
  7. Hoverboards can no longer be separated
  8. You cannot program chips with >100% rarity anymore
  9. Item info should no longer draw over story text
  10. Friendly robots will no longer attack you if you hurt yourself
  11. Fast explosive projectiles will now reliably explode outside of where they hit
  12. Fixed a rare NullPointerException crash in physics
  13. You can now get info for robots much farther away by interacting with them & it shows if targets are within weapon range
  14. Programming skill is twice as effective
  15. Blank chips cost more
  16. Stealthy quest tasks are generated less often but are more rewarding
  17. “Cannot be attacked” quest tasks will not fail unless you are relatively close to the quest task target
  18. Made it easier to be stealthy, even if you are not completely invisible
  19. Increased your visibilty when flying a ship
  20. Added teleport effects when being rescued by the Overlord
  21. Backup station is now shown on the map
  22. Backup station activation price significantly reduced
  23. Damage will now cancel teleportation & location rescue attempts
  24. A small fee has been added to teleportation use
  25. Ending a game mid-battle will trigger a dealth penalty
  26. Updated the “Game Guide” & “Quick Tips”
  27. Quest modifiers (like “Cannot be attacked”) will always add at least 1 more quest skill reward
  28. Friendly robots will no longer generate item drops when killed
  29. Friendly robots will not take splash damage from your explosive weapons
  30. Friendly robots will less likely attack you as a group if you attack a friendly robot
  31. Other minor internal code tweaks


  1. New special event that will have you running for cover!
  2. New “Hoverboard” item: improves speed at the cost of traction
  3. Biome improvements: smooth deserts & rocky radioactive caverns
  4. Items can now have “Radiation Protection”
  5. Sound system improvements: better volume calculation
  6. Better graphics: improved some handheld weapon models
  7. Redesigned item burden system: pistols & daggers are lighter etc.
  8. New quest task type: espionage!
  9. AI will now act more as a team & attack visible threats as a group
  10. Economy changes: stations sell better & more varied items
  11. Stations now stock up to 2 more items
  12. Enemy drops are more varied in level
  13. Fixed numerous bugs when flying ships that allowed you to evade attack & detection
  14. Information boxes should always properly clear when viewing items in the inventory now
  15. Fixed numerous bugs with explosion splash damage on things like explosive crates and bombs dropped from vehicles
  16. Explosive crates now do more explosive damage
  17. Bombs dropped from ships will immediately explode on contact
  18. Teleporter use is disabled underground
  19. Radioactive areas have fewer buildings
  20. Reduced prices of grappling hooks
  21. Compass is now purple instead of blue
  22. Increased health of spiderbots & rollertanks
  23. Items will no longer get useless stats (like +Guns on a dagger)
  24. Ships will not disappear when entering a nearby hatch
  25. Damage not absorbed by the vehicle the player is flying is now passed on to the player
  26. All ships’ weapon range has been extended
  27. Holographic station flicker rate has been normalized
  28. Item drops from boxes will be added to the world correctly
  29. Other minor changes to improve performance; remove legacy code


  1. Fixed a crash when removing your held item in the inventory


  1. Multiple story endings have been implemented!
  2. Retrieving quest items will reveal story history & details
  3. You can now switch held items while running
  4. Added a compass & labeled the map with N, E, S & W directions
  5. Reduced the color saturation of buildings
  6. Fixed details not displaying correctly when hovering over items in the inventory
  7. Fixed a bug that caused collision sounds to repeat too quickly
  8. Fixed & improved weapon charging graphics & animations
  9. Construction tools will now always display perfect accuracy
  10. NPCs will now always spawn at 100% health (spiderbots are other stronger NPCs were not spawned at full health before)
  11. When restarting a game after being underground, things like the map & construction will work properly
  12. Fixed a bug that caused vehicle shots to not reduce accuracy
  13. Items like the grappling hook & telelocator will not have reduced accuracy when quickly switching to them
  14. “Big” messages (like “Quest Failed”) will no longer interfere with “Story” messages (like those from the Overlord)
  15. Increased the spawn rate of NPCs and boxes a bit more


  1. Reduced enemy health, particularly at low difficulties
  2. Increased projectile hitboxes (e.g. enemies are easier to hit)
  3. Slightly reduced enemy damage output at low difficulties
  4. Enemies will be less accurate when target is dodging
  5. Added damage indicators when landing hits
  6. All “vanishing robot” bugs should be fixed
  7. Enlarged the robot teleportation effects (e.g. when teleporting to a leader)
  8. Robots will teleport to a safe location instead of being removed if they get physically “stuck”
  9. Tweaked weapon prices; launchers cost much less
  10. Defense results in more variable effectiveness
  11. Agility skill points are more effective
  12. Quest skill point rewards will be at least the number of tasks
  13. Fixed a bug that caused stations to “double-up”
  14. Stealing, interacting & melee attacks no longer work through walls
  15. Fixed a bug in assigning difficulty ratings to gang members
  16. Dead gang members will no longer be resurrected when reporting them as lost targets
  17. Fixed a bug that caused friendly targets to attack you (or other friendly targets) incorrectly
  18. Increased the skill requirements to unlock new NPCs after the Ghost
  19. Now all 3 coordinates will show on the map (X, Y & Z)
  20. Other minor reliability & performance tweaks


  1. The <ESCAPE> key will now go back on menus
  2. Further reduced sensitivity on the “is this robot underground?” vanishing check
  3. Small grammatical fix on the “Game Guide”


  1. Crash when selecting “Game Guide” tips should be fixed


  1. Crash when rendering water on some hardware should be fixed


  1. Completely overhauled the weapon accuracy system
  2. Added a dynamic crosshair that shows weapon accuracy based on movement & other factors
  3. Added a “Game Guide” that is accessible on the main menu & during gameplay — I highly recommend reading it!
  4. Increased overall brightness & contrast
  5. Workstations are now properly labeled (instead of “Workbench”)
  6. Fixed a bug that caused buildings to rarely be turned over
  7. Fixed a bug that caused robots to randomly vanish
  8. Fixed a bug that caused robots to shoot slower when you were using a scope
  9. Melee damage now correctly accounts for your melee skill when doing a charged attack
  10. Fixed robots not engaging enemies correctly in the middle of a active protect quest task
  11. Fixed a bug that caused the map’s left & right pan to be inverted instead of up & down when inverting the mouse
  12. Melee weapons now attack faster, but do a little less damage
  13. Boosters now provide a bit less skills
  14. Scopes now give a small range boost to weapons when used
  15. Player projectiles now travel a bit faster
  16. Item part descriptions now say “Part” in them
  17. Enemies will now spawn slightly more often than friendly robots outside of bases
  18. Enemies will be slighly less accurate
  19. Infectors now sell for 0 credits
  20. Water will be shown on the map
  21. Increased the drawing distance of water
  22. Energy skill & consumables are slightly more effective
  23. New scope graphics
  24. Other minor changes to improve performance


  1. Fixed a crashing bug when trying to render Ghosts on some hardware
  2. The world will become populated much quicker
  3. Robots will no longer spawn so close to the player
  4. Newly spawned robots will be facing away from the player
  5. New arm models & textures for robots (more efficient & better looking)
  6. Improved weapon firing effects for robots
  7. Fixed a bug that allowed the player to push robots into tight corners & making them disappear
  8. Significantly improved performance, both CPU & GPU usage
  9. Slightly lowered memory use


  1. New holographic station graphics thanks to burningpet!
  2. Fixed a bug that caused constructions to sometimes disappear
  3. Player-placed turrets will now properly attack quest targets & generate item drops
  4. Items dropped directly from held or activated inventory will be properly placed when picked up again
  5. Improved the “unknown entity” graphics a bit
  6. Increased nighttime brightness a bit
  7. Your player will now auto-save every 2 minutes
  8. Tweaked the “Quick Tips” section
  9. Properly changed the physics “broadphase” setting to improve performance & reliability, particularly on Linux


  1. All construction options have been implemented!
  2. Made building & terrain textures less “busy” & smoother
  3. Altered the color of base tree colors
  4. Added a tip to help player’s unlock hatches
  5. Increased the variety of minor robot speeds & made them slower on average (e.g. should be easier to hit in battle)
  6. Robots will have a harder time reacting to a stealthy player
  7. Balanced items’ “Homing” ability (generally reduced its effectiveness)
  8. Switched to a new “broadphase” physics mode; should be quicker & hopefully more reliable in-game (might cause insignificant & uncommon crashes when exiting the game)
  9. Fixed a bug in location rescue positioning
  10. Robots that occasionally fall underground will be properly removed from play
  11. Hopefully finally fixed the last of the “my constructions are gone!” bugs (found a potential threading issue & mitigated it)
  12. Other performance & memory usage tweaks


  1. Added “Quick Tips” to the main menu: please read!
  2. Fixed building in otherwise completely empty terrain “chunks”
  3. Fixed a crash when loading some constructions from file
  4. Fixed a bug that caused mouselook to fail when being interrupted during construction adjustments
  5. NPCs will do a better job of attacking targets directly below & above
  6. Fixed a bug that caused NPCs to continue attacking dead targets
  7. Large NPCs will travel down slopes better
  8. Increased the spiderbot’s movement speed
  9. NPCs will do a better job at choosing which visible targets to engage
  10. NPCs will behave a bit more expedectedly to a properly stealthy player


  1. Fog distance is now properly capped (e.g. won’t cause wierd color issues really far away)
  2. Fixed some leftover black terrain showing near base edges
  3. Rain will be slightly tinted according to the daytime; darker at night
  4. Killing quest targets while flying will now properly be processed
  5. Fixed item storage bugs
  6. NPC difficulty is now calculated by where the NPC spawns, not player position
  7. Fixed a few night sky rendering & placement bugs
  8. Overhauled the way vehicles spawn, which should fix odd NPC spawning behavior (e.g. some NPCs were half-vehicles & were considered flying)
  9. Waypoints are now hidden when underground
  10. Quest boxes & bombs removed due to leaving the area will now properly respawn
  11. Quest waypoint will now properly reset when entering & leaving an underground area
  12. You can no longer report a missing target during a bomb quest if you already started the fuse timer
  13. Increased the supported burden for grappling hooks & telelocators to 30 per level
  14. The construction tool’s crosshair will light up green when a mount point is within range
  15. You can now cycle box construction modes by clicking; use the <Interact> key to confirm the shape
  16. Reduced the difficulty boost given to general quest targets


  1. Better graphics! Clouds, tree tops, rocks & underground areas are smoother
  2. Reduced overcast weather & introduced more variability in cloud cover
  3. New logo graphics designed by burningpet (artist for Towns)
  4. New indicators show which direction a box will stretch when building
  5. Building tools now will sell at the right level instead of always level 1
  6. Turrets, particularly those built by the player, will engage enemies quicker
  7. Fixed a bug that caused large areas of solid black terrain


  1. Storage can now be built
  2. Fixed a bug that caused some player-built structures to not be saved
  3. Bases are now surrounded by large walls
  4. “Gang kill” quests have been modified to be easier (no more flying members etc.)
  5. Prices have been significantly altered to better match item’s usefulness
  6. Players now start games with 1500 credits instead of 1000
  7. All player projectile speeds have been increased by 20%
  8. Increased speed of terrain generation by calculating biomes differently
  9. Rocks are now more varied & use fewer polygons
  10. NPC count is better tracked for spawning purposes
  11. Health & energy consumables should now never drop your health down to 100%
  12. Crosshair color now properly calculates multi-shot ammo use
  13. Ships you build now are at the level of the area you are in (requiring higher skill levels to fly)
  14. Increased the volume of the Timewarp sound
  15. Decreased the volume of the Energy Rifle sound
  16. Upgraded to LWJGL v2.9.0 (should primarily fix MacOSX issues with Java 7)
  17. Other performance & memory tweaks


  1. You can now build temporary turrets & vehicles
  2. Added a “whoosh” sound to the leaping melee attack
  3. Reduced the spawn rate of spiderbots, UFOs & rollertanks
  4. “Guns” skill will now be calculated correctly for shotgun-like weapons
  5. Enlarged follower teleport particle effects
  6. Ghosts should no longer cause stealthy missions to fail if attacked by one
  7. Surveyors will no longer become aggressive permanently
  8. Non-flying NPCs following flying leaders will no longer teleport based on height differences
  9. Capped the slowest frames-per-second calculations to 1


  1. Added more to the storyline (still a “work in progress”)
  2. Added a flying melee attack when using charged melee weapons at a distance
  3. Grappling hooks can now be used to yank small robots around
  4. Surveyor difficulty will keep increasing with each one you kill (with no limit)
  5. Fixed a bug that would cause a part to be lost when leaving the inventory while splitting items
  6. Split item displays will now properly fit inside the inventory section in all scenarios
  7. Map display problems and other physics “raytest” problems should be resolved for 32-bit Windows systems (let me know otherwise)
  8. Updated the installer to use the latest 3089 logos / icons
  9. Added a yellow flash when a vehicle you are flying gets destroyed
  10. You will no longer be completely blinded when hit by beam weapons
  11. Increased the energy use for Time Warps
  12. Consumable items now cost more
  13. The “Consumables” skill will now provide more substantial residual boosts to your Health/Energy after a consumable is used


  1. Removed “Masskill” quest task type
  2. Added 4 new quest task types
  3. Modified the quest waypoint to display a “?” when it labels a general area, not an exact location
  4. Added new energy weapon sounds
  5. Charged energy weapons will sound “deeper” when fired
  6. Flying quest targets will try to fly up or down to your height
  7. Improved rain rendering performance
  8. Fixed a bug that caused particles to not be spawned correctly
  9. Flying NPC ships should fly to new locations more often instead of endless circling
  10. Using a newer build of the physics engine for Windows & Linux (v2.81), Mac has v2.80
  11. Reduced quest item name lengths so quest descriptions are shorter
  12. Fixed arm textures on NPCs
  13. Fixed an intermitten crash on exit (also “cleaned” up the exit process bit)
  14. Followers will now teleport closer to you if they get left behind
  15. Fixed a bug that sometimes caused rain to fall in buildings right when a new game started
  16. Many other minor performance & memory tweaks


  1. New massive NPC type!
  2. Implemented a construction menu by right-clicking
  3. You can now remove constructed objects
  4. Made some tweaks to NPC difficulty & health calculations
  5. Added more detail to the underground hatch areas
  6. Fixed some bugs with walking NPC legs
  7. Made NPC legs slightly transparent & colored by faction
  8. Improved mounting placement accuracy for building
  9. Reduced flying NPCs a bit in exchange for more land-based NPCs
  10. Beam weapons now originate from NPC weapons better
  11. Construction tool can no longer be separated
  12. Added some construction sound effects
  13. Made a bunch of modeling-related memory improvements & performance tweaks


  1. Building now possible! Not complete… you cannot deconstruct stuff yet
  2. Skill requirements for success will now increase exponentially for things like stealing, piloting & programming
  3. Skill rewards for quests should be more normalized
  4. Increased Protection & Masskill quest times
  5. Decreased texture resolution of trees in bases
  6. Increased vertical eyesight range of NPCs
  7. Fixed bugs with NPC feet & other small issues related to physics ray testing
  8. Fixed bugs with notification message placement & clearing


  1. Partially implemented the hatches (work in progress!)
  2. Partially implemented building (just the items… more to come!)
  3. Fixed a few rain column rendering & placement bugs
  4. Rain is less “thick”
  5. Fixed a background color bug when starting a new game after a previous game
  6. Fixed a bug that caused consumables (energy & health) to be calculated with integers instead of floating points (e.g. decimals)
  7. Energy “Ammo Use” now displayed as a percentage
  8. Scopes no longer give perfect accuracy to all weapons; it instead only improves it significantly
  9. You can now “jump” to swim up in water
  10. Added a notification when entering radioactive areas
  11. Added a notification when picking up items that describes the item
  12. Improved item descriptions for Homing, Accuracy & Explosive values
  13. Significantly changed how multi-shot weapons work: more shots result in less damage per shot & worse accuracy, but better total damage if more shots hit (old system made multi-shot weapons overpowered)
  14. Multi-shot weapons are no longer considered “rare” items
  15. Modified difficulty to be slightly easier at the beginning, but more exponentially harder later
  16. Minor tweaks to the underlying engine


  1. Fixed a crash when rendering rain on some hardware / driver combinations
  2. Fixed a bug that caused the sky to not render sometimes when reloading a game


  1. NPCs will now respond to sounds like footsteps & gunshots
  2. Rain will help drown-out sounds & allow you to be more sneaky
  3. Cleaned up & added a bit more variety to some item graphics
  4. Changed how “you cannot be attacked” quests fail; should be more forgiving
  5. Ships you eject from will slowly fall to the ground
  6. Added more building textures
  7. Weapon stations now stock less ammo & more weapons
  8. Homing projectiles target “center of mass” better
  9. Fixed energy weapon charging graphics after the item gets reconstructed
  10. Added a “Consumables cannot be combined” message
  11. Boxes & other things shouldn’t spawn and stack on turrets anymore
  12. Removed the blue water overlay when using the map underwater
  13. You now float correctly when ejecting from a ship underwater
  14. Fixed looking direction oddities when entering and ejecting from ships
  15. Fixed NPC feet to properly walk above the surface
  16. Returning from a weapon’s scope no longer disables stealth or resets cooldown
  17. Added a white flash if your ship gets struck by lightning while flying it


  1. New weather system! Fog, overcast clouds, realistic falling rain, thunder & dangerous lightning!
  2. New difficulty scale: a bit easier before a rating of 4, exponentially harder at higher ratings
  3. Difficulty ratings & levels of different NPC types will not vary so much (and neither will the level of loot they drop)
  4. Added “hatches” which will be used to complement the story, but they cannot be entered yet… working on it!
  5. Fixed a quest generation bug that may have caused quest waypoints to be very, very far away
  6. Fixed a bug that caused boxes to not spawn when greater than 9000 units from the starting area
  7. Enemy beams will now fire a bit more accurately
  8. Fixed a few bugs relating to the night sky visuals & when “nighttime” is determined for spawning ghosts
  9. Other minor performance improvements & tweaks


  1. Redesigned buildings: faster generation, no inaccessible rooms & more open
  2. Quest task locations are chained closer together
  3. Items can now be combined with parts 1 level apart
  4. Fixed a bug that caused NPCs to endlessly wiggle near cliffs or edges
  5. You no longer can pickup (or steal) items when your inventory is full
  6. Fixed a bug that caused stealth mode to stay enabled when piloting a ship
  7. Stations will now (re)stock inventory over time instead of immediately
  8. Agility points are now more effective in increasing maximum burden
  9. Maximum burden level is now displayed
  10. Improved description of some skills
  11. Added better station & workstation messages
  12. Programming results have been tweaked to be more balanced
  13. Programmed chips now display their rarity properly
  14. Increased stealth movement speed
  15. Reduced ammo producer values from 350 to 250
  16. Minor performance tweaks


  1. Significantly reduced sliding on slopes when not moving
  2. Added an option for “Location Rescue” in the pause menu
  3. Fixed mouse pointer inconsistencies when quickly opening/closing your inventory
  4. Fixed the player getting stuck in “running mode” in certain situations
  5. Fixed the physics engine running a bit when a story message appears
  6. Boxes will no longer fly at insane speeds across terrain
  7. Boxes & lobbed projectiles will slow in water
  8. Fixed map problems when moving the cursor on some operating systems
  9. Reduced explosion radius
  10. Increased damage of box explosions
  11. Fixed a bug that caused telelocators & grappling hooks to sometimes disappear
  12. Building stations & spawn points will no longer be created underground
  13. Increased terrain generation performance
  14. Map’s arrow will point in the right direction when flying a vehicle
  15. “Item stolen successfully” message is now colored green instead of red
  16. You can no longer steal from vehicles
  17. Homing projectiles will no longer target empty vehicles
  18. You should no longer “wiggle” when being dropped off from a surveyor
  19. You now eject from ships by jumping (so you can investigate targets with the action key)
  20. Reduced the charge time of beam weapons


  1. Fixed a bug that caused turrets to get removed when colliding with the player
  2. Map waypoints now get cleared when starting a new game
  3. Fixed a potential ghost spawning bug
  4. Fixed a bug in v0.27a that caused Surveyors to be set to a particular faction
  5. Quest waypoints will now more often move smoothly to new locations
  6. Further reduced incidents of robots spawning in rocks & trees
  7. Fixed a bug that caused some quest spawns to continuously jump around
  8. Reduced the size of quest leader spawns so they can fit in buildings
  9. Quest spawns should now always use the correct spawn point type (e.g. air/ground/building)
  10. Improved some NPC textures a bit
  11. Completing tasks now provide some credits, even if you fail the ultimate quest
  12. Hitting the “Quest” key will now display a message if you don’t have a quest
  13. Tweaked the skill points required to unlock new NPCs
  14. Increased the buyback/sale amount from 40% to 50% on items


  1. Added another NPC for later in the game!
  2. Expanded the story a bit more (still much work to be done!)
  3. Fixed stations resetting item inventory when browsing the map
  4. Fixed the version checking procedure to something more reliable & quicker
  5. Fixed a sizing bug in NPC placement
  6. Fixed some types of NPCs being spawned with the incorrect faction in a base
  7. Made Surveyor arms a bit lighter
  8. Improved NPCs being removed from being “stuck” in terrain or other NPCs
  9. Fixed a bug that may have caused NPCs to follow themselves
  10. Fixed an AI bug that caused NPCs to travel to the center of the world sometimes
  11. NPCs should now be able to swim properly
  12. Quests spawns should work a bit better
  13. Spawning inside rocks & trees should be reduced (still working on it…)
  14. NPCs now shoot a bit slower
  15. Defense is less effective
  16. Improved name generation for new NPC types
  17. Tweaked the health of NPCs
  18. Tweaks to improve memory & performance


  1. New NPC (with new weapon type) unlocked when you reach a certain skill amount
  2. Fixed a crash in resetting NPC spawns for quests
  3. Fixed a rare artificial intelligence (AI) crash
  4. Fixed overlapping buildings (WARNING: building positions have moved!)
  5. Turrets will now see in all directions correctly
  6. Improved texturing of NPC weapon arm
  7. Fixed a bug that caused NPCs to stop attacking too frequently
  8. Light post spheres look a bit better
  9. Improved collision boxes for turrets
  10. Improved flight heights of flying NPCs
  11. Minor tweaks to improve performance


  1. Fixed a crash when the opening story is being read
  2. Melee weapons now do more base damage
  3. Enemy weapon damage is lower & now scales up more smoothly
  4. Player now starts with less Agility & Stealth, but more Defense


  1. Fixed a crash on some hardware while rendering the new NPC
  2. Fixed a story event crash shortly after starting a new game
  3. Fixed a bug that caused a story message to keep reappearing
  4. Surveyors will spawn more frequently when they become aggressive


  1. Added a new NPC that unlocks when your skills reach a certain level
  2. Added a few more story events (much more work to do here)
  3. Fixed a bug that caused story events to not trigger when reloading a game
  4. Fixed a rare crash when returning from the map
  5. Vehicle weapons now properly damage enemies
  6. Vehicle weapon projectiles are quicker
  7. The vehicle crosshair indicator should now always update properly
  8. Added some map sound effects
  9. Updated the 3089 logos
  10. Version history will now be displayed when auto-updating
  11. Target descriptions are now colored & display health in addition to difficulty rating


  1. Automatic version check & updating system implemented using BMT Micro
  2. Stealth no longer disables when a weapon fails to fire
  3. Leaving the map will no longer cause terrain generation delays
  4. Traveling far distances (>9000 “units”) should no longer cause problems
  5. Inventory items will no longer become transparent when being stealthy
  6. The map will now display stations near the cursor
  7. Updated the starting story to include map instructions


  1. First iteration of the map system implemented with waypoint management
  2. Quest waypoints will more smoothly change position
  3. Quest protection targets are a bit stronger
  4. Fixed a bug that caused protected target’s death not being processed
  5. Waypoints are now hidden when bringing up a dialog
  6. Clouds will no longer flicker in the air
  7. Fixed more spawning issues with quests
  8. Waypoints will now be more accurately placed on targets
  9. Fixed the starry sky texture when reloading games
  10. Player followers will attack threats more reliably


  1. Fixed some item descriptions not displaying correctly (e.g. “Homing”)
  2. Removed duplicate backup & consumable stations in buildings
  3. Additional weapon & quest stations replace removed duplicate stations from #2
  4. Fixed important quest targets being attacked by NPCs
  5. Fixed mousewheel weapon selection after getting out of a vehicle
  6. Fixed explosion visual bugs
  7. Increased “Defense” effectiveness a bit more
  8. Fixed numerous spawning bugs; world should seem more populated now
  9. Fixed more quest spawning issues
  10. Added an option to “Report Missing Target” in the quest dialog when on a quest (it will try to re-spawn the target when selected)
  11. Turrets will have a smaller physics object radius
  12. Fixed the timewarp effect to fade properly
  13. The walking bob motion is not dependent on frame rate anymore
  14. Follower indicators will not go away after checking their difficulty rating
  15. Ammo producers now have 350 shots instead of 500
  16. Complete items will now be generated with parts of varying rarity
  17. NPCs with followers should now have followers attack targets in groups
  18. Changed terrain graphics that improves performance & gives steep slopes a sheer look
  19. Made structure textures more consistently pixelated like other graphics
  20. Other minor changes to improve performance


  1. Fixed a crash with protection missions


  1. Weapons will no longer stick through walls
  2. Weapons will no longer fire through walls
  3. “Protection” quests should work a bit better (e.g. draw attackers)
  4. Robots following turrets will now say they are “patrolling” them
  5. Increased “Defense” effectiveness back to 80% of first release
  6. Lowered general robot health while increasing quest robots’ health
  7. Cloud system improved & graphics modified
  8. Underwater overlay will now be removed when starting a new game
  9. Added some short-range lighting to the player at night
  10. Added flyable vehicles with weapons; complete with new model
  11. Fixed broken spawn locations in now rotated buildings
  12. Items will fall from killed robots if you are not flying
  13. Games will now start with more daytime
  14. Tweaked the color of red & blue base terrain
  15. Stars are now smaller in the sky
  16. Flying robots will now avoid flying underwater
  17. Demo version now available!
  18. You can now check robot’s strength by “interacting” with them from a distance
  19. Added a new head model for robots
  20. Other minor performance & stability fixes


  1. Fixed a spelling error in the startup story
  2. Fixed numerous Quest waypoint & spawning bugs (few may still remain)
  3. The Quest waypoint will now smoothly move between location changes
  4. Fixed walking detection & jumping on moderate slopes
  5. Buildings will now face away from terrain slopes
  6. Building exteriors will now be more varied (larger openings, no windows etc.)
  7. Fixed the first-run message for some resolutions
  8. Reduced the fuse time for lobbed grenades
  9. Unmanned vehicles no longer count for mass-kill quests
  10. Fixed a rare bug that caused player position to be reset when loading
  11. Fixed a freeze when attempting to spawn robots when player stands completely still
  12. Quests now end when ending a game
  13. Quest targets should no longer be attacked by other robots (I still have to fix the protect quest)
  14. Credits are now shown while shopping
  15. You now cannot crash vehicles in the first 3 seconds of flying one
  16. Fixed a delayed crash when restarting a game in the middle of a “story event”
  17. Fixed interactions with non-quest related robots while on a quest
  18. Fixed a bug that caused robots not to drop quest items if you didn’t directly kill them
  19. A quest item will now leave your inventory when given to a quest target
  20. Removed the “Q” waypoint for mass-kill quests
  21. Fixed a bug that caused unmanned vehicles to drop items
  22. Damage is now calculated in decimal numbers and not rounded integers
  23. Reduced “Defense” effectiveness by 50% (still testing balancing…)
  24. Improved quest task descriptions
  25. Kills made by your followers should now generate item drops
  26. You should be able to rename the save directory to “.3089” instead of “3089” (for Linux)
  27. Resolution settings should work a little better on the first configuration screen
  28. Modified some physics code to reduce CPU usage


  1. Fixed a crash when items should drop from destroyed robots
  2. Fixed a misspelling on the opening story


  1.  First release for KickStarter supporters