Major 3089 Update: Meteor loot, base takeovers, new textures…

Hey all,

Our artist, Swawa3D, improved nearly all of the robotic textures, tweaked some models & helped implement a cool new visual feature where details will glow in the dark (like robot eyes). We are planning on tweaking some of the building textures next.

Want to take over a blue base? Now you can! After clearing out a section of a blue base, you can use a conversion tool to permanently convert that section to a friendly red base — you’ll be rewarded with skill points too, depending on the difficulty of the area. Pick up the tools at a Quest station.

Meteor charges are here! Meteor strikes will occasionally drop explosive items, but get them quick before they disappear!

There are lots of other improvements & fixes, listed here:

  • Improved textures & models from Swawa3D (
  • New “Base Takeover” capability (via items obtained at Quest stations)
  • New “Meteor Charges” occasionally dropped by meteor strikes; get them quick!
  • Spiderbots & Rollertanks now have reinforced armor on sides & back
  • Fixed a bug that caused games on the Find Multiplayer Games list to not be selected correctly
  • Blue multiplayer quest icons will now disappear properly when no longer needed
  • Bosses will no longer drop consumables on death
  • Turrets will no longer flicker on the minimap
  • Disabled client construction of storage bins (so clients don’t leave items on servers that may go offline)
  • Fixed positioning of floating “Stun” messages
  • Added an option on the Pause Menu to relocate the red X challenge
  • Arrow keys are no longer fixed as movement keys & can be reassigned
  • Fixed the “short name” of collectors to just show your name
  • Tweaked multiplayer messages to be more informative
  • Fixed some spelling errors
  • Redesigned crosshairs by Swawa3D
  • Added an option to kick client when you are the server
  • Reworded the message when trying to toggle a hoverboard with no installed slots available
  • Removed ghosts from being shown in the minimap
  • Other minor performance & reliability tweaks

This is likely the last major update since 3089 is nearly complete & will soon be entering a maintenance phase consisting of primarily bug fixes and balancing tweaks as needed. However, some texture tweaks are still coming & I’d like to implement a snap-to-grid building option.

Let me know if anything broke & as always, back to work!
– Phr00t

One response to “Major 3089 Update: Meteor loot, base takeovers, new textures…

  1. Hi my name is DJ and I wanted to ask you a question. I’m not entirely sure if you are the person I’m supposed to speak to about this (if not please point me in the right direction), but a friend and I have been doing some let’s plays recently and I was wondering if we could get your written permission to play 3089 and post our videos on youtube for profit. We have already posted a few videos and we would like to set up our account so that we could make a little spare change when people decided to watch our videos. I know that most of my friends had never heard of this game until I told them about it and showed them our videos so it could help with getting the series’ name out there some. Please contact me at Thank you for your time.

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