3089 Steam Release Date: January 10th!

Hey guys,

3089 should be on Steam this Friday, January 10th! Steam clients should pick up on the release status & begin downloading the game if you’ve already redeemed your Steam key. Talking about Steam keys, all should have been distributed to Desura, GamersGate, IndieGameStand, IndieRoyale & BMT Micro owners. If you didn’t get an e-mail and you are a BMT Micro owner, let me know!

3089 was also updated to v1.0.10! This should hopefully be the version released to Steam. I made some physics to physics placement tests & made the artificially intelligent robots hop off cliffs if their target is near the bottom.

OK, getting ready for the release and let me know ASAP if you experience any issues! Back to work,

– Phr00t

7 responses to “3089 Steam Release Date: January 10th!

  1. Love the game. but i was wondering what i do if i don’t have a BMT Code? i didn’t know until a few days ago that i actually needed it to update the game/ get a steam key, so i might have deleted it thinking it was some junk mail.

  2. Just a tip for some who bought on Indie Royale, since I had some minor trouble with it: the Steam key is not emailed to you. It is found on the actual Sigma Bundle page, found within your “collections” page on your Indie Royale account, so you have to first link the Sigma Bundle with your Indie Royale account through the email they sent on purchase (look for the receipt email with the redeem key). I assume this works similarly for other “bargain bundle” sites.

    Great, unique game. Keep up the good work!

  3. This game only gets better over the time, will you stop adding sustantial stuff soon to put another project on the table?

    For one side i like a lot this game, but for another one i want to see what the hell are you planning.

    PST: It is any chance there for you to share your game’s sales/earning?

    I’m planning on going over market niches, and would be very helpful (not just for me) if you could share your numbers.

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