3089 Update: Improved Inventory Interface!

Hey all,

Thanks to feedback from the artist @ http://www.swawa3d.com/, 3089 got some usability improvements. Take a look at how the item descriptions look now:

Things are much better organized & aligned, making it much easier to read. A “damage per second” value has been added to weapons, which should make comparisons easier. Finally, the box will follow the mouse cursor, and not always be centered on the screen.

I’ve also “capped” the size of the user interface, so players with high resolution displays won’t see the interface stretched across the screen.

The other change you may notice is an option for “Jump Control” in the input configuration section. This will allow you to hold down the jump key to control the height of your jump. This option defaults to “off”, which was the behavior before this update. Read about the rest of the updates here: https://3089game.wordpress.com/version-history/

Preparing for an early January release on Steam! I’m also gathering Steam keys to send to current owners, just as I did with 3079.

OK, back to work!

– Phr00t

3 responses to “3089 Update: Improved Inventory Interface!

  1. Nice update, I have always thought core game was very engaging and had a lot of personality, but it needed to be less user-unfriendly, and that has been changing since later updates..

    Will you add some kind of “advanced” graphics tweaks? like shadowmap resolution distance.

  2. hello,

    I have seen other people with this problem on other forums.

    Redeeming the steam key sent to my email worked, but the game is not listed anywhere in my steam library.

    Trying to redeem it again, steam says I already own the game I’m trying to redeem. Any idea what might be happening?

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