Major 3089 Update: New graphics, multiplayer merging & more!

Hey all,

3089 takes a huge step towards a stable release in this update! Graphics got a huge boost by adding some new effects & fixing many long-standing glitches. The multiplayer “super-robot merge” mode is now implemented: join up with your co-op buddy to fight together! Also, the spawn location system was completely overhauled so things will be placed where you expect them & far less (hopefully zero) things being placed in bad places (like robots in rocks).

First, lets quickly go over the graphical updates. A new “toon” effect was added (which can be turned off) while really accentuates & improves the polygonal look. Now things look much closer to what I envisioned them to look like. Screenshots don’t really do it justice — you really have to play it to experience it. Lots of graphical glitches have also been fixed, like shadows not appearing through water & rain not being rendered in front of clouds. A new tree top model was created, which actually uses fewer polygons, but looks more natural. The following screenshot shows the new “toon” effect:

Multiplayer “merge” mode is finally in. One player requests to be the gunner, while the other requests to be the driver. The gunner can’t move, but can use any offensive weapons. The driver does the moving & can use a grappling hook. Both players combine “Guns” and “Defense” skills & the gunner’s accuracy isn’t penalized by movement. You won’t be able to fly ships or use stealth while merged, though.

Spawn points have greatly been improved. I used a special debugging mode to visualize where everything is being placed & I noticed too many spawn points were being placed in rocks, underground or in other bad places. So, I threw out most of the old code that determined where things went & replaced it with a much cleaner version. Now, more spawn points are where you expect them, and hopefully there will be no more instances of robots in trees, rocks or underground! This also has many great side-effects, like “Time Ripping” items & quest targets being spawned in places you can actually get to. Trees & rocks should overlap much less (again, hopefully never) with buildings, too.

There are lots of other important improvements in this update, so head over to the version history to read the rest:

What is next? Well, I need to make a new trailer with the new visuals! Game wise, I want to make building things easier (by adding some type of snap-to-grid system, maybe?) & hopefully get to some other suggestions made in the forums! Someone suggested “turret hacking”, like is Deus Ex, which sounds very cool! 😉

OK, back to work!

– Phr00t

4 responses to “Major 3089 Update: New graphics, multiplayer merging & more!

    • Desura updates require approval by Desura, unfortunately. I uploaded the update to Desura at the same time as all the other places.

      • Ah, apologies and thanks for the answer. 🙂

        Maybe add a standard sentence on release announcements noting how long you think it’ll take Desura to get it out?

  1. I had a long time without playing this, it’s amazing how you take serious game’s versions, because I’ve seen games “released” when they are even at mid-alpha state and devs forget any game improvement possibility and start releasing only stability related updates.

    It’s very impressive how it has been getting a better game over the time.
    Don’t stop improving this, it looks like a really good chance to appeal mainstream media.

    I had problems joining to multiplayers, I have a question: Do sever name appear even if host don’t have 3089 port open?

    It says server is full or ip is wrong, something like that.

    For the game itself, you’re making a very enjoyable title, I remember when I firstly tried to come in it, I was kicked so hard and game was kid arbitrary, now everything is A LOT less “unfair”, even when I had some experience, I could die so fast.

    I have two suggestions:

    About graphics:

    Bigger draw distance
    -Maybe putting an “advanced” mode with integers instead of “far, mid, near”

    Lightning distance/ shadow res:
    -I can notice how shadow maps resolution updates while walking very easily and is quite distracting.

    About UI:
    Could you put a description of stats and perks when you put the mouse over them, specifying in a clear way what they do? Think in someone who is in his FIRST attemp to play the game and doesn’t know what means what and ingame’s difference between rifles and shotguns. there were many things I learnt the hard way. I’m not suggesting you to turn your game in a hyper cassual experience, but something more friendly to get in, the more easier to get in, the more easier to buy it will be, more gameplays on Youtube, bigger place on media, etc. It really has improved a lot though. I’m your fan, man. Cheers.

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