3089 Update: GraviGun & more improvements!

Hey all,


The “Time Warp” has been replaced by an all-new “GraviGun”! You can now pick up crates, move, stack & of course, throw them to do some serious damage! This item should be ready to use in multiplayer games, too.

I’ve also improved corrosion damage: it has its own sound & indicators. The effect should also last for a more consistently short time. Before, it was hard to tell if you were being corroded or not & sometimes the effect lasted for longer than it should.

Quest spawns have been improved. Before, quest targets could get progressively farther away if they kept getting despawned & respawned — this shouldn’t happen anymore. If a quest target needs to be respawned, it will always try to respawn in the same area.

Time to do some marketing and get this game out there more! 3089 has become a solid product, even if it isn’t fully finished yet.

Complete changelog @ https://3089game.wordpress.com/version-history/

OK, back to work!

– Phr00t

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