Huge 3089 Update: Time ripping, air battles & more!

Hey guys,

You now have a new superpower: time ripping! This is a new, inherent ability that you can’t lose and you don’t need a special item to use. When you stop time, everything goes black & white, you can move freely and even attack — however, your shots will float in mid-air until time resumes!



You’ll need to find & collect items to “charge” your time ripping ability. Green items provide +3 seconds, blue +2 seconds & red +1 seconds:



Enemies & allies will spawn flying in the air at much greater heights, allowing for better air battles. Also, you will no longer immediately crash when hitting another robot, which will greatly help with quick mid-air maneuvers. Vehicle health has also been increased.



The “quest” key (default “Q”) has been improved to provide useful tips when you are not on a quest. I highly recommend using it — it will tell you when you have skill points to assign, when you should activate a new backup station or get some armor. It will also point you in the right direction to continue the story if you get lost.

Some polishing & bugfixes are also included — I’ve fixed the opening menu animation & fixed a nasty voice bug when you have a bunch of followers who recently killed an enemy. I’ve also made friendly guys not attack each other in swarms if someone accidentally causes some collateral damage.

Read the changelog here:

Time to make a new trailer & as usual, back to work!

– Phr00t

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