Huge 3089 Polishing Update & Sale!

Hey guys,

This is the polishing update you’ve been waiting for! Lots of visual improvements and fixes — now the game is looking much better & also better matches the great gameplay. Take a look at some of the improvements:

Yes, those are new watch towers you see in the distance! Here are examples of the new user interface graphics:

There are also all new smoothed trees & explosion graphics:


I’ve also cleaned up some of the robot’s textures & models, particularly the spider-legged ones. Detail has also been added to the terrain. Really, you’ll have to see it to fully enjoy it!

There is also a new sale going on — 3089 will be $9.89 for a certain time and 3079 is 50% off!

Head over to the version history to see all the changes:

Make sure to also vote on the Steam greenlight page:

OK, back to work & more to come!

– Phr00t

2 responses to “Huge 3089 Polishing Update & Sale!

  1. Absolutely brilliant update, Phr00t. I’m very happy to have backed this project, it’s always refreshing to play 🙂 One of the things I like most (other than the awesome terrain generation) is the variety of weapon/gadget quality – finding or crafting a really powerful one is very rewarding. Kudos to you and JMonkeyEngine – keep up the good work!

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