3089 Update: Multiplayer questing & fixes

Hey all,

The multiplayer features in 3089 are getting better! You now will know where the quest targets are for your co-op buddy so you can assist. You can now also get the same list of quest tasks from your co-op buddy by requesting them from the multiplayer menu. I’ve added a “Co-op Multiplayer” section to the Game Guide which offers some help for this mode of gameplay. Here is d74g0n playing some co-op with a development version (that foot problem has been fixed in this release, along with some other improvements!):

A handful of crashes were also fixed, so multiplayer gaming should be much more stable.

You will notice trees are bigger & more varied. Not only does this look better, it also offers more cover during battle or sneaking.

There are a bunch of interesting developments I’m planning on working on next, like sharing constructions in multiplayer, being able to “reset” worlds without resetting the player & only showing areas on the map that have been explored.

OK, back to work!

– Phr00t

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