3089 Update: BETA is here & sale is ending soon!

Hey all,

Beta is finally here! Also, the 60% sale will be ending this week! This marks the focus of development shifting to multiplayer features. In this release, trading & location features have been added. You now should be able to perform “fair” trades between players is possible. The trades are “fair” because both players need to agree on the trade before it will happen, and if any changes are made, the trade must be confirmed again. It will also be easier to find the other player, since a waypoint is always placed on the other player & a “multiplayer teleport” option has been added to the pause menu.

Draw distance has been greatly increased:

Performance impact should be minimal, since I found a few areas to improve to offset the additional terrain. I think it looks much, much better πŸ™‚ Other graphical improvements include fixing textures on “normal” robot torsos & new, sharp UI elements:

A handful of bugs have also been fixed & you can read all the changes @Β https://3089game.wordpress.com/version-history/

What is next? I’d like to get multiplayer quest sharing & construction syncing working. There also is the “merge” multiplayer features that need to be implemented.

OK, back to work!

– Phr00t

18 responses to “3089 Update: BETA is here & sale is ending soon!

  1. Yee! The update isn’t available yet on Desura, why?
    I love this game! It reminds Borderland or Fallout, i love the gameplay!
    Maybe, it needs just more “personality” (better building texture, some pipes and gear here and there, more screen elementes, i don’t really know… anything graphically engaging). And, maybe, it’s become a bit repetitive. I’m at 16th difficulty level. Just add more quests types, or some secrets.
    I really love this game and i appreciate that is a one-man-job, but at some point, it becomes all – quests to gain experience points, go ahead to find powerful weapons and then go back to the quests again – nothing that really makes you want to explore, you always know what will be over.
    Compliments to the plot, simple but in flawless cyberpunk style!
    This game is awesome, it missing just a little of personality. That’s all!

    • I uploaded it to Desura, but they need to approve the update before it becomes available to you guys (one of the reasons I prefer BMT Micro over Desura).

      Have you been trying the towers out? They were added to provide more special areas on the map. Overlord bosses were also added to break up the quests — have you been seeing those? If you’ve been playing since an old version, the Overlord bosses may not be spawning for you.

      I’d love to add more personality — secrets are a great idea. Other suggestions are welcome!

      • Yep! Tower are a good idea, for example i loved them! They really break the quests, the game needed it. Overlord bosses i think im going near, because the game is beginning to talk about… I’m when they gift to me the virus pistol…

        Your game has a lot of good skill, sorry if i wrote just about the worst. On a scale to 0 to 10, 3089 is for me a 8. And i’m playing it for hours without being tired. And you are a very good person, listening to you fan and appreciating feedback.

        I feel 3089 just needs “personality” but i don’t really know what i mean with personality, at all. πŸ™‚
        Thanks for the quick answer!

  2. Ah, i forget, you could add (near to the stealth ability) another one, for ex. “shell”… just like in Crysis. This game has a lot of potential, you can choose many tactics and strategies to complete a quest… but, after all, it’s as if something is missing.
    The environment does not vary much, and any tactic you choose makes no difference: there aren’t covers for stealth and enemies rarely catch you when spying on them, and melee weapons shouldn’t disable stealth mode.
    The shootings are not engaging, so even tactics as “run and gun” are useless.
    There are no real classes like in a rpg, nor a tree with the particular skills for each class. Try to play Fallout or Borderlands, you’ll know what i’m talking about.
    This game is beautiful, it has an awesome basic idea, everything is procedurally generated <3, and put together different types of gameplay. The problem is that any tactic you choose is almost useless (except for agility, for obvious reasons), everything is just on the increased difficulty from the center of the map, and nothing is REALLY funny.
    Sorry if i'm writing all this, but i really hope on this game, i really love it and I'd like it become better, more engaging, with more personality in style and in gameplay.
    And, sorry, my english sucks, I know. πŸ™‚

    • You should be able to use trees, rocks, buildings & hills as cover… and you can (and probably should be) using telelocators to teleport between stealthy areas.

      If melee weapons didn’t disable stealth mode, it could be heavily abused. You could simply attack & stay hidden, never allowing enemies to see you, removing all risk from attacking.

      I always saw defined classes in RPGs as limiting. In 3089, you can mix and match skills as you see fit, without having to worry about it fitting a certain pre-defined mold.

      I believe you are using the word “tactic” for skill points? They all have their uses & you have to “use” the skill you are putting your points into to make them useful. For example, adding prestige isn’t very useful unless you are gathering followers.

      • Anyway, i just talked about things that puzzle me! This game is awesome, and it deserve at least an 8/10! Everything is well balanced, skill point with difficulty, money, burden with agility and difficulty. Meteor and towers are a good expedient to break routine. You were right about classes and melee!

        Just few things i cannot understand, then i’ll stop to talk πŸ™‚ …
        – SPOILER –

        So, i beaten Overlord when the came to take me to give others bot my code, now they are everyfuckinwhere, rising the challenge level and making xax more lively: people that fight everywhere, laser, shot! now is much better!
        But i didn’t understand what xax natives wanted (perhaps for my language problems), they gave to me the infector pistol but i cant use it on anyone… what it suppose to do?
        And, worst thing is that i cannot find hatches anymore. I never bought the building tool, now that i’d like to try this feature i can’t buy it! 😦
        I can’t find any red X also, are the story and bosses ended? 😦
        p.s. Delete this comment after read, because of the spoiler. If you want, answer to my email πŸ™‚ Thanks for all phr00t!

      • The hatches should still exist, even in places they existed before — construction stations should still be in them too, so you can still pick up a construction tool. Keep searching!

        The Xax guys wanted you to use the infector on the Overlord collectors. However, if you killed the collector for you, you won’t be able to infect them anymore.

  3. I love it! Really great work, every update just gets better and better!
    I think the game has a very unique personality and feel to it, it feels very, very sci-fi – much more so than most games.
    As others have mentioned though, I feel the only thing that it’s missing is more variation in buildings/world objects, as I feel that it can sometimes become a bit repetitive in parts.

    Again, fantastic work!

      • Thank you for listening to your fans feedback, it’s very rare these days!
        As far as suggestions go, I feel some more radically different shaped buildings which were grouped by area would, whilst mainly being eye-candy, also make exploration seem more worthwhile. Examples could be dome like structures or small ‘villages’ (lots of single room buildings), spaceports (with ships), forests, underwater caves, ect. If these had things which you were more likely to find in them (like say better ships at spaceports) it’d give you a reason to visit them, rather than just going to the nearest building with the most terminals.
        As mentioned, secrets would also help give more reason to explore, especially if they gave special loot.

        Again, fantastic work!

  4. theundercult says right! I remember a video of 3079 where you begin in a kinda of city, with dark light, all grey, and if you could add anything such this in 3089 environment it will be cool. Maybe all with specific things, or quest. I also love the spaceports idea! To vary you can think about secret dungeon (this mean new texture, for the “underworld”) with secret bosses, or crates, chests, that drop powerful things. For personality, these days i tried a game called “Shadowrun”, you can look its menus graphic, skill tree, etc… It looks beautiful post-apocalyptic and at the same time scifi. Anyway, these things could take years to be implemented πŸ™‚ And perhaps another kickstarter goal πŸ™‚
    I think that one thing is the most important at all. Implement anything that keep you playing over and over. These days i sadly set 3089 aside because of repetitivity. Maybe the secret is just add anything that forces you to move from the same backup station to more difficult areas, so you’re forced and involved to upgrade your character over and over and explore. Maybe this expedient force you to keep playing. Dunno man, anyway these was the better spent 5dollars(desura discount)for a game! I played It for about 20-30hours, and at least for your support and listening πŸ™‚

    • I forget if I asked you this before, but did you play with the bosses? They require you to move into more difficult areas to find bigger bosses. However, if you played a save from an earlier version of the game, you would never see the bosses.

      • damn, we talked ’bout the overlord! read over πŸ™‚
        anyway, i ended the story, but it was short. After the Overlord isn’t there any other boss. I were talking about an expedient to keep you playing after the story… I know, my English really sucks.
        However, it’s a sandbox… so open world with building feature, the story isn’t that long, but there are many things to do… I think that many people, after paying for backup station, explore the area, perhaps looking for some special weapon, do quests, etc … The fact is that the areas are all similar, and upgrades after the story are of little use. It’s up just to YOU move to more difficult areas to increase the challenge level. The problem is that being a YOUR choice, there are people who will appreciate that and who does not. A lot will get tired and will put the game aside, the others will continue to play for a little until they realize that there isn’t too much variety and there is no reason to explore. I’m the second kind of people and I totally agree with the advice given by theundercult.

      • I think we are talking about different bosses, because the “new” bosses do require you to explore into more difficult areas. Try starting a new game & I expect you will see some new things that will address your concerns. The new bosses are placed into more and more difficult areas with a red “X” waypoint after completing your first quest. The player is required to go into these increasingly difficult areas to defeat the bosses to continue the story.

  5. You’re a good programmer, Phr00t. But these guys also are right. Do not think about the game as an improvement of 3079 just because you found jMonkeyEngine.
    It might come out a masterpiece, 3089 is a nice indie game, but not a masterpiece.
    Please look at the rest of the gaming industry and appreciate if 3089 is like the competition or not. Do it conscientiously, and ask yourself what’s missing. A part better texures. πŸ˜‰
    As long you will think of 3089 as an evolution of 3079, you’ll never realize what actually is missing. You’re a good programmer, but games are the sum of many skills. Listen to your fans, and most importantly, continue to listen to your heart. And don’t stop working! πŸ™‚
    A fan of yours.

    • When you say “better textures”, I’m looking for more specifics. What areas need improvements, and what do you think those improvements should look like? Saying things like “better graphics”, or “make it look like this game” isn’t very helpful. For example, saying the building textures should have more XYZ etc. is the most helpful.

      I enjoy listening to my fans, and often they provide great feedback. However, vague suggestions don’t usually result in changes. I have too many concrete things that need implementing (like promised multiplayer features) to stab at vague ideas blindly.

      • As far as textures go (and what most people seem to be getting at) I think its just about pure variety – it looks great, especially with the extended draw distance. At the moment, the landscape just seems too homogeneous and random (which I know is part of it’s charm in a lot of ways). I know you didn’t want to hear (and I hate saying) ‘it needs to be more like xyz’ but if you think of the Elderscrolls series (or even the dreaded minecraft!), each area has a specific ‘feel’ too it in both texture, buildings, difficulty and enemies.

        For instance, an example could be a ‘desert’ area with flatish ground, domed/circular sandy coloured buildings, a very few number trees, few ships (possibly a no fly zone with turrets that attack ships!?) and enemies with lots of corrosion/poison based weapons. A different one could be a mountainous area with much more mountainous terrain (obviously!), more ships, fewer buildings and enemies with longer range weapons. I’m sure you can think of a hundred more/better ones.

        This is the the only problem that I have with the game which stops me playing it endlessly – that after a good few hour session, everything just starts to look way too similar and there is no impetus to explore other than in terms of difficulty, even though you have these absolutely fantastic ways of getting around the map (how awesome are hoverboards!!) and such a great loot system.

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