3089 Update: Multiplayer preview, roads, better UI & more!

Hey guys,

It has been awhile since 3089 had its last update — been working hard on multiplayer & promotion during the IndieGameStand sale.

There is still much to do on the multiplayer front, but you can get an idea on how it will work. Basically, all single player games will be multiplayer games if you enable the “server” option — which I hope most people will do. This will help increase the number of servers people can join. If you enable the “advertise” option, it will post your server information to the twitter account at https://twitter.com/3089game. Make sure people can connect to your game — you may need to enable port forwarding on your router to port 3089 — you can read more information @ http://www.portforward.com/. Only a few things work at the moment, like finding & connecting to other games. You will be able to see the other player run around & you can send chat messages to each other (using the <ENTER> key), but many things like robots & damage are not synchronized yet.

There has been many changes to how terrain is generated. There should be more flat areas, but also some more varied hills & mountains also. Roads have been added, and the roads will tunnel through terrain or span over oceans where needed. You will get a small movement boost when traveling on a road. Due to the terrain generation changes, you may need to find a new backup station & do a “location rescue” when loading your game.

The user interface should look a bit better, too. I made a new dialog box image & organized item stats. Skill boosts are now grouped together and colored slightly green. “Bad” statistics, like “cooldown” and “ammo use” are slightly red. I’ve also labeled incomplete items more clearly.

Take a look at all of the changes @ https://3089game.wordpress.com/version-history/

What is next? I plan on filling in more multiplayer features. Eventually, I want specific features to encourage co-op play, even between players of very different levels. For instance, I can give rewards to high level players for helping low level players out. I also want a special “merge” mode where two players join together to create a superbot 🙂

OK, back to work!

– Phr00t

17 responses to “3089 Update: Multiplayer preview, roads, better UI & more!

  1. Thanks for the update! Just got a notification email from indiegamestand.

    Might be nice to have a dedicated server mode that doesn’t run the game UI part. Then I could leave it running on my Linux box and connect to it from my PC.

    • You are welcome!

      I’m trying something a little different with multiplayer. Instead of the traditional dedicated server setup, I want to focus on pairing up players who want to play ‘right now’, instead of having people try random dedicated servers hoping someone else is on. Dedicated servers often suffer from the “empty server syndrome”, where players will connect, see nobody, and immediately leave. Someone will connect a few minutes later and do the same thing. Instead, I’m bundling servers with all “single player” games (once a player enables that option), so if you get connected to another game, you already know you are playing with someone.

      • That’s a good point.

        Also, you may want to consider adding a global chat feature to the game if you can manage it somehow (maybe plug into an IRC server somewhere?). ToME (a graphical 2D roguelike) has this, and it makes the game feel more social even though it is single-player.

      • That’s… a pretty good (and smart) idea. It would be nice that other games could do that.

        Now we can connect people whenever. I had pretty bad experiences trying to find people in “niche” games (and with relatively old big games).

        I may ask: will you add effects? blur, SSAO or SSDO, water simulation, etc.

        I’ve seen lots of indie games with bad graphics and good effects that make them look… well, good.

        BTW your almost inexistent logo looks so “I don’t give a fuck”, I think is bad but cool like FarCry Blood Dragon’s story, but looks bad for marketing. It would look better if the “phroots” were made of small 3D binary code characters.

        It’s a shame that your games are not so popular as should be.

        sorry for my bad grammar.

      • SSAO does already exist & can be turned on & off in the effects. Anti-aliasing can also be toggled there too!

  2. I almost forget to talk about the main reason I entered the blog.

    It would be nice to have a “basic guide” to know, i.e. what da hell means all the stats that weapons show before buying them. So many thinks to learn make the learning curve much bigger than it should be. You could leave a really bad impression on possible customers just because the game needs more time to “get in touch” than most games out there. I remember trying your game 3 times before watching playthroughs and didn’t liked it and say “damn, it looked fun in that playthrough”. Now, every time I play it, I spend arround >2h.

    • There are the “Quick Tips” and “Game Guide” within the game, and an explanation for each skill when bringing up the skill page to apply points. There also are videos on my main site explain things a bit more. Did you check out those resources?

      • Ingame yes, but it’s a bit hideous, it’ll be better if we just could acess to all the info when we want.

        Anyways, that are recommendations, I learned a lot of stuff withouth lot of help, but god, it would be great if i could have just a guide in that momments.

        Have you seen that mods for minecraft that make it look ridiculously good? Lightning and water simulation plus SSAO (wich you said is already available).

        Thanks for your answers.

      • Any suggestions on how to improve the Game Guide? You can access it anytime by pausing the game…

        Lots of the game is played above water.. I’d be mostly interested in changes that could improve graphics in more places.. do you think the water is particularly bad? I’m not going for a realistic look.. also, anything that would significantly affect performance needs to be an option..

      • Yes, I mean, the water effect could be like the early water simulations from the past decade, have you played NOLF 2 or earlyCOD games? I t doesn’t need to be realistic in a “cryengine” sense of the word, but It’ll be nice to see a different effect there, it’s not even for the “inside” but to have a nice looking when you see to the sea and watch pretty water.

        In therms of shaders, it would be nice if you look at Paranautical Activity, in fact, that’s one of my favourite examples of games with bad graphics wich looks good because of the effects implmeneted. You know, that stuff beside resolution and textures that make the difference between an Xbox game and a N64 game.

      • Any specific effects you’d like to see? Adding more “glow” effects can be done, but things like the shadows are very tricky… easier to do in a small enclosed space, like Paranautical Activity.. not so easy in a big, open world.

        Are you specifically talking about reflective water?

      • Actually, the main issue are the shadows/lightning, it’s the most important part (for me) because it can do something nice look awesome and contrasted, specially games with “unrealistic” graphics design. I don’t know if it’s hard to implement or just too much hardware hungry, anyways, if it’s the second one, it could just be optional.

        glowing would be nice for guns bullets and lights, but some water textures would be nice too. all that said, if I were you, I would make the addition of a lightning system my top priority in the “future graphics updates” list.

  3. About the guide, I think it needs to be something like a Wiki, even doesn’t need to be in-game, look at Minecraft, you can only find info about items using them or searching on its wikia.

    About the game, the core idea it’s pretty good to make it a famous tittle.

    You just need to have the “pro” in mind, add more data and make it easier to take on begining (you can actually screw it all by buying wrong items with the first money and still weak to even perform the more basic missions.
    I’m not talking about “you” as pro, that’s bullshit, I’m talking about the user-friendly stuff.

    Well, I’m gonna test the last build and the roads ImI

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