5 responses to “3089 on sale @ IndieGameStand!

  1. I bought 3089 via IGS but I’m having trouble downloading the multi-platform, drm-free version (both thru IGS and from Desura). The download stops at 70% with the error message “file not found on the server”.

    What gives??

  2. Ok, I managed to complete the download of the drm-free version, and have managed to uncompress it using Z-zip. What then? There seems to be no setup.exe or install.exe for Windows among the files.

    • You are not suppose to uncompress the 3089 Installer JAR file, you are suppose to run it with Java. 7zip (or any other archiving program) will see the JAR file as a compressed file & try to open it, but this will only cause confusion. Do you have Java 7 installed? You can get it from here: . Once installed, you should be able to just double-click the downloaded DRM-free JAR file to install. If that doesn’t work, try right-clicking the file and selecting “Run With…” -> “Java Runtime”.

  3. Honestly…I’m VERY bummed phr00t. I had to pay $25 on the kickstarter to get in this. I don’t think that coming up with a name for a person was worth much at all. You just stabbed you hard-core fan base in the back and let people get the same product for 1/100 the price.

    • It was a sale to increase the number of 3089 players to make multiplayer more viable. Getting in on the KickStarter got you the game sooner than anyone else, giving you the opportunity to help shape the game in its infancy. The money you raised also helped make the game possible by motivating me to spend hours developing it & to pay artists. 3089 was & is certainly going to have sales, like all other games do. I do not believe having a sale is somehow stabbing people in the back who purchased it outside of a sale.

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