Big 3089 Update: Better graphics, more direction & AI improvements!

Hey all,

OK, so this was a pretty big update. The game now looks better, offers more direction & fights should be more dynamic with a much improved artificial intelligence system. Many aspects of the game have been improved & balanced, so it should be an overall better experience.

The biggest change is how the story progresses. Before, you just needed to get to a certain skill point level & new story events would simply unlock. Not any more — you will have to venture outside, to more difficult areas, to defeat bosses the Overlord spawns. Every boss kill will spawn a new boss, farther away, and unlock new content until you’ve reached end-game scenarios.   If you have a saved game with the old story system, you will have to restart the game to properly trigger the boss system. You might be able to delete the file to “reset” the world without deleting your player, but I would recommend restarting to get the full, new experience.

I found & fixed a nasty bug that was causing all enemies to rush you up-close. Basically, all robots thought they had weapons with zero range, which meant they needed to be on top of you to do damage. Now robots will dodge your shots at a certain distance. This will also make it easier to run away from enemies, since they won’t always be running directly at you.

I’ve added some optional graphical options, like anti-aliasing & ambient occlusion. The game should look better with these options enabled (and they are enabled by default on hardware that supports them), but feel free to turn them off to improve performance.

Item crafting should be much more fun in this release — I’ve changed how stations stock items. Now some items will be stocked that you can immediately use to improve your weapons, chips & armor. If you have an incomplete or broken item, you’ll more likely find the part you need, even if it is at a high-level station. Same goes for replacement parts for things you already have.

Check out the complete version history for all of the changes:

Also, let me know if you are interested in making “Let’s Play” videos for 3089 & you have a channel — I may be able to hook you up 😉

OK, back to work!

– Phr00t

2 responses to “Big 3089 Update: Better graphics, more direction & AI improvements!

  1. Hello! I dont know if you remember me or not, but i am interested in making a Let’s play of 3089. Its a great game that the world needs to know about and i want to show them the beuty 🙂

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