3089 Update: Enemy Towers, Sound & Graphical Improvements

Hey all,

There is a new building to find, and this one will be a bit harder to get in & out of! At the top is a leader, if you can reach & defeat him, you will be rewarded. 🙂

I revamped lots of the sound system, tweaking volumes & adding back in a natural reverb effect. Things should sound much better now.

I also did many things to improve and polish the graphics. First, I added 3089 application icons to all of the windows — no more default Java or LWJGL icons anymore. I’ve tweaked the terrain texture to be less monotone, other colors should mix in to make it more lively. I also realized a nasty bug on building textures: only 1 texture was ever being picked from the pool of 12. You should see lots of different textures used for buildings now!

Some exploits have been fixed — thank you guys for reporting them! You shouldn’t be able to program your way to stardom or work around part level limitations when putting items together.

I’ve had some other interesting requests in the forum I want to follow up on. Also, I’ve posted some rules about modding & making 3089 videos here:


You can also read the complete version history here: https://3089game.wordpress.com/version-history/

OK, back to work!

– Phr00t

4 responses to “3089 Update: Enemy Towers, Sound & Graphical Improvements

  1. Overall, the new tower/dungeon thing is impressive to say the least. I really like how many enemies and turrets there are inside and it often times reminds me of having to play a Zelda game.

    The one thing that I *didn’t* like though is that nothing happened after I had reached the top floor and checked the room with the four stone pillars. Was I supposed to tackle the tower as part of a quest or mission?

    Anyway, I did manage to stock up on valuable goodies that brought me a few bucks after selling them to the store.

    Now, if I may make a suggestion I think it would be a good idea to provide the player some more incentive to fight their way up the tower. For instance, I was thinking of some type of reward that sets the dungeon apart from other places.

    What if you could find special clips of ammunition down there? One clip would contain bullets that drain your foes’ health and recovers lost hitpoints. The other would contain those that inflict extra damage to vehicles and spaceships.

    You’ve outdone yourself this time around with the new stuff. Way to go.

    • You did not see a leader at the top floor? One should spawn, and when you kill it, you will get skill points for achieving “Tower Triumph”

      • Nah, I didn’t see anyone at the top floor. How exactly are they supposed to spawn? Also, are there any prerequisites for them to spawn other than just get to the top floor?

      • A leader should always spawn on the top floor… if you try that same tower again, can you check to see if the leader spawns? I’m wondering if you just got really unlucky with the spawner or if something else is going on…

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