3089 Update: Polish & Balancing

Hey all,

Making some important changes & tweaks in this update. The biggest one, which may modify how you play slightly: your game is now loaded at your last activated backup stationThis was done for a couple of reasons, but mainly because I wanted the save & loading process to make “sense”. Previously, you would start in exactly the same spot you left, but everything around you would be gone — even the ship you may have been flying. Now, a robot is re-animated for you at the last backup station when you load your game, since your last one “went offline” when you quit. If you try to quit in the middle of a fight, your robot going offline will be destroyed before the backup station can update with all of your items & you will take a death penalty. If you want to save your position when quitting, you can activate a constructed teleporter which will retain your return location between saves now. This should resolve all save/load abuse issues & more. To balance things out & make it easier to track your backup location, I have added the backup station information to the map & made activating them much cheaper.

Lots of other changes & fixes have been made which should make the game more fun & polished. Stealthy quests should be more fun & rewarding, and friendly robots shouldn’t get mad at you so often for accidental splash damage.

Take a look at the version history for more info: https://3089game.wordpress.com/version-history/

I want to improve the graphics a bit more & work on a new building type that you must fight (or sneak) yourself to the top of for a reward 🙂

OK, back to work!

– Phr00t

One response to “3089 Update: Polish & Balancing

  1. Hey there. I had stopped beta-testing ( or is it alpha-testing ) some time ago until this Thursday when I decided to give 3089 another go… started fresh this time around with a new character… just as I was heading to a station nearby a warning was broadcast by the game saying ‘Meteor shower seek shelter immediately’. Boy was I impressed with the fireworks that soon followed.

    I like the approach where the player never feels completely safe whilst in the open. Naturally occurring phenomena such as meteor showers really accentuate and emphasize that approach. I think you should add more types of severe weather into the mix and let them know they *will* get hurt if they don’t explore their surroundings carefully or keep vigilant of what’s going on around them.

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