3089 gets huge feedback update!

Hey all,

Thank you all for your feedback! I tried to fit as much of your feedback into this update as possible without delaying it any longer. The biggest improvement has been made to the accuracy system, which previously “sucked” 😉 I’m really aiming to polish and make 3089 amazing, so I overhauled the whole thing. You will now get a dynamic crosshair which will grow and shrink depending on your weapon’s accuracy, if you are moving & how quickly you are firing your weapon. Vehicle & scope accuracy has also been redone — check it out!

Tons of other requested improvements have been made to this update, like increasing brightness, adding a “Game Guide”, fixing vanishing robots, increasing melee attack rates & much more. Please check out the lengthy version history for all of the details.

I did add in the “Collector” flying robot, which is a “work-in-progress” story robot near the end of the game. It doesn’t do much yet, since I moved to address other issues. I hope to get back to it soon!

OK, back to work!

– Phr00t

11 responses to “3089 gets huge feedback update!

    • Gah! OK. My graphics hardware takes anything I throw at it, for better or clearly worse. I’ll get this fixed and out a bit later tonight (like about 3 hours).

      • Uh phr00t the android starts falling down into limbo when I load the most recent checkpoint… it seems as if the collision check for my character fails to load. I tried firing the grappling hook in order to get back up but the physics engine wouldn’t let me through the terrain. You may wanna step through the collision department one more time… though it could be an unrelated bug for all we know.

  1. Update: I managed to push the ‘overlord rescue’ button and thereby resurface my bot again, but I still think you oughta look into the cause of this particular failure.

    On second thought, the failure might have been caused by updating the game version just this once so hopefully things should improve from this point on.

    • I must have made a change in the random generator during world generation, which may alter how terrain or buildings are placed. Your saved game had you in an “invalid” location for the new version, which must have caused the problem. This is one of the big reasons I have the “overlord rescue” option, since I can’t guarantee the shape of the terrain will stay the same throughout updates. Hopefully things will settle for beta 🙂

  2. Nice update overall, more polish is always good!

    I am, however, still finding guns to be totally useless; for me, they’re only effective against enormous targets…. they simply will not hit anything else. In particular, they’re worthless against normal bots (which are of course the most common type). Cant kill even one of those…. HAVE to use a sword (which is pretty much all I use now). Used to use homing weapons (and ONLY homing weapons, couldnt hit with others), but those seem pretty weak now.

    Multi-shot weapons in particular are the bad ones, as their possible aim areas are much, much too huge to hit anything; they can miss even the largest of targets (which are often either very slow, or not actually moving). But normal one-shot guns are still pretty bad. The projectiles are simply way too slow. I have to lead the target by quite a bit to have a chance to hit, and it feels pretty silly aiming way off to the LEFT of an enemy rather than somewhat at them. Never hits them anyway.

    I had this problem in Gentrieve 2 as well, come to think of it. Couldnt hit a thing with the basic gun most of the time. Generally stuck to only charge shots or missiles/bombs with that one.

    Neither guns OR swords are useful at super-close range though. If a bot is in my face, I *have* to back off and get away before I can do any damage, regardless of wether or not I’m using a sword or a gun. The guns just cant hit anything that’s in your face and dancing around wildly, and the sword’s basic swing is too bizarre (I can only ever hit totally stationary targets with that), and the charge attack simply cant be done at too close a range.

    Generally, my tactic is always to use charge attacks with swords, but use a time warp if they get too close and I cant seem to get enough distance to use the charge…. rinse and repeat, regardless of enemy type.

    Other than that, no problems I can think of.

    • I’m increasing the hitbox size in the next release, which should help quite a bit. I am able to hit enemies much easier in the development version. I hope to have the new release out later today!

      • To be fair and also accurate about this, I should probably point out that typically in first person games my aim is pretty bad, which leads to a natural tendancy to rush at everything (though I’d likely do that regardless).

        So that’s worth keeping in mind when I”m giving feedback.

      • OK, I have released v0.66a on BMT Micro — want to give it a shot & let me know what you think? Thanks!

  3. Hitboxes do seem much better now, alot less moments of thinking that I did hit, yet not having it register as such, particularly with basic sword swings.

    Guns seem to hit better as well, though of course that doesnt stop my aim from being horrible by default, hah.

    Overall, it’s a very good polish/balance update. Visible damage numbers are a nice touch as well.

    Not really encountering any bugs at the moment either!

    On a side note, one other thing I’ve noticed at times, is with the spiderbots, sometimes they’ll be aggressive and come at me with weapons blazing (which makes them plenty challenging), but other times they sorta just sit there and try to fire their beam over and over; easy to beat when they do that, just get behind a tree or something and pop out and fire, and repeat. I dunno if their behavior is supposed to vary as wildly as it does, so I figured I’d mention that. These guys specifically also seem like they could do with more health, being huge and all. Health levels on most other things seems pretty much fine.

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