3089 Update: Spawning, performance & stability improvements

Hey all,

There was a reported crash when trying to render Ghosts on some hardware, so I wanted to get this update out as quickly as possible. However, I found a few other useful improvements I could squeeze into this update!

The world should seem more populated, since I increased the rate at which spawns are generated. So, even though more robots will be wandering around, using stealth should be a little easier since new spawns won’t be so close to the player & they will start facing away from you.

I did some deep analysis of 3089 & found some areas to improve performance. I also reduced the polygon count of robot arms while at the same time making them look much better. You will also notice better effects when robots shoot. I love making the game look better & run faster at the same time 🙂

Now things should be pretty stable for everyone — *crosses fingers* — and I can get back to the storyline!

OK, back to work!

– Phr00t

3 responses to “3089 Update: Spawning, performance & stability improvements

  1. Well, happy to report, no real problems with this update so far!

    There were a couple of minor bugs, but nothing major. I had a couple of robots suddenly blink out of existence, and at one point had an ally rollertank just suddenly spin around and go berserk at me for no apparent reason…. I hadnt done anything aggressive in that area yet even, so I dunno what that was about. No bugs with the structures or anything, though I didnt actually add any blocks anywhere, just turrets and such in some places.

    Other things seem good though, turrets work fine and seem to be at the proper level, I tried out that booster thing…. that thing is powerful as heck. Allowed me to take out a Surveyor (which I actually had never tried before) with mostly level 5 equipment and stat-range, though the thing still beat me up pretty hard. It seemed hard to get the thing’s attention though? I got it down to about 37% before it finally started really attacking me; earlier than that, it’d fire a shot or two, and sorta drift off. Very different behavior from the usual “hover directly over me” of most aerial things.

    One thing that seemed a little odd was that I didnt run into even a single Xan spirit…. usually I’ll spot the things relatively frequently as I zoom around the area for quests. Dunno if that’s a bug or just luck.

    All of the new graphics stuff looks nice, particularly the new stations, those look so much better and seem to fit the game world more. All in all everything is looking much more polished now.

    • How many robots were suddenly blinking out of existence? Was it more than usual & happening often, or was it a rare occurrence? Robots should only be disappearing if they get stuck in an impossible physics situation (like underground or in a rock).

      I suspect that rollertank got some splash damage from you, which made them hate you. I could make “friendly” robots not turn on you when hit by splash damage… but then I think that would be abused (e.g. players would just kill friendly robots with indirect explosions).

      The booster gives you, if I remember correctly, 33% of the skill level required to be “successful” in whatever you are doing (programming, stealing etc.). I may need to tone it down, though, since it is relatively cheap if you have a decently leveled construction tool.

      Odd you didn’t see any Xax spirits.. hard to know if it was because of luck or not… they can be sometimes hard to find. Do they spawn for haunted quests, at least?

      Thanks 🙂 I’m really trying to keep on top of polishing! However, it is time for some more content!

    • I just discovered why some robots might go “poof” incorrectly — when I check to see if they are underground, I actually check a few units above their head. My initial thinking was I only wanted robots to go “poof” if they are deep underground (for whatever odd physics reason)… but if robots walk under an overpass, a few units above their head MAY be underground, even though the robot isn’t! I’ll have to get this fixed…

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