3089 Update: New Station Graphics & more!

Hey all,

3089 receives its first update since it was released on Desura already! Here is a taste of the fancy new stations, all thanks to burningpet from the game Towns:

This version also includes some useful updates to make sure you don’t lose your hard work: I fixed hopefully the last bug in constructions being lost & now your player will save every 2 minutes, just in case something unexpectedly bad happens (e.g. rat chews your power cord or an asteroid strikes and somehow your hard drive is spared).

I also made a change in how the physics are calculated — let me know if you experience any oddities due to this change. I’m hoping it will be a little faster & get rid of occasional physics crashes, particularly on Linux.

I really do want to get back to the story, I swear! Just so many other great updates keep coming up 🙂

OK, back to work!

– Phr00t

5 responses to “3089 Update: New Station Graphics & more!

  1. Hi Phr00t!

    Played it yesterday, and didn’t notice anything strange about physics.
    I did have a few other observations:

    – It gets really dark, and navigating in some areas becomes impossible (during my realworld daytime at least, I can imagine it working when the only lightsource in the room is my pc screen). Overall I found it pretty dark. This wouldn’t be a real problem, if only the map would have a certain lighting and not be subject to the ingame daytime (I mean, it’s a map, so lighting would always be optimal, right?). So I suggest maybe a little more light in general (daytime and nighttime) and the map being well-lit no matter when you open it.

    – The day-night cycle seems pretty short. Since night is more cumbersome for the player I’d suggest (if there is no gameplay need for nighttime, of course!) making the day last longer. Nighttime can then be kept the same duration.

    – I suspect there’s something wrong with the numbers of the stats (programming, agility, accuracy) on weapons/armor etc.

    That’s it for now, thanks 🙂

    • I’m getting the feeling that my development machine renders things much brighter than other machines, and I’m not entirely sure why. It makes it hard to determine how bright things should be, but it sounds like things overall need to be brighter. I’d like to find the root cause of brightness inconsistencies than just increase brightness across the board, though..

      I did increase nighttime brightness a bit in v0.57a… did that help at all?

      What makes you think something is wrong with the stats?

      • Good Wednesday morning to you, sir.
        Let me just reiterate how confusing this something’s-wrong-with-the-stats issue is. From what I was able to gather the stats and character traits were all just fine the last time I gave 3089 a go.

      • I’ll try to test it this weekend if I have time. If so I’ll reply to your newest post.
        In the meantime about the stats 65,786% accuracy increase just seems a little on the high side for a dagger ;p

      • I just put out v0.66a, so you can test out that if you hopefully have time 🙂 I fixed lots of stuff, but I haven’t noticed any odd stats like that yet… 😐

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