3089 Update: Construction options, graphics tweaks & fixes!

Hey all,

3089 is getting much better — I’m starting to feel very confident in how this is all shaping up πŸ™‚

You can now start playing with the teleporter, booster & radar! Hopefully none of your constructions will ever disappear now — I found (and fixed) a problem that may have rarely caused a section of terrain to be saved before it was done loading, causing “empty” constructions to overwrite previously saved constructions.

The artist from the game TownsΒ gave me some pointers on the art direction & I made some adjustments. Basically, the high-contrast building textures are out, which I think looks better along with the general low-polygon & almost cartoon-ish look of everything else. Let me know what you think! I also gave the trees within bases a slightly different color so it wouldn’t look so monotone.

I also made a few other tweaks that combined with the radar should make stealth gameplay much more fun.

Getting the rest of the story flushed out is still at the top of the list!

OK, back to work!

– Phr00t

35 responses to “3089 Update: Construction options, graphics tweaks & fixes!

  1. Okay so how exactly would I go about setting up a viable transportation link between any two given teleporting machine modules? I’ve got at least two of them out there in the overworld but I can’t seem to find a way of conforming the link.
    Could you help me out for a second and guide me through the process? Thank you so much.

    • This is why I need to make an in-game guide! πŸ™‚

      The teleportation structures are not meant to teleport between each other… you are only suppose to be using one at a time. You are suppose to create a teleport station at your house. Then, you can select “Engage Teleporter” from the paused menu. This will bring you back to your teleporter. When you want to return to where you teleported from, “interact” with your teleporter and you will be brought back. Think of it like a home portal device!

      I could make another teleportation structure, but it’d have to be flushed out, since linking them together might be complicated…

      • Ah now I get it! It sort of reminds me of the single-spot-back-and-forth-travel-system Blizzard came up with to make use of in their award-winning Diablo 2.

        With this all new travel interface system in place I guess that collecting and managing loot won’t be as tedious as it used to be in terms of burdening.

      • Yes, that is exactly what the teleporter was designed after πŸ™‚

        I did plan for it to improve usage of storage & health/energy recharging stations in buildings.

  2. Oh and might I give input on which kind of tools and structures you should try adding in?

    The new thing with the enemy detector building might just prove useful to set the stage for another permanent turret or missile launcher of sorts that would seek out hostiles, the whereabouts of which would be fed with the radar link, and then fire missiles at them just like SCUD tanks for example do.

    Now that would make your hideout more than just a makeshift camp for resting purposes. πŸ˜€

    • HHHHHhrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmm like a tactical missile launcher thing? That actually sounds pretty damn cool, but I presume it’d take lots of construction points since it’d have to be balanced!

      • Yeah I guess so, though I already have over 100,000 credits sitting on my bank account in 3089 so I’d make ends meet one way or another… πŸ˜›

      • Ha! So how is everything else working in the update for you? Good I assume? πŸ™‚

  3. I’ll conduct a thorough exam first thing tomorrow morning. I promise. Right now my hands are tied with other matters to attend to.

  4. This, so far, pretty good update. Only really one problem…. I’ll get to that in a bit….

    First off, finally I can actually use the construction system without getting lost and confused in it. The only suggestion I might make on it: Selecting colors is really hard, because they appear very dark during selection. That’s really the only issue I can think of with it. Perhaps a “recolor” option in the construction menu might be a nice touch as well.

    I finally managed to make a (warped and tilted) base structure that has actual function to it. Quick screenshots of the horrible monstrosity:

    So, that was pretty satisfying to make; though I wish I could get it less warped looking.

    The problem: It didnt quite stay like that when I saved/exited. It wasnt the entire thing that vanished, instead about half of the red pillars, and the things on the top of the structure were just gone. I had done the pillars and the spires all in one go…. I hadnt exited during the middle of the process or anything. Regardless, it happened.

    Also, yes, the colors look MUCH better with this now.

    Aaaaaaaaanyway, I think the really big thing about this update is that teleporter. Ah, that can save *alot* of time. Running back to sell or store items was often very, very time consuming, but not anymore! That’ll really help with the flow of the game, without messing with anything else, I think. I havent tried the booster or radar yet, since most of it was me messing with the building part.

    The bot speed reduction was also a good idea. They move at a more sane rate now, haha. I’m thinking reducing the homing ability of weapons was probably a good move too, though I havent been able to test it yet.

    One bug I ran into: During a kill quest, the target starts out neutral, right, not aggressive at all, so I would launch at it with the sword, get in a hit, aaaaaaand…. it would target some random object a good distance from me, and dash at it while going berserk and firing shots at it, as opposed to attacking me. This was mostly happening when my targets were flying things, and the random targets were often quite far off indeed. Happened multiple times.

    There’s other stuff to test, but I’ll get to that later tonight. Other than the bugs, so far this is a very good update.

    • Hehe, “horrible monstrosity” xD Hey, it is your house! πŸ™‚

      I need to implement some type of rotation/length snapping that would fix the warping. However, since I have you place two mount points that determine a length & rotation, I’m not sure how I will “snap” that…

      Let me know if you notice any more structures disappear… odd that only *some* went away… I need to know as many details to track this down.

      I know what is happening with that bug you describe. When you hit the target, it didn’t see you, but it went into an alarmed mode. In the alarmed mode, it went for the first enemy it clearly saw & attacked it, which wasn’t you. I do believe I have code that should make the AI turn around, but they are getting distracted because they see another enemy. Hrm…

      • The structure thing, there was one more detail: On the top, those yellow things, originally I’d had tall blue spires there instead; took them and replaced them with the yellow ones as the last piece of construction. The yellow bits arent just gone, instead they’re replaced by the blue ones. I dunno how that helps, if at all, but…. yeah. Lol.

        As for the construction bit, hmmm….. the length, getting that right is actually very easy, I’ve found. Even with those red pillars; those arent multiple seperate pillars on each floor, it’s only 8 of them, going right through the 2 upper floors to the cieling. I had no trouble getting them to do this without also popping out of the top of the structure. Pretty easy to do. Though a snapping option for that would still be a good idea.

        Mostly the rotation is the really tough bit. I dont got any suggestions on how to make that work though.

        Oh, on the note of tilting: The player character cant seem to sit still on tilted ground, not even on a very slight slant. that constant slow movement plus trying to place the initial hardpoints means more incorrect angles.

        And the last thing about the building: Is it possible to give the building tool more range? Like, those hard points, currently you have to be practically pressed up against the very spot you want to put them on in order to place them, which can be a hassle at times. I had to make alot of little temporary blocks everywhere for parts of that structure because the tool couldnt reach very far to place the points.

  5. Oh, one more quick idea I’d wanted to mention:

    Underwater areas….. these are pretty cool, actually, and are a very nice break from the normal zones. Their only problem is that they are lacking in STUFF…. they tend to be filled only with normal robots; there’ll often be flying things in the air still, but they dont do much when you’re underwater most of the time.

    Why not add a couple of underwater-only NPCs? More variety in terms of the robots is always a nice thing, and I think it’d add some more flavor to the water zones. Not to mention, it’s an interesting area for combat, because the player and the bots have great freedom of movement and such. It would also be a bit of a break from the usual tanks, ghosts, and spider bots. I dont have any specific suggestions at the moment on exactly what such new bots might be exactly, I mostly just wanted to bring up the idea.

    • Yes, I do plan on adding water-based NPCs — it is on the to-do list πŸ™‚ Something that swims… probably quick & weak.

  6. The fact that a an arbitrary android bot can dive into water and remain underwater for an extended period of time really makes me wonder as to what kind of insulation they’ve got stretching from top to bottom since they can do so without getting their circuitry fried. πŸ˜€

  7. Beyond the tactical missile launcher idea here’s some more ideas and suggestions for possible structures:

    1) A spaceport to house vehicles and spaceships. Basically what the player has to do in order to put this sort of structure to use is, first, get their hands on a spaceship and then taxi it back to the spaceport district, in which event the make of that vehicle gets registered and memorized for the repeated creation and use thereof.

    2) A positron force-field generator which only the player android should be allowed to pass through. It would be placed down in the same manner that dynamic boxes are placed, ergo through the builder tool controls. That sort of generator would help keep intruders and other hostiles at bay and make the hideout a safer place for that matter.

    Alright, that should do for the evening.

  8. Also, to get the conversation back on track, let me tell you this: I’ve been experiencing much the same thing that Misery has over the course of their testing.

    I remember placing as many as two different walls near the vicinity of my new haven and as of this moment they are both gone. What’s more, every single piece of produce that I’d stowed away in a neighboring storage unit is also gone too.

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the error that has plagued 3089 ever since we first got to do construction work never disappeared. That’s according to the info available to us, so to speak.

    • So, only some parts of your constructions disappeared, but not others? Like, as if it didn’t save some recent changes, but not all was lost? This can help to fix the bug.

      Was it only one storage bin that had items lost? Did the storage bin item loss happen at the same time of the walls you placed?

      What might be happening, is I may have made it too sensitive to skip saving terrain constructions in fear of it being overwritten with nothing, so sometimes new things are not saved.

      Bugs like this are a priority at getting fixed, and I will not stop until it is dead for good!

      • Glad to find your resolve in good shape. πŸ˜€

        Let me get to your questions now.
        That’s affirmative, only some parts of what I had built were lost this time around. Well, there’s only the one storage bin so I can’t speak to whether more than several bins would have got affected or not, in case things were the other way around. And yes, the item losses were set off during the same time that the other remaining disappearances happened.

      • Another question came to mind — did your items in your storage bin ever save? Like, did you put them in the storage bin, leave/quit, and they were gone? OR, were they in your storage bin, and were saved a few times (e.g. you left the game), but then vanished sometime later?

  9. As a matter of fact I do recall progressing to the point where on one isolated occasion each item that I had stored was able to stick around for another go, although that was before the most recent update came along.

    • Good news! I am able to reproduce constructions being lost! If you place something, then immediately quit the game, they are not saved. This is good news because now I can fix it πŸ˜‰

      EDIT: Fixed!

  10. So anyway are you deliberately keeping the new upcoming additions secret from the rest of the crowd ( with the exception of the scores of fixes underway ) or could you tell us a little more about what we ought to keep an eye out for? I’m just curious as to whether I should circle my calendar or not.

    • I’ve been trying to post my plans in the blog. Basically, I want to fill in the rest of the story (Overlord paying a visit) and get in multiplayer (beta phase). I also want to get in “item sets” — e.g. you can put together “sets” of items for additional stat boosts. I’m sure more will be coming… πŸ™‚

  11. That’s awesome stuff to learn about. On the flip side though, could you do me a favor this time around and put the new bug fixes up for downloading so we can hack through the days whilst waiting for further additions to show up? It would reassure me to know that constructions I make will not disappear and make fun of my precious time.

    • I can’t put up an update right now… I am also in the middle of upgrading the building stations & all of the graphics are not finished yet. I hope to have an update out later in the day tomorrow (about 36 hours). In the meantime, I do have a workaround for you that should work: after you place a few things, open up the map and scroll away so the terrain chunks you were in disappear. This should cause a save & load to happen when returning from the map. Once your constructions are saved, they shouldn’t be overwritten. The current bug seems to just not update your save with recent changes, but doing the map thing will force a save.

      • Right. That actually does make sense. Thanks for the workaround tip and I wish you the best of luck with the upgrade process.

  12. Oh, I forgot to tell you this: your workaround managed to fix things for me. I have been playing and pushing buttons with the builder tool to the point where right now there’s a huge structure sticking out the ground along with a secondary outpost thing that provides visual feedback on various mobile entities and what not.

    There’s so much potential to these couple of elements that I eagerly await the day that more things to build and erect get added to the menu. πŸ˜€

    • Coooooool πŸ™‚ You should make a video of yourself playing & include your house — I’m sure images are not doing it justice!

      • Sounds good to me, though given the time it would take my internet connection to upload a video of me doing just that I’d have to stay up all night in order to get it uploaded, trust me.

        Speaking of which, how’s the game coming along? Are you releasing a follow-up version soon? I can’t tell you enough how excited I am about it. My stash really needs upgrading with respect to motion detectors, storage bins and all that jazz.

      • I’m actually packing the next version now πŸ™‚ Should be able to download it within the hour!

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