3089 Update: Construction fixes & AI improvements

Hey all,

I’ve been putting lots of work into improving reliability & stability in 3089 since this game will be available to many more people very soon! I’m hoping construction should be very reliable now & you shouldn’t lose any of your work.

The robot’s artificial intelligence has also improved — ground-based guys should be able to engage flying ships above them better. Spiderbots should also be more dangerous, since their mobility has been greatly improved.

Finally, I’ve added a “Quick Tips” section to the main & pause menus. Give it a read & let me know if some other information should be swapped out!

OK, back to work!

– Phr00t

17 responses to “3089 Update: Construction fixes & AI improvements

  1. The new changes being made to the melting pot are more than just in working order. My home hasn’t disappeared… yet and everything is running smoothly this time around. As a matter of fact I have yet to report a bug to the proper authorities, which is really good news for the development team.

    I hope to see the trend continue in terms of transitioning 3089 from one upgrade to another, you’ve made me proud, sir!

    I’ll stick around to get myself up to speed on the latest content to come out. Hopefully it’ll be just as exciting as the most recent slew of content. I may have shared a few suggestions to the present formula but at the end of the day it is solely up to you take the helm of 3089 and steer it in the right direction.

    Also, in the event that you do not favor any of my ideas or suggestions I’m cool with that. The important thing is that my ideas get the opportunity to serve as a form of inspiration to your head, in which case I will have considered my mission complete. 😀

  2. On a side note, how would I go about putting those chips and microprocessors to use? I can’t install them on my android, nor can I wield them like the other items. So what good are they?

    Beyond that my new house is sort of desolate right now. I can only place storage boxes near the house. I wish there was more to do around the house given that it’s pretty neat to run one and add stuff to it such as dynamic boxes that you can paint, rotate and re-size.

  3. Uh, no, not really, unless I’m just idling and doing nothing, in which case the rain thing becomes apparent.

    Speaking of things not working the way they should, I noticed that most of the times you are given the task of protecting a select friendly from harm and hostile soldiers, these soldiers never show up, which makes that particular segment of the mission sequence a walk in the park. I thought you should know. Perhaps sending in fighter jets instead of ground-based troopers would resolve the issue? Their movement is virtually unrestricted for all I know.

  4. Expanding on my previous comment I had forgotten to take notice of the fact that quite often, the targets for the shielding and safeguarding stretch of a given assignment turn up inside of the halls of a particular shopping mall, which effectively renders chances of attacking fighter jets getting a shot at those targets to nil.

    Taking that into account, I reckon you’d be better off revisiting the code assigned to calculating enemy bots’ waypoints and routes to the target. I hope I made my point crystal-clear there. The code needs revisiting.

    • Shopping mall — lol!

      I’m thinking on doing two things:

      1) Make protect targets never spawn inside shopping malls.
      2) Keep track of how many robots are attacking the target — if it is 0, spawn some just to attack.

      • Yeah, either of the two approaches should work just fine.

        Well, the buildings do struck me as shopping malls as they’re all packed with various vendors and service stations as well as hotspots that provide you with directives and details of your next mission.

        Come to think of it, perhaps it would not do you harm if you simply allowed for new buildings and structures to become part of 3089’s urban layout? I’m not exactly certain as to the purpose they would serve or the manner in which they would raise, but the effort should be worth implementing.

        All things considered though, sticking to the plan might be the best idea in your case. I want those new domestic utilities showing up on the construction menu for my builder gun. 😀

  5. Uh I may have some bad news to relate. My house is gone. Went up in a puff of smoke or so it would seem…

    It happened just as I had left the underground following a couple purchases that I had made down at the Xax native merchant’s. On top of that, from what I’ve seen, ships and vehicles go away every time I switch areas like I did just now, plus they never come back.

    I tried re-loading 3089 a short time later to no effect. My work has been lost, luckily though it wasn’t one of a grand scale nor did it take an extreme effort to complete.

    Must have something to do with the bit of code that handles saving and loading current states in terms of the whereabouts of different objects and entities at a given time. You might want to do a cross-check on that and run tests for occult glitches and unintended behaviors, those sort of things.

    • Well poo.

      OK, the bug still exists somewhere and I will kill it. 🙂

      Interesting to note that your house survived a long time, but then suddenly went away… so the file must have existed & was saved to many times, but for some reason, got overwritten or removed…

      • It is a tragic set of circumstances indeed.

        Oh and when you’ve killed the bug please let me know so I can start committing resources again to the construction of a second home.

        I was able to find a nice little grotto that will eventually serve as the site for my second home down the line. I’m fond of diverse and colorful country, you know, something 3089 seems to have plenty of.

      • Ha! Sounds good 🙂 I’ve gotten pretty far at implementing the rest of the construction options, so I’ll probably put them in with the update to fix the remaining construction bugs.

  6. Just got a look at one of your postings reporting that you have more than 2 designs down and only one to go. I’m looking forward to the upcoming changes due to release very shortly.

    Here’s to that we finally bring the house disappearance bugs to a close as a result of your efforts. That should open up a chance to wrap up the week with a touch of 3089 and its building features.

  7. Uh-oh, the survey ships are coming after me! My character must have blown up too many of them for the Overlords to deem a coincidence. Downing every one of them was well worth the effort though as I managed to appropriate one heck of a lot of money through selling the spoils of war to adjacent markets.

    It feels as if they ( the character ) had made it on the list of most wanted terrorists on Planet Xax. 😀
    One thing that’s bugging me though is, despite the Overlords’ emissary stating that more powerful Surveyor models would be called in starting from that point onward, the allegedly new models still look the same and pack the same amount of firepower from what I could tell.

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