2 responses to “New Widescreen 3089 Trailer!

  1. Up until now, I had no idea these roller-tank machines even existed! Also, the trailer is such that it makes you want to jump right into the action and start experimenting with the various features and mechanics.

    Beyond that I can hardly wait to see some new additions making the pipeline! At any rate 3089 is making great progress and appears to be taking steps in the right direction in terms of quality. When it comes to designing and perfecting your piece of code, choices are bound to be made.

    You would seem to have made a sheer number of excellent choices, which sort of sets the stage for further potential to take advantage of. Over and out. 😀

  2. Haven’t had a chance yet to try out the newest version…. The laptop I’m stuck with for a few days has a few problems to iron out before its much good for gaming… But I like the look of the change to the construction interface as shown in the trailer, it looks so much better. Looks much easier and faster to use.

    Good trailer, by the way. Also good to see this will be showing up on Desura, that’ll be very convenient to have.

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