3089 Update: Better graphics, new logos & fixes

Hey all,

Special thanks goes out to the talented artist for Towns, @burningpet, for designing a new 3089 logo!

I focused on improving 3089’s image in this release with new logos & improved graphics. I realized the clouds were the biggest offender, so I spent a decent amount of time making them smoother & more cloud-y. I managed to do this while also improving performance, since the new models use less polygons! Trees & other terrain features have been smoothed out, too:

Screenshot from 2013-04-24 12:28:21

You will also notice more sunny skies & light, fluffy clouds in this release. The underground “Unknown Entity” have been improved, too. 🙂

Some important fixes are also included, like building tool levels & the reaction time of turrets built by the player.

Completing the building structure list & filling in the story is still at the top of my to-do list!

OK, back to work!

– Phr00t

12 responses to “3089 Update: Better graphics, new logos & fixes

  1. Just came upon a mission glitch: I was out in the open country doing my business ( at which time I was assigned the mission to perform a hit on a gang of wanted androids ) when I made the decision to get into one of those buggies that soar the skies. This one had cannons attached to it too. So anyway there I was blasting the crap out of those target androids until I managed to get all the kills.

    Surprisingly enough, the mission status was saying that no kills were made and the question marks representing the targets’ whereabouts were still there. I had to get out of my buggy and let HQ know that the targets had failed to show up at their reported locations. Once I had reported in with HQ, the dead androids suddenly came back to life and started charging at me with their weapon load-outs.

    What’s more, they didn’t even have their torsos back up, their physical appearance was that of a person with no torso. Finally, it took me a few more tries until I was able to fulfill that particular task and move ahead with the rest of the mission sequence.

    • HHHrrrrrmmmmmmmmmm…. what might be happening, since it is technically the ship destroying those wanted androids, and not the “player”, the kills may not be registering. I’ll double-check that the ship you are flying also can trigger quest events. I’ll push out an update as soon as I get it fixed! Thank you for the report.

  2. Just tried this out…. wow, this looks muuuuch better. Even just the change to the clouds improves the overall appearance and atmosphere of the game by quite a bit. The new logo is nice, too. Good choice of artists 😀

    Anyway, other issues aside, one small suggestion occurred to me, which is to increase the base weight limit of the grappling hooks and telelocators by 20. I tend to find that these just dont work for the actual level they’re at. Like, if I’ve got a bunch of level 4 equipment (even without the guns/tools bar fully filled), well, a level 4 grapple or telelocator is probably going to already not help; I’ll be too close to the limit, to where if I pick up any loot (which of course I will), it’ll suddenly just not work. Heck, even before grabbing extra loot, it’s so easy to hit these limits. Often, I have to go get one that’s like 2 levels beyond the area I intend on using it for, which is very pricey (and heavy).

    • Glad you are liking the visuals 🙂

      Are you suggesting I calculate the weight limit like 20 + 20 * Level? This would make it 40 for level 1, which seems a bit high (e.g. double what it is now)… but 60 or 80 might not be so high for level 2 and 3. Would it be better to calculate it like 25 * Level or 30 * Level instead?

  3. Having it a bit high for the beginning area probably isnt too much of a problem; missions and such done in there are very easy anyway, since there’s usually no hostiles there. It might speed things up a bit for that beginning part as the player may want to take some time finding and breaking crates to get items. Not to mention that it’s super easy to get a basic ship there since you only need like 3 points of piloting, so it’s easy to zoom around that area anyway.

    Though, I’m thinking the second option is probably better considering how everything scales…. It might take a good bit of testing and tweaking to get it right, but it sounds like a good idea to me.

  4. Oh and more thing. Back in the day when I had just finished constructing my new home I thought it would be a good idea to adorn the first floor of that home with one of those storage boxes you promised to integrate.

    The storage box proved more than easy to place and stow away somewhere as that bit would seem to work the way it was intended to work as per your original designs. What was bugging me on the other hand was the fact that there seemed to be a bug running amok somewhere in the code.

    Fact of the matter is that after I had made the decision to safely store a portion of my avatar’s belongings into the newly placed container I then pulled them out only to find that something odd was going on.

    You see, each time I would bring up the container’s object listing menu the belongings I at the time of these events had on my character would not show up. They would go missing.

    And to make matters even worse, each time following the end of my browsing of the storage box, the recently missing items and possessions would now make an appearance from within the player’s inventory. How strange is that?

    Here’s a tip for you: Give yourself a minute to tinker with the item stowing feature, fill those containers up with a few select objects of your choice and then take them out. Perhaps you’ll be able to reproduce this particular glitch.

  5. Anyway so were you able to recreate the above detailed glitch and track the history of its developments yet? I’m not saying that the possibility the whole thing is nothing but an isolated case should be ruled out, but if it is true that it’s not an isolated case then I sure hope you’ve had the time to double-check and learn what’s causing it.

    • Yes, I was able to re-create the bug & I already have it fixed (along with many other discovered bugs) in development. I hope to have it released today! Thanks again.

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