3089 Update: Storage, base walls & lots more!

Hey all,

This is a relatively big update for 3089! The biggest changes you’ll notice include large walls being made around bases, prices that are more variable (and generally higher) & the ability to build storage boxes. Other important updates include fixing a nasty bug that would sometimes make player constructions not save, making rocks less resource intensive & more varied, and some tweaks to the “gang killing” quest task to make it easier to complete.

I’ve also updated 3089 to LWJGL v2.9.0, which was released yesterday. This update should allow you to use Java 7 on MacOSX with 3089. Please report to me any issues you run into, as this is very new!

Projectile speeds, fired from the player, have also been increased. This should make it easier to hit quickly moving targets — note that the overall range of weapons have not been increased.

What’s next? I’m going to keep working on filling in the remaining building options like the booster & teleporting station. Once I get that stuff filled out, I’ll move back to the story. I’m also thinking about adding some new building types, like watch towers.

OK, back to work!

– Phr00t

22 responses to “3089 Update: Storage, base walls & lots more!

  1. The stretches of palisades have definitely brightened up the place. It’s looking more lively now and bottom line: I like it. 😀

  2. Good update, I like the new walls, they really improve the look of things.

    I think the price changes on stuff was good as well. It’s harder to go up in level with items now (and thus slower to move to new areas), and it also means that finding parts and such that are a level above your current stuff is much more of a valuable find.

    The change to the gang mission is also definitely alot better. It’s actually tougher that way as it’s much more difficult to single out one enemy, when they are that specific type of NPC. It should make having a group with prestige more valuable as well.

    Now…. to the bugs and other stuff:

    First of all, the “get disk from box” one, the boxes are frequently not there, have to use the “report missing target” pretty often with that. The quest marker will just be sitting on an empty spot. This wasnt really happening before, but it’s very frequent now.

    Second, turrets: They dont actually attack enemies. I can have a hostile NPC… either targeting me or not…. waltz right by it, and it’ll just sit there. It’ll happily fire at me though if I accidentally catch it in an explosion or something.

    Third: Scopes, I finally tried one of these on a gun (they seem so rare!), but while it zooms in, it doesnt appear to have any effect on the accuracy of the gun. Still sprays all over the place.

    Fourth: The “tool” item, it’s always level 1, regardless of where I enter a hatch. These are supposed to rise in level with the area, yes? At least, that’s what I assumed.

    Fifth: When building, cant rotate/stretch in every axis/direction/whatever. I can rotate it along a horizontal line, but not along a vertical (cant spin it, in other words). Can only stretch it in 2 possible directions, also. It’s totally possible I might be missing something here…. I hadnt messed aroiund with the system much till just now.

    Other than that, everything is good!

    • Glad you are liking the update 🙂

      1) OK, I’ll look into box spawning.. I don’t think I changed any of the code here, but I’ll look into it!

      2) Now that you mention it, I may have noticed this too. I’ll make sure the turrets are scanning threats correctly…

      3) The scopes should be improving the accuracy when being used, but if the gun didn’t have a good accuracy before, it won’t be “sniper-like” when using the scope. This is a tough one.. maybe I will improve accuracy by 75% instead of the current 50%…?

      4) This should be an easy bug to reproduce and fix..

      5) The two mount points you place to start the box determines the initial rotation & size. This makes sure the box is placed on a solid surface… try to pay more attention to your two mount points and let me know if that helps!

      OK, back to work & thank you!

  3. A suggestion for the building thing: To make it easier to use, have it so that the current side that is going to stretch flashes, and have a key or something, perhaps just right click, that simply cycles to each side. That way, the player can easily choose which direction to stretch the box in….. this would make it really dramatically easier to use. The part about the 2 points, and spinning it along that line, that part makes sense and is fine…. it’s the stretching bit that is where it gets really funky.

    In order to make it so that boxes are always attached to something, you could simply have it so that it will refuse to alter a side if it would pull the box away from that fastening point.

    Having a function to copy already-placed boxes would be really nice too.

    And a suggestion for a placeable object, is some sort of light fixture.

    • I would have to concur with Misery’s views and thoughts on the box placement feature. Most of the time I’ll be caught up in trying to finish placing one the way I want it to stay in place over there and it’ll end up being a time-consuming process despite that there could be a better way to go about it.

      Quoting Misery:”have it so that the current side that is going to stretch flashes, and have a key or something, perhaps just right click, that simply cycles to each side.” End of quote, I feel that his suggestion makes a lot of sense right there.

      • The flashing side is a good idea, but I can’t make the right-click cycle edges, since it is already used for hold-to-stretch. We need to think of another intuitive way to stretch, cycle edges & confirm placement…

    • Having the side flash is a good idea. However, I can’t use the right mouse button to cycle sides, since that is the button I use hold while stretching… left-clicking is currently used to cycle, but it also confirms the placement. We need to think of another way to implement cycling edges without making the input overly complicated…

      I’ve had the copy & paste feature requested before. I’ll put it on the to-do list!

      Lights, since they are dynamic, are resource intensive and limited in numbers… I can’t really open those up to be placed by the player.

      • For lights, couldnt you do something to limit how many are in a given area? I can think of a few ways this might be accomplished, in terms of game mechanics, but wether that’s possible on a technical level with the game engine and all, I of course dont know.

        For cycling the box sides, why not just have the player hit “E” or something? Some key near WASD where the player’s hand is going to be anyway.

        Oh, and that reminds me: One issue I did have when messing with the construction gizmo was the problem with inclines, where the player character seems unable to come to a complete stop. Even on very slight inclines the player sorta oozes slowly down them anyway, which can mess with placement of the points when starting to place a box.

        And one more suggestion: When placing those 2 points, have a small indicator appear on the surface that the player is pointing at, showing exactly where it’ll be, and also that the player is close enough. So many times I go to choose a spot and it complains that I’m not close enough.

      • I already have a limit on the number of lights, and it is only 6 per “chunk” of terrain… even if the player placed 2 or 3 lights, doesn’t leave much for gunshots, lightning & explosions in the area… 😐

        Hitting “E” is a good idea!

        I’ll see what I can do about further reducing the slide… I model the player after a ball, and it just wants to roll down hills!

        The mount point will always be where the crosshair is, but what I can do, is have it light up green when a good mount point is found, otherwise it will be red.

  4. Uh just as a reminder here, the title’s overall difficulty level is seemingly on the rise, especially since the last update came along. I’m finding missions much more difficult to carry out with relative success now due to hostile androids growing stronger and store menus reserving higher prices to the avatar.

    We shall see whether the current trends will keep at it. I know it’s not easy work to find the right solution to keep gravity in check but please don’t take it too far.

    It might be just my goggles though so don’t fret about it too much.

    • I’m finding that it’s not so much that the difficulty has changed, more that the flow of the game is a little different than it was before. Before, you could upgrade yourself and your equipment (particularly the equipment) pretty fast…. it allowed you to skip multiple area levels at times, and this was pretty frequent. So, much faster travel out from the center, many areas a little too easy.

      With the new setup, I’m finding that I have to stay in a certain area for a bit of time, doing missions (more than I would have before) and getting money and equipment; cant really skip area levels much, so moving further into higher level areas when I can feels more like an accomplishment, but takes longer.

      Though, I wonder how the game decides what level enemies to spawn for missions? I had one mission where I was in an area that was like level 4 or 5, and a “kill gang” mission spawned a group in that area, that was like level 1 or 2; there were 5 of them, but it simply didnt matter, all they did was flail a bit and then die in my general direction. One hit from a sword shattered them. But if it had spawned them 3 or 4 levels HIGHER instead of lower, it would have been quite a tough task to take any of them out. That might be something worth looking into, as something like that could wreck the player pretty hard…. particularly if you’ve then got other normal enemies from that area around.

    • I haven’t adjusted the strength at which enemies increase, but the prices did definitely change. Before, prices were primarily calculated on their level, and not what the stats were, which was wrong… I think I’d rather increase quest task credit rewards or increase the sell-back rate, if the economy is getting too tight.

      • This solely depends on whether you want 3089 to retain a level of difficulty that is normally present in titles of the rogue-like type. What I’d like to see in contemporary computer games is one that is challenging and ironed out, not the extremely high or frustrating kind. So in other words a level that will keep you going and wanting for more in spite of how difficult it might be to make substantial progress into positive territory.

        Definitely not an easy task to fulfill but it helps lengthen shelf life and it helps provide the consumer an incentive to beat the product they purchased multiple times.

        It’s your call at the end of the day.

      • “What I’d like to see in contemporary computer games is one that is challenging and ironed out, not the extremely high or frustrating kind.”

        I want the same thing. However, as Misery said:

        “Before, you could upgrade yourself and your equipment (particularly the equipment) pretty fast…. it allowed you to skip multiple area levels at times, and this was pretty frequent. So, much faster travel out from the center, many areas a little too easy.”

        … which is what I don’t want. Considering how prices were incorrectly calculated before, I believe the pricing change is a good one.

        Are you finding the game difficult because you were accustomed to the game’s previous ease, or is the game still too hard, even when starting a new character?

  5. Frankly it’s kind of both. I may have been accustomed to the game’s previous ease up until now but the starting patches are proving treacherous for the main character right now.

    Still, let’s not forget that we’re dealing with a 3089 that has yet to come out of Beta testing stages so I can relate to the balancing issues we’re facing here. I’m sure you’ll think of something to remedy the newly arrived difficulty thing one way or another.

    • I don’t believe I changed the difficulty of current enemies, or how quickly they increase. So, the difficulty of the area you are currently in shouldn’t have changed (unless you were relying on the economics of your current area heavily?) Enemies do increase in difficulty exponentially as you go out — what level are you currently playing in?

      • Uh off the top of my head I don’t think I move out too far away from the initial spawn location.. should be in the mid 4 ranges or so. My guess is you’re right about me relying heavily on the economics as I would often treat myself to powerful firearms in order to complete missions more easily. 😀

      • Yeah, which might have made things a bit too easy for you 😛 You should have to work for the powerful firearms… but it shouldn’t be a frustrating amount of work.

  6. No, it should not be a frustrating amount, that’s for sure. Glad we got that taken care of. Well then, off to work you go! Just kidding. 🙂

  7. Hey phr00t I may have come up with the answer to what was marring my earlier seed planting idea. The thing is that each consumable product you buy in retail stores comes in packages of eight. Now, if my idea were to gain ground and you were to consider implementing it the resulting items you would obtain following a harvest season would be single-use only. Apart from being single-use items their restorative properties would be second to those of their market counterparts *and* you wouldn’t be able to sell them for a profit. Not for a single penny.

  8. On second thought it might be best if their effects were different from those of health/energy consumables altogether. I just don’t know… what I do know is that I would adore having the option to run a small country farm and grow crops. As long as it actually pays to do that I’m all fine with whatever the benefits would be.

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