3089 Update: More building options & fixes

Hey all,

Moderate update to 3089 has been released — the biggest addition is the ability to build turrets & vehicles. Keep in mind that these constructions are temporary: the turrets will disintegrate if you leave them behind or quit your current game & the vehicles will self-destruct after you eject from them.

I’ve also made some gameplay tweaks & improvements, like reducing the spawn rate of large NPCs like spiderbots & rollertanks. I also realized a damage calculation bug with shotgun-like weapons & the “Gun” skill (the “Gun” skill wasn’t being spread out across all shots — it was being applied individually to each shot, causing the damage to be calculated too high).

I plan on working on the rest of the construction options, like storage & the booster.

I’ve also got many requests to improve the bases & I plan to look into walls & scout towers to better populate those areas!

OK, back to work & thank you for your support!

– Phr00t

17 responses to “3089 Update: More building options & fixes

  1. First of all, excellent update. Cant wait to see the construction options implemented, there’s really great ideas in there. Are you going to have the tool levels and such increase as well? That’d probably be a good idea, I should think. Also, best to have the…. er…. resource boxes, whatever they are, the things that the tools need to work, have them increase in burden amount as the level goes up similar to consumables. Preventing exploits and all. One thing: Make an option for permanent turrets; these would be the sort that a player would place around a home base simply to keep enemies out and make it a safer place. There would have to be a way to balance them out and make it so players cant just drop them all over the world and use them in missions and such though, but I’m sure a good method can be thought of. You could have it so that they require some very high cost structure nearby (of the same level as the turret) in order to remain permanent; this seems like the best idea to me, at least thinking on it so far anyway. Something like that. Either way, it’s looking like a great mechanic so far.

    Do you intend on adding some sort of “construction” skill as well? Since the tool seems so ridiculously versatile, I wonder if that might be a good way to balance it out a little; currently all that is required is agility and money, which is easier to deal with than many other items, which can need agility/money to buy and carry, AND another stat to actually use the thing. This could also lead to some very interesting playstyles…. say, doing a quest that requires you to take out a UFO or something, normally a big pain, you could build a tower and stick a few turrets on top, and then lure the UFO over near to the tower, and then entertainment ensues. Sounds pretty darn fun, actually. But it shows how powerful the construction thing will end up being.

    The kill quests: I think I see what’s happening with those and what’s making them flip out, is that the NPCs are repeatedly warping back to the group, or back to the leader that they were following. The obvious way to go about these missions is to try to pull individual bots towards you and away from the group (and is likely what most players will try), but this usually results in the thing coming at you, and then just blinking away. Considering that many of these involve groups of flying bots, this can be a big problem, because the leader might randomly decide to just fly off into the sky or something, which happened a couple of times already. They might even leave the area entirely, essentially pulling the quest zone somewhere else. Also, groups of flying units get a little wierd, in that they tend to get stuck on each other and do strange things. For now, still finding these undoable.

    Havent seen the really wierd crap like invisible/shattered bots attacking or things blinking and becoming other things so far, but I only tried the kill quest once just now, so those issues may still be there.

    • I feel as if there was a construction skill, building parts that increased in burden & construction tool level requirements etc. construction would just be too high-maintenance & people would skip it. In your UFO example, it would take a decent amount of time & building parts to build that tower. Also, if your construction tool level is too low, your turret wouldn’t be that strong to fight against the UFO. It does sound pretty fun — I’ll see how the current setup gets used.. if it is overpowering, then we can put more restrictions on it.. but I don’t want to overreach and suppress its use so soon.

      Hrm… I want the gangs for those kill quests to stick together. I don’t necessarily want the player to pull individual robots away, because then it becomes a task just like a single kill task… I could make the leader have to stay near the quest’s starting location.

      • The bit with the gangs, I think the central reason for attempting to pull things away is that in many situations, trying to take on all 5 or so at once (or however many it is) can be a really bad idea. Certainly, trying to take on 5 flying things at once is particularly nasty, especially when there’s beam-users among the group. Flying enemies can be pretty tough even one on one, as they’re very hard to hit and can be very strong.

        As for the actual mechanic though, what you could do is make it so that an attack to any member of the group simply calls the entire group over, instead of acting on just that one enemy. Which makes sense, if you’ve got a team thing going there, logically the whole team should be responding to any teammate getting attacked, as opposed to one of them just peeling off randomly and going on his own. But the sheer power level of a full group like that is the main issue. I agree though, it’s not very interesting to do the pull thing, definitely not.

        Currently though, it’s nearly impossible to NOT do the pull thing. Since they’re usually flying bots, it can be hard to even get their attention to begin with, so even without specifically trying for it, it’s a one-on-one thing most of the time.

      • Hrm… OK, I’ll see what I can do. The gang might be engaging other targets, and not just you, so moving the whole gang might cause some odd behavior if individuals want to attack different targets. I could make the gang prioritize the player as a threat, though.

        Looks like the difficulty of the gang needs to be reduced…

  2. Ok, more quick feedback:

    Firstly, there’s a bug with the consumables. You know how you can get over 100% health/energy by refilling while holding certain weapons and then switching to others? If the consumables healing-over-time effect is going on, and you switch to something that would have you over 100, the healing effect will cause the health/energy to both drop down to 100% from wherever it was supposed to be.

    Second, the construction tool, I am finding that it really is almost overpowered. The vehicles bit negates the need for the piloting stat, since that doesnt seem to matter for the simple 1-use ships. It’s also easy to use lots of ships/turrets, as the more agility you have, the more of those resource boxes you can carry, and the less that their total weight will at all matter. Not to mention that the turrets seem to match to the level of the area they’re in; that makes sense, but it’s easy to make tons of them, and gets easier as you go further into the game.

    Other than that and the kill-gang-of-bots quest type (and a few too many of the “cant be attacked” type), no problems right now that I can think of. It’s been a mostly bug-free experience so far.

    • Thank you for the bug report.

      Sounds like I need to swap the ships & turrets system: turrets should be at the level of your tool (requiring you to keep it updated) & ships should be at the level of the area you are in. I may increase the cost of the building tool too, just to balance things out, hopefully..

  3. Hi there Mr. phr00t. First of all, it’s a terrific game you’ve got there. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the game to move forward with improvements and content.

    One thing I was able to take note of is how easy it is for those dynamic wall sheets to disappear and never come back. This happened to me just now as I was making my way into one of the surface openings that show to what is left of Xax’s native populace. When I had resurfaced again I found that my newly built home was gone.
    This is something you’ve got to fix ASAP.

    Beyond the above detailed error I would also like to refer you to come out with more things to do in 3089 ( even though I’m well aware it’s still in its budding stages ) as the title has more than enough dormant potential to make for a stunning experience as far as entertainment and replay value. 3089 would seem to be one of its kind in the video game industry from where I’m standing.

    When you add it all up I get the feeling I’m picking through a remote backwoods landscape reminiscent of Valve’s Half-life or Gearbox’s Borderlands whilst my avatar gives it their best shot at trying to survive and eke out a living. I hope you’ll continue development of 3089 in this particular heading as it makes a great impression.

    Oh and one last thing: Is there any chance of 3089’s overworld getting a makeover in the form of long and winding dungeons or mining shafts that you can map and explore? This would put emphasis on the core values that set the standard when it comes to developing rogue-like computer games and those that are commonplace in Western gaming industry. Plus it would certainly help provide entertainment.

    • Funny I just noticed the construction saving/loading bug when working on the storage boxes… I’ll get it fixed ASAP & then get back to your other comments!

  4. Sure thing bud. Looking forward to tuning in to some of your thoughts on yesterday’s comments as I’d love to learn more about where the title might be headed.

    The pieces are all falling in place rather nicely and on top of all this I would just love to lend a hand in regards to your quest to phase out possible bugs or glitches in 3089’s source code. Tragically though I have had plenty of academic obligations that required fulfilling lately which has barred me from playing and running tests. So that will have to wait for the time being.

    • OK, just got v0.49a out, which should fix the “I lost my house” bug!

      What things would you like to see added for doing in 3089?

      So much of the entertainment is above ground by design.. I’m going to focus on polishing the surface & air before I consider moving underground. Ultimately, I don’t want to add an underground area unless I found a really good reason for it to “fit”. Anyway, there is always a chance of having underground areas, but it isn’t on my radar now. 😛

      Thanks and keep the feedback coming!

      • You’re very much welcome, Mr. phr00t. Feedback is of course going to continue coming in.

        And as far as what I want to see added in 3089… perhaps you should consider adding things like growing crops or running farms and exploiting the terrain soil for nourishing items, you know, the healing and/or rejuvenating kind. Items that would help the avatar reassess a stable condition with respect to maximum health and maximum energy levels.

        So for instance your avatar would come across a bag of seeds that they would then proceed to submerge in the soil, wait for the seeds to ripen and mature and finally conduct a harvest for the end items. This would without any doubt benefit 3089’s replay value in my book. What do you think?

        And the seeds along with their respective properties would have been pointed out through implementation of a procedural generation algorithm making things different each time you played.

      • Hrmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm seeds… interesting. Now, the first thing I think of though, is offering players something new. If a player spent the time planting seeds to grow health/energy items, how would the result be different than buying health/energy consumables at a station? Or using a health/energy recharging station? If I had some type of seed/planting system, I’d want it to give the player something different than what is already provided in the game.

        Now, we can combine these ideas with another one someone suggested… planting a seed, and coming back to it, is ultimately a way to invest time into getting something better. I thought having an ion cannon was a pretty cool idea (e.g. “paint” a spot on the ground, and a big laser shoots from the sky, taking lots of guys out — could be great for “gang-kill” quests). What if you had to “plant” an item somewhere, to later come back to it, that would enable you to use an ion cannon?

  5. I’ve gotta hand it to you, this came nothing short of awesome! Planting a grunt-killing death machine transceiver of sorts is not only unique in the genre, but also promising. I say you go right ahead and start working on this sketch.

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