3089 Update: v0.43a

Hey all,

I finally got to extending the story — now you can find out more about what the “Unknown Entity” is & what its plans are. However, there is still much work to do be done here — I do plan on having multiple endings!

I wanted players to enjoy melee weapons (alongside stealth), so I added a new flying melee attack ability. To trigger a flying attack, charge up a melee weapon and look at your target from a short distance — when you release, you will fly towards the target and strike. You can perform a flying attack while stealthy, too! This should make it easier to attack flying targets with melee weapons & in general, make them more fun to use.

Consumables have been tweaked a bit. First, I made them more expensive so using recharging stations in buildings would seem more desirable. However, to make up for the increased cost & to give more use to the “Consumables” skill, I made a residual effect that lasts for 20 seconds after using a health or energy item. Depending on how good your “Consumables” skill is, your health or energy will increase for that 20 seconds.

I made a couple other balance tweaks, fixes & improvements — so make sure to check out the version history for all the details!

Back to work!

– Phr00t

8 responses to “3089 Update: v0.43a

  1. With this new update, I no longer have any trouble with the map on windows XP, thank for the fix

    I just remembered a little something that could be nice to add, allow us to examine(with the same examine key we use for enemy) the item on the ground so we know their rarity, when I saw someone in the past ask about knowing the detail of the item you pickup I thought it was pointless since we still have to drop it if we don’t want it, now that its in I started to want to be able to examine the item from a distance so we don’t pickup what we don’t want.

    – Unfortunately for me this update kind of broke my older saved game because now the surveyor are level 9320 on the area level 368 i’m at, so they one shot me and my old 4 shot weapon that didn’t have the shotgun stats only do 1% damage. In the past, with that save I chased around level 100 surveyor to get their loot and after that I just killed them because they kept shooting me.

    • Glad to hear the map is fixed!

      The item examination is a good idea — I’ll look into it..

      The Surveyor difficulties are calculated by how many you have killed… this is based on the idea that the Overlord sends in stronger Surveyors for every one you killed. If the Surveyors are at level 9320, that means you’ve killed 466 of them! However, I don’t want them always being aggressive, so I’m putting in a change that will make Surveyors only aggressive for a few minutes & then go back to normal observation (until you kill another).

  2. I have to report that the new version, at least on my end, is pretty buggy. Alot of spawning/despawning wierdness; things appearing halfway in the ground or in a rock or something (really often), and the “kill gang of bots” quests are all unbeatable; every quest target for that type of quest goes into this rapid spawn/despawn cycle which happens just over and over and over again, just blinking in and out of existence. Getting something locked into combat will (sometimes) stop it, but as almost all of these quests involve flying things, they can be literally unbeatable simply because no weapon can at all hit them. Even the ground bots can be unhittable like this because they keep vanishing only to reappear in the sky, over and over. The spawning problems apply to both robots and boxes. The crazy in/out spawning only happens on the kill a gang quests though, it doesnt happen otherwise.

    The other main problem right now is the quests themselves; way too many “stealth” objectives that are impossible if you’re not using that stat. Probably 80% of the quests the game generates have impossible conditions of that sort, which makes it take forever just to get a quest; I end up standing in front of a quest terminal and accepting/cancelling over and over until it puts out something that’s possible. Mostly it’s the “cannot be attacked” ones; and even in situations where the target appears to be alone, chances are there’s invisible spirits floating around, which ruin it pretty much instantly. A suggestion for a special item occurs to me: Something that detects Xan Spirits would be incredibly useful, as those guys are always a threat.

    Other than that, everything is pretty good. Making the consumables more expensive was a good idea, though it is really easy to get lots of money right now. Havent found a use for the consumables stat yet; over-time effects seem useless if you’re not actually in a fight, and even if I do use a consumable in a fight I’m likely to just rapidly use multiple uses of it to gain health/energy really fast.

    The melee addition is pretty neat, that type of weapon just got way more effective and useable, not to mention it’s just really fun to do.

    As for the story stuff, I’m curious, about how long (in number of hours) do you intend the game to be to finish?

    • I don’t think I modified anything with the spawning code to cause those problems, but I’ll definitely take a look. Does it happen all the time on new games you start?

      Stealthy quests should be generated just as often as previous versions… I will make ghosts not fail those quests, for starters…

      I’m not sure how many hours the main quest line will be… I’m probably going to work on the endings next, and then probably add in some more content in the middle later.

  3. So, started a new game to see what happens with the spawning and such, but before I get too far (still in the “safe zone”), a couple of things:

    Firstly, a suggestion to increase the amount of money that the player starts with. Maybe double it to 2000 instead of 1000. The earliest part of the game… at least the way I play it… almost entirely consists of running around shooting crates to get enough money to buy a set of starting items, particularly armor and a Timewarp. Others may use a different approach that makes it less of a problem, but I figured I’d suggest it anyway.

    Secondly, a recurring issue with the beginner zone is that it often generates as being extremely steep cliffs with buildings randomly sticking out of it, generally hitting a water zone at the bottom of the cliffs. Very nasty to traverse, particularly when just starting out. That one’s been there for awhile, kept forgetting to mention it. Sometimes it can also generate so that much of the zone is in the clouds, making it hard to see much. It only seems to really happen in the beginner area, these things.

    And lastly…. invincible crates. Some of these just wont break no matter how many times they’re blasted. I also notice that swords dont seem to have an effect on crates whatsoever.

    Other than that, the beginning of the game is pretty well balanced out right now.

  4. Ok, so, the kill quests…. still crazy buggy in the new game world. Actually seen even weirder stuff than before, now, related to these. The random teleporting happens really often, but it’s not just that, a couple of times I’ve seen something teleport…. but what reappears isnt even the same type of robot. A ship turning into a normal bot, or stuff like that. Also seen them teleport into the ground or into walls. If I’m really close when they do this, they disappear with a minor particle effect; Originally when I saw this I wondered if it was some new teleporting ability they had, since it looks like the same effect that teleporting foes use in Gentrieve. Pretty sure though that when something teleports, the teleporting isnt supposed to involve random transformations too, heh.

    The second one of these objectives I did though was even more wonky; that time, I wasnt even fighting normal bots, instead I was attacked by random arms and legs flying around in tangled heaps, as well as the gun of a flying ship (without the actual ship part), and one bot that was just entirely invisible. It was possible to kill them all, though. The THIRD objective of this sort involved 1 ship just outright pushing another accross the sky (and making this endless loud noise), while a ground bot repeatedly teleported to them and falling, over and over again… the entire quest zone seemed to move with them as well.

    I wanted to take some screenshots of all this in case it helped, but Windows just doesnt like doing it (running game in fullscreen here). This sort of absolute wierdness only appears during the kill quests. The most common bit is definitely the random wild teleporting.

    As for normal spawning, NPCs both hostile and friendly will sometimes appear sticking halfway out of the ground. It’s not super common, but happens often enough that it’s not hard to find one that’s doing it. Only happens with ground types.

    • I wasn’t able to fully reproduce the problems you describe, but I made a few changes in v0.45a that I hope will improve things. Let me know if things have improved…

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