4 responses to “New 3089 Trailer!

  1. I stopped playing a little while ago but there is 2 things I was thinkings about around that time.

    – You should make it so rare piece of body have more chance of having 1 shot because I never seen any rare(75%or more) with less than 2 shots and now that every multi-shot weapon are shotgun(which I don’t really use mainly because of the accuracy penalty), if you want to use a rare body piece you are forced to use shotgun effect.

    – I think the programming you need go up too fast(at least it true at high area level), right now i’m at area level 368 and when I check a chips station it say that I need around 21000 in programming to get 100% success at 50% rarity. At that area level the stats on the chip at 0% are around 380 to 465 and from what I seen in the past, programming chip even with 100 % rarity can only double that number you get at rarity 0%. In short you are better off usings those stats point on you because, well because its 21000 stats point you could put in def, stamina and/or gun.

    (i’m using 42a)I started the game to make sure I wrote accurate thing for this comment and I saw that map was messed up for me, I even started a new game to see if it do the same thing. Right now If I press m to look at the map, the map zoom out properly, but as soon as I move the map cursor, the map zoom out too far and I can no longer even see any piece of land.

    • Shot count is applied randomly… so a rare item is just as likely to have 1 shot compared to an non-rare item… another player may like using shotgun-like weapons, so I don’t want to reduce their likelihood. Yes, there is an accuracy penalty with them, but there also is a total damage boost (like all shotgun-like weapons in games).

      Level 368 is a very high level, and if you haven’t been routinely putting in Programming skill points, I would expect having a decent Programming ability at the level to be practically out of reach. I want players to have to choose what skills they want to specialize in, instead of being a “jack of all trades”.

      What operating system are you running on? And is it 64 or 32 bit? This will be helpful in fixing the map problem…

      • I playing with windows xp professional version 2002 with service pack 3
        I’m using in 3089 option: Vsync, 1280 x800 resolution, refresh rate 60 Hz and no anti-aliasing.

        – I understands you want player to specialize, but with this kind of numbers, its just better to put them in more useful skill, if you make additional use for programming, it might make the skill more useful again(but I don’t know what other use could be made).

        – About the map problem, I can say that did not happen with version 0.40a, its with 0.42a that this started to happen.

      • Ahhh, your XP is probably 32 bit, then.. I thought I compiled both 64 and 32 bit versions of the latest physics libraries, but something must have gone funky with the 32-bit versions. I’ll look into it..

        The biggest use for programming was suppose to be reselling programmed chips for profit or customizing chips with just the stats you want. However, money at high levels seems like it is a bit too easy to come by & the stat bonus might not be enough to make it worth it… hrm…

        The map problem is related to the 32-bit version of XP & the physics library used…

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