3089 v0.38: Building & Improvements!

Hey all,

Building is here! You can use the construction tool to place dynamic boxes. You first start by placing 2 mount points — this will determine one edge of the box (length & rotation). Then, you can adjust the length, width & color of the box. You should be able to quickly build bridges, houses & whatever your heart desires. Blocks can be of any size, shape or color. I plan on improving the system by displaying an indicator for placing mount points & possibly snapping box rotation to ~15 degrees or so. Be warned, there is no way to remove your blocks yet… I plan on having a menu to select more construction options, like block removal & building other useful things like vehicles, radar towers, storage boxes & teleport stations.

I’ve also fixed bugs with the notification messages… they shouldn’t be spaced oddly anymore & take exceptionally long to clear.

I’m also addressing the skill system — skill point rewards should be more normalized & not vary so greatly. I’ve also made requirements for skill points scale exponentially for things like sneaking, programming, stealing, piloting etc. — I will need your feedback on how it is working out.

I plan on improving the building system & filling in some more of the “Unknown Entity” stuff next!

– Phr00t

24 responses to “3089 v0.38: Building & Improvements!

  1. I reinstalled to see if I missed something and I didn’t. I’ve ran out of ideas I looked over the inbox over and over, I have looked at the page over and over I can’t find the download link.

      • Re-download the same 3089Installer.jar file & re-install. However, 3089 has an auto-updating feature built in now, so you should be able to just enter in the 3089 product URL when starting 3089 & it will notify & auto-update for you (unless you are running a very old version).

  2. Hey, the new building system is pretty cool, and for once I have no bugs to report. With that said, the building tool is pretty clunky to use. It would be particularly nice if, rather than having “lengthen” and “widen” stages, there was just an “extrude” stage, where the user could click on and drag faces of the box to manipulate its dimensions.
    While I’m complaining, the grappling hook could do with more accurate physics – especially the fact that attaching a grappling line to anything suddenly negates any momentum the player has, and suspends gravity while the line is pulled in. Most of the time, this effect isn’t so noticeable, but it does result in the player being able to slow a fast descent by firing a grappling hook downwards, which feels pretty dodgy.

    • Yay no bugs! πŸ™‚

      I first envisioned the box placement system working as you describe – dragging edges around. However, I soon realized it wouldn’t work… for example, how would a player drag an edge over a gap to make a bridge? How would they drag an edge that is above your head, straight up? I found this system works better, but it can use some more tweaking.

      The grappling hook system was designed after Just Cause 2 (where I enjoyed it the most). I like how the hook brings you exactly where you hook it instead of swinging around.

  3. Hi, i recently bought 3089! πŸ™‚

    Nice game! Please try to refine again the ingame Menu controls. The menus would be nice to be able to close by right clicking. Would help the flow of the game. πŸ˜‰
    Custom Map Markers would be nice! so i can set a custom Label…
    Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you for buying the game! πŸ™‚

      I can’t have the right mouse button close in-game menus… that button is used for things like using consumables, programming chips & separating parts at workstations. :/

      The custom map markers are a good idea!

  4. Hey ph00t. There is a slight problem, when i bought the game my stephfather used his mail. It is something like aakrabil or something in the mail. And he is almost never home so i wonder, could you change that adress to mariustaco@gmail.com and send the update link. Thank you.

    • I can send an e-mail to your step father to ask for authorization for the e-mail change, would you like me to do that?

  5. One thing I noticed with the hatches is if you have followers, not only do they not follow you in to the hatch but they also disappear when you exit the hatch.. not sure if that was intentional or not but if you were relying on followers to help you out in a bad area, then you’re going to get in trouble when you exit the hatch area…

    Also I noticed the toggle for caps-lock run hasn’t been implemented yet πŸ™‚

    • Everyone is cleared when you enter the hatch (followers & enemies), so you shouldn’t be in trouble when you exit… although this may change for consistency down the road…

      Lots of things that are on the to-do list haven’t been implemented yet… I’m workin’ on it! πŸ™‚

      • Ok, no problem.. just a friendly reminder πŸ™‚

        Seems I am doing a lot better now too.. I’m able to hang out in the level 4 and 5 areas without too much problem now. Radiated areas don’t worry me as much as they did at the start but definitely create a great way to put the player on edge and so on.

        With regards to the quests, the “kill x number of robots” is a little difficult because it’s quite often difficult to locate enough blue’s within the limited time. I tend to avoid these types of quests for that reason.

      • The “Kill X number of robots” is going to be the first quest removed (or significantly changed), I just haven’t gotten to it yet. I likely will after the next update, though!

  6. Tried out the new update tonight, the building system is interesting, though still seems a bit wonky for the moment, so I didnt mess with it overmuch just yet. I’m thinking there’ll be some cool stuff to do with that later on though. Also, is there ever going to be something to store items in? Cant wait to see what else will be going on in that hatch area.

    The biggest problems with the game right now are mostly quest-related. The “Kill X Robots” ones are still impossible…. I tried using a ship to help me zoom around and find them, but that didnt work. Other missions are mostly doable, though I’ve yet to master the art of stealth at all, heh. But the worst problem so far: The quest markers suddenly shifting. Still happening pretty often, and it can make a quest take 3 times as long, simply because the quest marker suddenly launches across the landscape, moving to a new spot that’s far from where I’m at, often in a totally different direction. The “protect” missions seem much more interesting now, I dont recall seeing it in the change log, but I generally get a small heap of enemy bots attacking when doing one of those, much better than standing around with nothing happening.

    Also, kill quests that point towards flying foes can be an issue, particularly as they’re extremely common. I’ve had some where I simply cannot complete them, because the enemy I need to bring down is too high up, and I cant currently use any ships that have weapons. Ground VS air combat is also a bit troublesome, as most flying enemies will just hover directly overhead while constantly firing, and my guy seems to have trouble aiming straight up…. but if I can get into a position of hitting them, it just becomes a matter of my armor level VS their weapon. Mostly though, it’s very annoying to aim at them. Flying things, both friendly and enemy, seem WAY too common, also. They’re everywhere! Ground foes (or friendlies) often seem rather uncommon compared to those.

    Some things seem a little imbalanced also, but it can be hard to tell without more experimentation. I seem to have a ton of armor right now, for instance…. in my current game, I’ve only just gotten the big tank things to appear, I dont think I’m all that far into the game yet…. still doing missions that are pretty near to the red “safe” zone that I started in; generally danger level 3-5 or so areas. Many enemies though can barely hurt me; even the ships with the crazy beam weapons of doom or the big lumpy tanks do little damage. I think my defense value is about 25 or so right now? And I havent really put much points into that (or stamina), been focusing on Agility and things like piloting and programming and such; defense is mostly coming from equipment, and I only have 2 pieces of actual armor so far, levels 2-3 I think. Xan Spirits, though, hurt like hell if they make contact. I’ve also been using the same level 1 weapon (energy rifle) for quite awhile now. I only havent bought a new one yet because I need more agility before I upgrade equipment. Item levels sometimes seem a little high, based on the difficulty of the enemies killed to get them; with my high defense and oddly-still-strong level 1 gun, most enemies arent that tough right now, but they’re dropping anywhere from level 4 to 9 items sometimes…. level 9 in particular seems pretty crazy for where I’m at now (and are incredibly heavy, haha).

    Overall experience with the game is pretty good so far though, I am enjoying it alot, I find it easy to get sucked into this one. Seems to be shaping up quite nicely.

    • Yay lots of feedback!

      Yes, there is going to be storage boxes that you can construct — working on it!

      Questing improvements are likely going to be the focus of the update coming after this next one (the current update is tweaking the building features & adding a new NPC). The “Kill X Robots” task is the first to go πŸ™‚ I think I will replace it with killing a small gang of robots that spawn together…

      The quest spawn locations & marker issue is a tricky one.. I can’t spawn things really close to you & the direction you are traveling in may not be a good candidate for a quest spawn (ocean, steep cliff etc.). I’ll see how I can improve this more…

      Flying enemies are a bit too common, I’ll adjust their spawn rate. I do also want to modify them so they fly around instead of hovering & shooting. Finally, I will make flying quest targets come closer to ground than normal flying guys (make them easier to attack), unless you are also flying.

      Sounds like you need to move farther from the center of the world & take on quests that provide more skill rewards. Move out to some higher level areas & let me know if the difficulty increases as expected…

      I’m glad you are enjoying it πŸ™‚ I assure you I’m working on making things better with your feedback!

      – Phr00t

      • Just to clarify a bit: With the quest locations, it’s not the initial location that’s the problem, or the initial distance. Generally, that’s usually fine, particularly once the player gets either a ship, or any of the transport items. The game is generally good about keeping things near enough to the spot where the quest was given, yet still enough of a distance to require SOME travel. I also havent had any location where I simply cannot reach it for whatever reason, so that’s good. The problem really is solely the “shifting” bit; I’ll be heading for a quest marker, and suddenly while I’m staring at it, it’ll abruptly zoom across the screen, and end up somewhere totally different; really often this is pretty darn far from where it initially had me going. Heck, I’ve had this one happen when I’m nearly on top of the spot. Often, it can be on entirely the other side of the area that the particular quest machine can use.

        I havent the foggiest idea WHY this one happens, or any guaranteed way to reproduce the effect, but it generally happens numerous times during a gameplay session.

        Oh, and one quick suggestion I had wanted to make, is to add the ability to zoom in & out, with the map screen. The map really has tons of detail on it, shows all sorts of things, even individual crates can be spotted on it, which is good, but gotta kinda squint at it cause it’s all so tiny. Other than that the map system seems pretty much perfect so far. Oh, and the ability to add more than one marker at a time to it would also be very helpful; I often want to mark more than one location to remember them, as my memory is terrible, but cant do that right now.

      • I’m going to make two different questing markers, which I think will help players understand what is going on: a “?” marker and a “Q” marker. The “?” is a “general area” for you to approach, but isn’t an exact spot. This is where you will head towards before the more accurate “Q” point will appear (e.g. when the quest target is actually placed).

        I want to make a radar item that will make objects “stand out” more (with more info like faction & robot type), instead of having a zoom-in function. However, we’ll see how it works in playtesting…

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