3089 Update: v0.36a

Hey all,

This is a very “work in progress” release — I’m just getting the hatches & building implemented, and I’d like to spend more time working on completing that content, but I don’t want to hold up a bunch of useful fixes & improvements otherwise. So, here is v0.36a with partial implementation of hatches/building but with a bunch of other useful improvements!

I also tweaked the difficulty a bit. I will need your help in determining how balancing is, particularly later in the game (e.g. level 10 and beyond). I’m also trying to figure out a solution for skill point rewards increasing too quickly from quests… if I cut that down, it will likely affect the power of enemies you can take on…

Back to work!

– Phr00t

3 responses to “3089 Update: v0.36a

    • It is possible, although on a smaller scale… I want to focus my attention on making sure the surface & air is full of content before moving underground, though..

      • Oh yeh of course.. it was just something to look at for when you get to that 🙂 And yes, I would have expected it to be on a much smaller scale.. like 20 to 30 rooms as a max.. a “tomb” to “raid” if you catch my drift.. not the same as Gentrieve of course.. but the same idea of having interconnected rooms to explore under the surface, with puzzle-like rooms to overcome and new NPCs etc.. some kind of treasure at the end.. all the usual game design stuff 🙂

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