3089 Update: v0.34a

Hey all,

I felt it was time for some more cleanup & polishing, so that is what I did! Lots of “little things” got fixed & improved in this release.

Quest tasks with “you cannot be attacked” restrictions should work better now. Enemies that are currently attacking you will no longer immediately cause you to fail the entire quest — only “new” attackers that can see you will cause the quest to fail.

AI should feel smarter in this release. I made them respond & investigate sounds you make. Sneaking around and melee weapons make no sounds, walking & silencers make a little sound, while jumping, running & shooting makes lots of sound. Rain will muffle some of the sounds you make!

I’ve also added a few more textures for buildings & tweaked some of the item graphics.

Let me know what you think!

I want to add more quest task types (that use new NPCs) & work on the story a bit more (getting those hatches implemented…)

Back to work,

– Phr00t

18 responses to “3089 Update: v0.34a

  1. Jumping, running & shooting makes lots of sound…
    Shooting- yes. Running- yes. Jumping- maybe?
    IDK, but jumping seems a bit strange… do you make much sound while jumping up? Or you make sound only by landing? What about falling while going forward? Will it make sound?
    [sorry for asking, but can’t download and try it by myself with my phone]

    • Stealthy games I’ve played generally have jumping make noise… landing will make some sound too, since it will count as a “step”. Although, I just realized things like the grappling hook probably don’t make any sound.. have to look into that 😛

  2. Hi its me again, I got a few more thing to say/comments/suggests, its going to be long.

    About weather:

    1- Is the lightning strike supposed to inta-kill you, i’m asking that because when I was hit my health got down to 10% and I had pretty high stats for the area I was in, personally I would prefer for lightning strike to reduce you health by a % because getting insta-kill just feel cheap and having to wait for the storm to finish just stop you from playing.

    2- I think the amount of rain falling during the thunder storm is too high because when it happen, just looking around you make your eyes work too much, maybe because the rain droplet are too thick, now when there is a thunder storm, I just don’t do anything because its hard on the eyes and it just don’t feel good to play while it happen.

    Small bugs: those are probably known but i’m writing just in case their supposed to be fixed.

    3- While I was fighting a surveyor near a building on the top of the side of a cliff, after hiting the surveyor which was lower than the building on the cliff(I was on the black part of the building), he came after me but ended up stuck inside the big black part of the building he was mostly inside that part of the building I could only see small part of the surveyor sticking out.

    4- While I was doing a quest, my quest target I had to kill was stuck inside a small rock along with 1 of his follower i’m guessing.

    5- While I was walking around I found a rollertank that was shooting something near him, most likely an enemy stuck underground, i’m pretty sure it was not an underground cave.

    Here are a few suggestions:

    6- allowing us to use our energy to speed up the ship your flying in until your energy is empty, this should be % based so it would not change based on how much energy you have, it should be fairly quick to deplete your energy.

    7- make it possible to see a numerical value for our health and energy instead of %, It would be quite helpful, especially to know if we have enough energy for a energy weapon you want to use.

    8- this is not really important I would like to have something that show how horizontal you are when you are flying a ship.

    9- make it so for example every 20 robot/spirit you kill(not empty ship) you get a % of the total difficultie value in skill point, for example: your in a area level 10 and kill 20 robot/spirit of difficulty level 10, that a total of 200 total difficulty value, if you give 5% or 10% as skill point that would be 10 or 20 skill point, it not much but its somtehing(keep in mind you can get quest that give 80 skills points around level 10 area). this idea would not make doing quest useless, it would simply give you a different way of getting skills points while still making quest the best way to get skills points. Once you get equipement of equal level as the area level, you don’t get anything for all the enemy you kil anymore unless you get really rare pieces of equipement.

    10- make it so credits have more use like pay on the black market 100000 for 50 skills points or 50000 for a box of 750 ammo or 50000 for instant 4 use teleport that make you teleport where you are aiming with a max distance that you the developper decide.

    High level balance related stuffs:I know this might not be your main focus right now, but I thought it was worth sharing.

    i’m still using an old save, but since I don’t think you changed how powerful weapon are related to their level and that newly spawned monster are affected by your new way of scaling enemy strength, I think my thought still be valid.

    First, here a few key things my caracter had:

    – I was using good(above 85% rare) level 100 pieces of equipements( 3 armors,2 chip and a energy weapon)
    – my level 100 energy rifle had 4 shots each time I shooted;
    -base stamina: 491->1557(with equipement);
    base def: 66->1880(with equipement);
    base guns: 1299->2182(with equipement).
    As you can see, my base combat stats were not very high even if level 100 quest can go as high as 800 skills points rewards

    With these stats and equipement I decided to go to a level 200 area, here what happened:- enemy with pistol were not doing much on my health; – enemy with launcher type weapon were doing around 15 to 20 % damage and I could kill even level 204 rollertank in 3 shots without sneak shots(I never used the secondary energy rifle attack). Overall it was pretty easy unless I was not careful.
    In area level 200 I could get quest that give as high as 1820 skills points rewards or as low as 421 skills points rewards.

    11- I know I already said it but skills points rewards from quests do need to go up more slowly.

    12- I think you will need to change how fast the scaling go up, maybe add something to the scaling every 50 level.


    13- Are those all the personal(the weapon your robot use) weapon type available: pistol, energy pistol, rifle, energy rifle, launcher, energy launcher, sword and dagger?

    14- do you have any plan on adding more unusual effects on equipment like :
    – being able to activate an instant 10 block(or whatever distance measurement you use for the game) teleport where you are aiming with a cooldown of 5 or 10 seconds.
    – being able to activate a speed up or ignore burden for 10 seconds every 20 seconds.
    – something else.

    Thank you for reading.

    • 1. The lightning will NOT insta-kill you. I also believed this would be unfair. Lightning will drop your health down to 10%, but fully charge your energy 😉

      2. I may need to tone down the rain a bit… there might also be a bug that is causing rain columns to draw multiple times.. I’ll look into it.

      3. Did the surveyor stay stuck under the building? Was it just really close to the building’s base, or did it actually get “stuck” inside the building’s base mesh?

      4. Hrm… guys shouldn’t be spawning in rocks anymore… maybe I didn’t clear them *all* out… I’ll look into it.

      5. NPCs shouldn’t be attacking things they cannot see… if something was underground, it theoretically shouldn’t be visible to the attacker & the attacker should stop… hhhrrmm..

      6. Yeah, 3079 had this feature. I’ll look into adding it here.

      7. It might be better to just have it display the % of energy used for weapons..

      8. Horizontal… you mean your roll? You don’t roll in ships… do you want to see the pitch..?

      9. I’d like gaining skill points to be unique to quests… it makes completing quests give you a reward you can’t get anywhere else (even if it is smaller). Anyway, you later suggest less quest points should be given overall…

      10. Hrm.. do you really have that much money to spend? 🙂

      High Level Balancing> Actually, this stuff is super useful, since it requires lots of playing to know & I rely on this feedback 🙂 I believe a big problem is the number of shots your weapon does & how I calculate damage. If your weapon makes 4 shots, that is 4 times the damage. What I should do, is keep 4 shots, but each shot would do about 30% damage if the weapon was a single-shot type. That means, if all 4 shots connect, you’d be doing 120% damage instead of 400%… I may also have to put a cap on accuracy for weapons with multiple shots so it isn’t trivial to hit all 4 shots.

      11. Yup, I’ll do this. It is on my to-do list!

      12. What do you mean by this? Should it get much harder every 50 levels? Is the scaling in difficulty too slow? Are you talking about prices at all?

      13. Yes, those are currently all the weapon types.. do you have any ideas on others? 🙂

      14. The telelocator is meant to be the short-range teleporting tool — you can buy it at a “Specials” station. Your “speed” idea might be something for the construction tool I plan to implement shortly.. 🙂

      Thank you for writing! 🙂

      • “you mean your roll? You don’t roll in ships…”
        This line made me ROFL for like 5 minutes non-stop xD What if he DO ROLL in ship? What would happen if you code rolling in ships?

        If seriously, having “balance” somewhere on screen would be great. (I’ve missed that one in 3079)

        Construction tool? That means it will be possible to own a real “fort kickass”?

      • I do plan on having a construction tool, but I’m not sure how it will be used. I was first thinking on having it just place small, situational structures like turrets, ships & shield generators. However, I just had a thought that might make it a bit more flexible… 😉

      • RE: 3- i’m pretty sure the surveyor was stuck inside the black pyramid-like part of the building, I could see small part of the surveyor sticking out near me when I was on the black part of the building, but I can’t stay if he was able to move away from this stuck position since shortly after seeing it like that I shot the part sticking out to kill it.

        RE: 5- my guess is maybe the rollertank was seeing small blue part of an enemy sticking out of the ground and was trying to shoot it. I didn’t see anything, but the rollertank take a lot of space so maybe his body was hiding it.

        RE: 7- I would much prefer seeing actual numbers since its precise, but maybe it would be better like that, but it would need to be like for example 3.23% and not 3% or you might end up with weapons that have all say the same %. In short show a % that does not make you chose the wrong part for your weapon.

        RE: 8- i’m not 100% sure if that the word, but i think its pitch I meant, its to make sure you fly straight without going lower or higher while your flying, its mainly to help avoid crash while going throught the cloud(while your distracted) in biomes full of mountain that go throught the cloud. Keep in mind that just a small thing that I would be interested in having, but its not super important

        RE: 9- Yes I did say that skills points rewards need to be reduced but after they are reduced, if skills points rewards from quest stay the fastest way to get skills points, my idea would not be that big of a problem if the numbers are low enough. My idea is mainly because once I have equipement, killing a whole lot of robot does not give anything, it just give a feeling of “what the point”, of course you can still do quest, but sometime it nice to just go on a killing spree(if there some difficulties doing it, its even better). I guess you will most likely add thing to do later in developpement so maybe I can wait.

        RE: 10- During the time I played, I pretty much needed money only until area level 11-12, after that, it just kept going up and I decided to get my loot from enemy, I pretty much only used money for backup station,ammo,health and chip(for programming 100% rare chip) if I decided to go to a much higher level area and shop. In fast from area level 28 to 200 I nearly never sold anything since I did not need it.
        The price for the black market thing I mentioned can be changed, it just that if you can get interesting thing with the money you never use, it could be fun.

        RE: High level balancing – Do you mean making each shot do 30% of the damage of the weapon than add the effect of the guns stats or making each shot do 30% total damage, if you meant 30% total damage than that might be too much, it would make a 4 shots weapon(which is very rare) do just a little more damage and would be even worse if you add the accuracy thing.
        It would no longer feel special to get a very rare weapon.

        RE: 12- Yes right now in 34a, the scaling is too slow, I had very low combats(stamina,def,guns)base stats for area level 200 and had level 100 equipements and was not getting anywhere close to dying if I was careful. The thing I said about every 50 area level was just another way of saying the scaling need to change and I meant to suggest adding something to the equation like: you take the result from your equation than multiply by1.2 every 50 level. In short the every 50 level thing was to maybe avoid scaling the first 50 level because I don’t know how well your scaling work for the first 50 area level.

        RE: 13- I never really thought about new weapon I only wanted to make sure I saw them all but here a suggestion:

        – maybe a laser rifle(not a continuous laser) that rarely get more than 1 shot to its stats every time you shoot, that have good accuracy, have a very high bullet velocity(near instant), a high shot range with damage that between launcher and rifle, here to compare:
        – a level 100 launcher that do 800 damage
        – a level 100 rifle that do 400 damage
        – a level 100 laser rifle would have 500 to 600(if rare) damage

        – A Railgun add-on that make ammo using weapon also use energy, on energy weapons, it would double the cost of energy, that would make you shot go nearly as fast as a laser rifle.

        RE: 14- I nealy never used the telelocator because I always have too much burden. I’m asking about more special effects on equipment because i’m a fan of loots game like Diablo, While its true that 3089 is not really a loot focused game I really like finding loots that is special with different possible fun effect.

        A new suggestion:
        – Make some type of boss type robots appear randomly but rarely, the boss type enemy would be 5 level higher than the area level it spawn in and would drop a complete type of equipment(rarety: 50% to 100%) without optional add-on like the silencer or scope(also no blank chip or consumables), But it would need to be quite hard.

      • 3) OK, thanks, I’ll look into it..

        5) The AI can’t tell if a small piece of geometry is sticking out.. it only checks for a point in the “center of mass” for visibility.. hrm..

        7) I think I’m going to make it a X.YZ% kinda thing for consistency. Absolute numbers will keep rising very high, so I think % will be more useful..

        8) Ahh, gotcha gotcha…

        9) I don’t want skill points to be the only thing that feels useful to get. If you have equipment, then getting more to sell for credits should also feel useful.. also, killing NPCs should always be a requirement to neutralizing threats (e.g. you shouldn’t be able to just ignore enemies)

        10) Hrm… then we will need to find a way to keep money important later in the game.. I don’t want to reduce loot… a black market idea is interesting, but the “normal” things like stores should remain useful somehow..

        Balancing) Well, what if I made multi-shot weapons less rare? Shotguns in other games are not considered rare… and I do think it is a problem that a 4-shot weapon does 4 times the damage… that is just too much extra damage output. :-/

        12) How was the balancing in enemy health vs. energy damage? Did it feel like they were putting out to little damage as time went on, they have too little health or both? Because if I scale back “shotgun damage”, maybe things wouldn’t seem so unbalanced, at least in enemy health?

        13) Sounds kinda like a sniper rifle type of thing (e.g. laser rifle)? Railgun too.. maybe I can add another weapon type that has an instant-hit kinda thing.

        14) What is your burden amount & what level area are you in? I’d like the telelocators to be useful if you have a reasonable burden at the level you are at…

        Complete item drops… maybe for leaders or a quest target?

      • No! Anything but not quests! Doing quests is already necessary, don’t make it even more rewarding! Maybe it could be better to make 1% chance, that monster will spawn with altered appearance (like modified color, glow effect, 10-25% bigger in size, etc…) and increased status (Health regen, more health, slower, dealing constant damage in melee range, etc…) and maybe even having name suffix according to their bonus status (deadly, charged, titanium, etc…). Also, to make them harder, make them +5Lvl, but to make risk worthy, make them always drop 75-95% rare random equipment or 100% rare part.

      • I like the idea of some stronger non-quest enemy types dropping complete weapons.. this gives another incentive that isn’t skill points or parts 🙂

  3. Ok, a couple of quick things here:

    Firstly, when swimming; it’d be pretty helpful if the jump key could be used to ascend vertically, as Gentrieve 2 did that if I recall…. I keep trying to do it when swimming, but of course it doesnt do anything, heh. But it’d be a very helpful control option to have, particularly if I want to surface and look around.

    Second: There were a few times when I found that my health was just constantly dropping (slowly) for no apparent reason. What causes that? For all I know it may be something obvious that I simply didnt notice, hah. As best I could tell though, there wasnt anything strange nearby when it was happening.

    Third: I only just figured out that I could use charge attacks with certain guns…. this is one that should be pointed out to the player early on, I dont recall seeing anything like that in any of the opening text.

    Fourth: Small suggestion, have a little bit of text pop up in the corner or something telling me what exactly I grabbed, and what level it is, when I pick up an item. Having to open the inventory every time if I want to see specifics is a little annoying.

    Fifth, another suggestion, have you considered having a type of station that summons a ship for you? They’re great if you have the piloting skill to use them, but it can be frustrating if I just cant find one anywhere, which does happen at times. Or if I lose track of one that I was using while I’m running around shooting robots and such. Probably this would be a high-price thing, I’m thinking.

    And 6th, might be a bug, but my chosen weapon always gets, er, un-chosen after I’ve exited from a vehicle, which can be confusing if I then try to fire at something, but I’m not actually holding the gun….

    The new weather stuff is pretty good, though the raindrops seem too…. “thick”? The individual drops, I mean. It makes them look a bit odd to me… kinda blocky. The lightning in particular was interesting. Saw the rain for the first time, took all of 1 step out of the building I was in, and was instantly blasted, as per my usual sort of luck, hah. Does it have the same effect when it hits NPCs and ships and such, or can they resist it?

    • RE: Second- Right now there is no way to know it in advance, but There are radioactive biomes that slowly drop your health to 50% and get your energy up to 75%, Phroot will most likely add something that tell you what biome are radioactive eventually.

      RE: Fourth- I also would not mind something like that, but if you want you can examine an enemy by pressing “e” on the keyboard, it will tell you the difficulty level of the enemy and their loot is equal to that level.

      RE: Fifth- Phroot mentioned in one of his comments that he is thinking about adding some type of construction tools that would allow you to construct a ship.

      RE: Sixth- I also mentioned in earlier blog post and Phroot said he might do something about it.

      I also think the Raindrops are too thick and at night during thunder storm it make you eyes work a lot more because you eye keep focusing on the raindrops while your trying to look further.

    • Yes, jump to ascend in water — on the to-do list.

      Second: That is a radioactive area… I should have a message pop up saying you are entering one.

      Third: I think I’m going to add a “tutorial mode” which will pop up more text to explain stuff like that.

      Forth: yes, good idea!

      Fifth: I’m going to make a construction tool, and one of the options will be to build your own ship for immediate use!

      Sixth: Yeah, I’ll fix this..

      I can make the rain drops a bit less thick..

      NPCs instantly die when they get hit by lightning 🙂

  4. I going to reply to a few answer you gave me in a ealier comment here because I can no longer reply to it.

    About your reply:”Balancing) Well, what if I made multi-shot weapons less rare? Shotguns in other games are not considered rare… and I do think it is a problem that a 4-shot weapon does 4 times the damage… that is just too much extra damage output. :-/”

    My reply: I agree about the fact that 4 shot weapon doing 4 time the damage might be too much, but 30% for each shots sound like it would be completely useless to use multi-shot weapons because you have to compare against the def of the enemy which mean you might end up with a much much lower amount of damage than with a 1 shot weapon. Def reduce damage dealt on an enemy so between 1 big damage shot and 4 very low damage(30%) shot you might end up doing close to 0 damage if the enemy have high enough def while your equal level weapon 1 hit shot will still deal a good amount of damage.In short, 30% for each shot sound too low.

    About your reply: “Complete item drops… maybe for leaders or a quest target?”

    My reply: I Mentioned a boss type enemy that appear rarely, leader or quest target are far from boss type enemy, they are just slightly stronger most of the time. Only a boss type hard enemy should give complete drops and even if the leader or quest target were as strong as a boss type enemy it still would make it too easy to find complete equipement.

    • Actually, defense is not calculated for NPCs / enemies, because it’d make balancing out issues like this much harder. I just set NPC’s Stamina / health & damage is never modified (unless you are hitting the heads of robots, which increases damage, or the limbs, which decreases damage). So, in this case, 30% per shot might not be so bad… however, I’d also like to cap accuracy with multi-shot weapons, so it isn’t like 4 projectiles wrapped together as 1. I may start with 45% damage… so if all 4 shots hit, it’d do 180% damage, which would make multi-shot weapons good for close-range attacks & bad for long-range attacks, which is what you’d expect from a shotgun-like weapon.

      I like the idea of bigger bosses dropping complete equipment 🙂

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