3089 Update: v0.32a

Hey all,

Two big updates in this release: weather & a new difficulty scale.

First, I spent quite a bit of time tweaking the weather system to look & sound realistic while also being quick. This was a tough nut to crack, but I believe I have a great balance of visuals & performance. The rain should fall where you believe it should & not others (e.g. underwater, above clouds & under cover). Lightning also will strike unlucky targets running around outside in a thunderstorm 🙂 I do plan on expanding the weather system, maybe add in some “special” lightning strikes that have certain effects.

Second, the new difficulty scale system. Instead of difficulty ratings being multiplied in different types of NPCs, their difficulty rating will only go up by 1-3 levels. However, a 1-3 difficulty rating increase is now more important since NPC power increases exponentially instead of linearly. This is to prevent you getting level 100 loot from a level 20 area because a rollertank was originally calculated to have a difficulty rating multiplied by 5. Now that rollertank will have a difficulty rating of 23, but it should be marginally harder than level 20 guys. I’d like to hear your feedback on this change — I’m hoping it will make going up a difficulty rating at any point in the game more significant. Players with already high-level characters may be impacted by this change!

I’ve also fixed a handful of bugs that should help players in high-level areas see things placed correctly.

I want to keep adding content & player suggestions — thinking of new building types & continuing the story, of course!

Back to work,

– Phr00t

12 responses to “3089 Update: v0.32a

    • Basic line count comes to 22,777 lines. However, there are plenty of whitespaces & comments in there. Lots of time was spent making art assets, like 3D models & textures, which line counts don’t show!

      3089 also runs using jMonkeyEngine, which is a ton of code which I didn’t write (and am very thankful for!).

      • Wow! 22,777 lines… Even with whitespace & comments it’s a really big wall of text! (my homework have 125 lines and i’m already confused after making a cup of tea!)

        Also, you reminded one more question: Does 3D modeling require you to write code (like coordinates or something) or you can paint model with program (PhotoShop, Autocad…) and then simply import/copy generated code into your program?

        Developers who created jMonkeyEngine had to write whole code… it must be a real pain to edit it if something happens…

        My friend told me that engine (physics and game logics) is biggest part of game. Is it true?

      • That is 22,777 lines split among a bunch of kinda organized Java files; not just one crazy wall of text 😛

        I don’t write code for when I am preparing 3D models in Blender (although you can).. I do have to write code in my game to properly import & display those models.

        I do most of the painting of the 3D models in Blender & I sometimes use GIMP (a free image editor kinda like Photoshop).

        The jMonkeyEngine writers organize the code pretty well, as developers should be, to make it easier to narrow down bugs. However, depending on the bug, it can be pretty tricky!

        The game engine is pretty big, but art assets (models, textures, animations, pictures & general graphics etc.) are pretty big too. I didn’t write the underlying physics engine, since it came with jMonkeyEngine, but my game heavily relies on it. It depends on the game… some are more focused towards code and not art assets (e.g. Dwarf Fortress) than others.

        Good luck on your homework and thanks for the comments 🙂

        – Phr00t

      • But why GIMP? Why most people use GIMP as free alternative to PhotoShop? Why not Paint.net?

        Yeah, luck… I will need it 😀 And thank you for replying to comments 🙂 I kinda hate when developers (or even whole teams) make pages for projects and don’t even bother to read comments…

        off-topic: As you are experienced (maybe even master level) in Java may you tell me how hard it would be to make J2ME program to run on android? There are compilers and emulators, but they don’t seem to work with very old J2ME game, that i always loved (simple 2D rpg with random worlds… being able to replay is priceless!).
        And by “run on android” i mean to rewrite it’s code for android.

      • Well, for starters, I’m running Linux & not Windows. I see there is a Paint.Mono, but it doesn’t look as supported as GIMP. GIMP is also far more powerful! Paint.NET is a great program, though.

        There are lots of factors involved in porting code over to Android.. if it is already in Java, it should be much easier.. but it depends on what platform it was originally designed for & what API it used… 😛

      • But… Why Linux? (Actually I was thinking about Linux, but i got free Win8 instead (No, not pirated!))

        GIMP didn’t look very powerful to me…

        Well, i suppose old nokia (actually, all older phones, but nokia had least compatibility) phones with J2ME used Java (As much as i know J2ME stands for something like Java 2 Micro/Mobile Edition). If i could tell what actually is API or how to even look for it, i could tell you more.
        Also, as games for old phones were designed not to take more than 128Kb (nokia again…) i don’t think there is lots of code, which must be rewritten (like 60Kb of average game was made from 20Kb of sprites and rest of java files)

      • I’m not married to Linux.. I use Windows at home & like it. However, my development machine runs Linux because I like using free tools & making sure my games work with others who decide to use free stuff too.

        GIMP is very powerful (and free).

        I don’t really have the time to follow up on porting J2ME apps… it could be pretty time consuming based on many factors. There probably are emulators or something similar so you won’t have to port it at all…

      • Well, making everything as compatible as possible is a good idea.

        Ok, i’m gonna to download GIMP again and re-check it’s abilities 😀

        Well, and i’m not going to ask you do it (though, i don’t think it would take more than a day for you). I’m thinking about it as a challenge to myself actually.
        Yes, there are some tools, that are designed for making all this work (e.g. jBed), but they seem to work with very narrow combination of applets and devices. Good luck on your game!

  1. – First of all, the new difficulty scale system seems better even though I like getting higher levels loots from harder enemies in the same area, for now I can’t says if its harder because I already had level 56 equipement when I played in area level 40-41, but when I started playing 32a I think the rollertank were dieing more easily than before, but I guess that since difficulty will increase exponentially I might see more of a difference in higher level area.

    – This is not very important, but could you make loots drop down faster when you kill a flying enemy.

    – Last night, when I played 0.32a, I encountered something unusual, I was killing surveyor with my good homing weapon, but for 2 of the surveyor I killed, the loot they droped stayed stuck in the sky close to the cloud so I had to get them with a flying ship.

    • OK, let me know how the levels scale.. it would be best to know how it goes from a new game, though — but all reports are very helpful!

      The loot drops at a decent rate.. but it can take awhile if the target was very high in the air. Another thing — if the target dies 128 units or more in the air, the loot won’t fall (which is probably why it seemed “stuck”). 128 units is pretty high, though, so it should be very rare to kill something that high & not be in a ship…

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