3089 Update: v0.30a

Hey all,

I swear I will get to making more content, but thanks to you guys, I’ve been making very improvements to the content that already exists. In this release, the biggest change is how buildings are generated. The random mazes in buildings are no longer — they have been replaced with a new system that makes inaccessible rooms & inaccurate station lists a thing of the past (theoretically, anyway, hehe). NPCs should have an easier time navigating the buildings, too.

Item combining is now more lenient: you can put parts together that are up to 1 level apart. I’d like to know how this balances out, but I am hopeful this will make item customization much more useful.

Lots of other improvements have been made, like with Agility & burden values. Let me know how it is working out — still lots to do!

I do want to get to expanding the storyΒ further, and I would like to add a new game mechanic based around building short-term structures. For instance, you could build a small radio tower that would give you a radar of the general area.

OK, back to work!

– Phr00t

25 responses to “3089 Update: v0.30a

  1. Muuuuch better with the buildings here. Not having any trouble with their layouts anymore.

    Also, the change to the combining system is a good one, it’s much more useful with the ability to combine things that are 1 level apart. Now I’m using that quite a bit.

    Pretty fun game so far, spent another couple hours with it here. Still not all that far though, but I’m getting the hang of things more.

    A couple of things:

    1. Those timed “kill lots of bots” quests seem kinda wonky; the timer starts regardless of where I am when I finish the previous section of the quest, so I might be in an area that simply doesnt even HAVE enemies in it. And even in areas that do, the robot population tends to be kinda sparse, with enemy bots spaced out pretty widely. Even with alot of movement speed, this quest type usually just goes wrong pretty quick.

    2. Piloting ships is cool and very useful, though I think these could do with a bit more control; right now, “landing” these seems to be a matter of approaching the ground much too fast and then hoping your timing is right as you abruptly leap out of it so that it’s not left floating too high in the air to get back into again. I havent actually crashed one yet, but it’s only a matter of time.

    3. What’s with those shadow guys? I ran into a couple of them in my run just now…. are they kinda like those red demons from the first game, where they need special types of weapons to beat them?

    4. The following system is hard to work with, as the followers tend to either get stuck on objects, or simply not be able to keep up with me. I also had one odd point where I found a room with like 5 friendly bots in it, so I approached one and talked to him, but instead of the robot I talked to following me, the OTHER four followed me instead, and the one I talked to stayed right where he was. I only had a prestige level of like 1 or 2 when I did this.

    • 1) What do you believe would be the best solution? Increasing the number of robots decreases performance & makes sneaking harder, but makes the world feel more populated. I could just increase the time allowed to complete the task or reduce the number of robots to kill.

      2) I’ll likely make ships slowly fall to the ground when you eject from them, just haven’t gotten to it yet… but, whats wrong with requiring a bit of skill in landing? πŸ˜›

      3) They are Xax spirits & you can kill them πŸ™‚ I’m thinking on making them more aggressive… I assume you’ve been able to just ignore them?

      4) Yeah, AI needs some work here. I’m not sure how fast I want the make the NPCs… maybe I should make them teleport to you if they get too far away, since you could have a telelocator & grappling hook, and the following guys could never keep up with you. However, maybe I should require the player to make sure followers are keeping up instead of running around freely as a price of actually having followers. What sounds like happened in your example, is the leader of a group of robots followed you, so all the followers that leader had now followed you. However, that “leader” should now have been following you, too… A prestige value of 1 or 2 allows an unlimited number of guys with a rating of 1 or 2 to follow you.

      Keep it coming & thank you! πŸ™‚

      • Hmm, about the “kill x robots” missions…. it seems like the sort of thing that isnt easy to fix! But the current implentation is bound to lead to frustration for many players…

        The best suggestion I have is to perhaps come up with a certain type of area or structure that contains more robots than the surrounding region. For example, you could have a specific type of large building that’s mostly a maze packed full of enemies; if a player knows where such a building is, they’d have the option of attacking it in order to better handle the quest’s time limit, yet it’d be dangerous….. a risk/reward thing. And of course they could still pop robots outside as well if they want to. Such a structure could have various other things done with it as well. I also just like the idea of special “dangerous” areas like that, like mini-dungeons or something; there’s tons and tons of outdoor exploration in this, but not much in the way of indoor or cave areas; most buildings are generally entered simply because they contain stations. Or at least that’s the case where I’m at in the game so far.

        But yeah, that’s the best idea for that sort of quest I’ve thought up. The only other idea is that you could send the player towards a specific spot (randomly chosen by the quest generator), and when the player gets there, hostile robots could spawn in a heap around the area.

        As for those Xax guys, the one thing about them: They can be really hard to see. I’m not sure wether that’s intentional or not, but I thought I’d bring it up in case it isnt. I didnt notice the first one until he was pretty much right on top of me, heh.

        And finally, the NPC bit, having them teleport would actually make alot of sense, considering the game world and such, and considering how easy it is for the player to obtain such technology, it makes sense that alot of the other robots might have something like that too. You could perhaps make it so that the NPC robots take a couple of seconds to actually do the teleport; the player thusly would still have to pay some attention to them, so that they dont do something like start a fight that needs a group of helpers when the helpers are still firing up their teleports. It does seem like it might be a balance problem if such a teleport system worked instantly all the time, so that the player could run around with a big heap of helpers and yet never have to pay much attention to them. Perhaps even have the teleport time increase based on how many are warping at once? Alot of different ways such a thing could work. Most importantly though, it might solve the problem of them getting stuck on things, which is ALWAYS frustrating in any game.

      • I really like your idea of having a quest spawn multiple targets that must be all cleared out! Sounds like a much better approach to killing multiple robots for one task. I’ll plan on adding that in the next release or two.

        The Xax guys are suppose to be hard to see, but they might be a bit too hard to see.. they can’t shoot, so their difficulty comes from their invisibility.

        What I think I will do about following, is have them teleport a bit closer to the player when they get hopelessly distant. This way, the teleporting will help them out, but they won’t be “by your side” unless you pay some attention to them.

  2. Oh, one other thing I noticed: Boxes of both types appearing on top of turrets pretty often. Can happen with indoor turrets or outdoor ones. Discovered pretty fast that trying to open said boxes is very definitely a mistake πŸ˜›

    • Yeah, I need to make spawn points get removed when a turret is placed (and then put back when the turret dies)

  3. I found some more things to say:
    First of all, I updated to 0.30a, but I’m still playing with my caracter that I started in 0.27a, mainly around area level 11-12 and area level 26 to 30 in case this has any impact on what i’m going to say.

    1- 2 seconds after loading my game I had a problem, I was stuck in the building i was in, there was walls all around me, I had to use the rescue option to get out, i’m pretty sure this was related to the new way the building spawn since I did quit before 0.30a when I was in a building so I guess this might not be a problem for new caracters, I just felt like talking about it.

    2- I’m happy to see that programming in useful now and you do need to have a lot of programming to not break chip when reprogramming, but just to be sure, is it intended that you might get the same stat on a chip multiple time? I asking because sometime I get double the number on a stat or even 3 time as much(but that very very rare).

    3- Its still possible to get tree inside a building, which eventually might end up blocking your way in a building, but maybe i’m worrying too much since the building tend to be a lot more open now.

    4- I had some trouble when I was playing around area level 28 to 30, I had some problem with my quests, sometime the quest marker did not show anywhere, I tried to use the report missing target a few time(I waited around 2 min between the report use), but it did not help much, I did carefully look all around everywhere(direcly down, very high in the sky and everywhere inbetween). That problem happened when I had to plant a bug on someone or when I had to find a leader to kill. Because of the trouble I had I simple gave on doing more quest. Both quest were long if that important.

    5- I think rollertank need to give lower level loot even if they stay as strong, around area level 11-12 you can find rollertank of level 50 to 61 which mean they give loots of that those levels and they are not really hard to kill(but you might need feedback from others since I had around level 25 weapon and armor, so how hard I see them might not be accurate). Around area level 26-27 I could find rollertank of level 136 and they were able to kill me kind of easily with my level 26 equipement, but still if I killed them they give level 136 loots which could probably oblitate even level 400 rollertank(that only a guess but its based on the fact that level 136 rollertank were pushover with level 56 armor). Personnaly I think their level-loot should be cut in half even if they stay as strong.

    6- I think the skill point reward go up too fast, let’s take for example programming chip of level 28, to reprogram chips of that level I had to have around 410 in programming which is perfecly alright, but in area 28, the quest can go as high as 200 skill point reward, it feel like this is too much. In this case, I don’t think the best choice would be to increase the amount of programming needed but reduce the amount of skill point reward from quest. Keep in mind that around level area 1 to 3 it felt alright . i’m not sure how much lower they should be but they most likely need to change.

    • 1) Yeah, this is related to the new building placement code & also why I added the “Location Rescue” option. I can’t guarantee terrain will be the same throughout alpha updates, so if things change, your last save may end up in a wall.

      2) Programming should randomly set the stats with no regard to what they were before… so it could randomly get the same stats, but it should be rare.

      3) It is possible for trees to go through buildings, I’ve seen it a few times. It also is possible for the tree to block building paths… I don’t think it is a big issue now & it should be very very rare when it actually causes a problem..

      4) Were all the quests causing this same problem? What is the X/Z coordinate values in your level 28 to 30 area?

      5) Yeah, what I think I need to do, is make their level not increase so much, but have their difficulty increase exponentially. That way, a level 2 rollertank will act like it has a difficulty rating of 4, but still drop level 2 items. A level 10 rollertank will have an internal rating of 100, etc. Maybe not that extreme, but you get the picture.. πŸ™‚

      6) Hrm… I do need the quest rewards to scale up, but maybe not so quickly… hrm…

  4. Lately, I have been playing for a bit in an area around level 40 at coord: x:-9896, z:2884 and quest have been quite weird.

    – first of all, when we piss off the overlord and kill a bunch of surveyor, does box stop appearing, i’m asking this since a few hours ago when I was playing, there was no box appearing anymore.

    – One of the quest I got was telling to find a disk most likely in a box, I could see the quest marker and tried to do it stealthed since I could not be attacked, after walking for a long time I thought there was something clearly wrong so I looked at the big map and the the quest marker was in an area level 5 and I got the quest in an area level 40 , I decided to get to the quest marker and took a ship and fly very high in the sky to avoid being hit and once I reached the quest marker I simply jump out the ship and stealthed myself, I found the quest marker, but it was simply in the sky above my head, maybe it was waiting for a box to appear. I also happen with an other quest and was pointing at an area level 2.

    – in a few of the quests I tried, sometime I could not see the quest marker, sometime, after using the report missing target, I could see the quest marker for a few seconds until it simply dissapeared while I was looking at it and was nowhere else, sometime the report missing target allowed me to continue a quest and sometime no quest marker were visible.

    – Beside the quests that sent me very very far, normally the first step of a quest was working.

    – I also had trouble in an area 11 to 13 with quest marker not showing up(x:3189 z:884)

    I don’t know if the fact that my caracter was started during 0.27a had anything to do with it, but it would take time, I don’t have, to start over.

    • Are you talking about the story box? It only appears for about 3 Surveyor kills & then there is no new Overlord text for killing another.. yet πŸ™‚

      When your X coordinate goes greater than 9000 (or less than -9000), then world “shifts” back to center. This is to keep the single-precision values (e.g. “floats”) from getting inaccurate at high position values. I thought I had all of that re-positioning stuff working, but it looks like it has some more bugs I’ll need to fix…

      • What I meant about box I meant the white box and explosive box that contain loots that appear all over the world, I talked about the surveyor because I just supposed they were droping the box in the world, but I suppose that unlikely considering the amount of surveyor there is and the amount of box we see.
        I already triggered all of the overlord messages for killing surveyors.

        Right now, the white box and explosive box that drop loots that are needed to do a few of the quests are no longer appearing in the world, I even looked around up to area level 1 and I have not seen any box since then.
        …………………—>Now that I just reloaded my game that was saved in area level 1 loots box started appearing again, but I know that when I was in the area level 40, at one point the loots box stopped appearing because even after 15 min. of walking around where I was, I did not see any loots box.

      • Ahhhh, yup. There is a bug in 0.30a that will cause boxes to not spawn where they should when you are >9000 units away. I have this fixed in the next release!

  5. I have a minor gripe with the installer.. it likes to attempt putting my game in the “Program Files” folder when the game is already installed in the “Program Files (x86)” folder where it should go since it isn’t a 64bit application.. not a big deal, just annoying that it doesn’t detect where it was already installed etc

    • If you have installed the 64-bit version of Java, then 3089 is running as a 64-bit application. Anyway, the installer doesn’t know about previous installations.. it uses IzPack, which does a fresh install (overwriting anything it needs to) every time.

  6. First off, you’re awesome phr00t. πŸ˜€

    Second, I’m loving 3089 so far, put about 5 or 6 hours into it so far. I’m staying in a level 10 base with 9 quest machines, if one machine doesn’t have any quests I like I have many more to try. Anyway, while playing I took notes of any suggestions I thought of and along with things that irked me, and several questions I had while playing.

    1 – Questions

    The red overlord box appeared several times, the latest being *SPOILER* a message saying I was a success (yay :D) and he was going to capture me or something. I waited for a long time with a little army at my side ready for an epic battle, but he never showed up. What a chicken lol. I’m just assuming since the story isn’t complete nothing happens yet. This also happened when he said we should meet and a beacon will be placed or something, nothing appeared. *SPOILER OVER* You said you’re adding more to the story, so I’m pretty sure that those parts are incomplete. Just to make sure, did my game glitch out or are those sections still in development?

    You said that this is the best place to discuss 3089 for now because it is unfinished, and getting bad ratings on indiedb are permanent, so when do you think the game should be stable enough to create a forum there with out getting bad ratings? What sort of time period? 3 months, 6 months, a year from now, etc.

    On the title screen it shows the planet the game currently takes place on, planet Xax. But the rest of space is kinda empty. Will there be other planets with different storylines at some point? Perhaps visiting the moon or neighboring planets for side missions?

    2 – Annoying stuff

    During a defend this person for a set time mission I was, of course, defending the guy lol. I had about 4 or 5 enemies fighting me, and when the timer ended it moved to the next task in which nothing should attack me. I failed the mission immediately after completing the defend task. Maybe instead of moving to the next task right after the current one is completed, it could say “finish off any remaining enemies or leave the area to start the next task” if enemies are still attacking the player? Or it could start the next task, but any attacking enemies from the last task don’t cause the mission to fail?

    The laser from the UFO / tanks is a little annoying because you can’t see anything when you’re inside of it. Nothing major, just annoying when you’re moving at snail speed carrying junk trying to run away from it lol.

    A few quests wanted me to kill someone in a ship, but they were so high up in the sky I couldn’t shoot them. Perhaps they should go to investigate when something is shooting in their direction? I had to use missing target about five times before I got one that was close enough for me to destroy it.

    3 – Suggestions / Ideas

    I don’t expect all of these, or really any of them to be added in just a few updates from now, and if you don’t like any of the ideas just use them for inspiration or something πŸ˜›

    Storage machines. They all have the same storage, so the machine you find in one base has your items in all of the other bases. I get awesome drops from enemies I kill, but it will need other parts that I can’t get anytime soon and selling them seems like a waste. Maybe for a 1/2 of the item cost you can store it? Just some way so I can happily hoard stuff πŸ˜€

    If a certain button is held / pushed while in a ship, it will cause to ship to slow down to 1/4 of it’s normal speed. In this mode in cannot crash. Just to make landing and parking into bases a little easier.

    Ability to own ships or a way to not make them disappear. They could also have a toggled waypoint on them that says something like “Player name’s Ship”.

    Grenades! It would be awesome if using the program skill you could program different settings for the grenade, such as poison, cluster, explode on impact, explode when enemy approaches, and others.

    Combining the health, energy, and ammo consumables. For example, a 2 uses left consumable with a 5 uses left consumable is a 7 uses left consumable. Just to save some inventory room. The healing/recharging percentage could be averaged out between the 2 items. This might be possible, I tried doing it and it said something like “not enough room”.

    Ruins, for a planet that seems to always be at war it doesn’t seem to be that destroyed lol.

    When examining (E) ships, it could tell you the pilot skill required to fly it. It might already do this with the skill level it has, haven’t tested it yet.

    I love to try an complete quests as fast as possible, so a goal for some quests could be “you must complete all of these task under this time” or “complete this quest under this time for a bonus amount of credits/skills”.

    When trying to examine in a ship, it could show all of the enemies in the general area of where the player is aiming, the higher the pilot skill the larger this area is. Examining a base for example could show all of the enemies in a green glow, so the player has a general idea of what enemies are on what floor. Just something to add more to the pilot skill.

    More building shapes and types, like octagon watch towers or something.

    I would love to see prisoners inside some buildings. The red robots have blue prisoners and vice versa. You could free the prisoners if you want them to help you fight and such. Having stealth missions to free friendly prisoners would be awesome.

    And that is about it. Sorry for the huge post πŸ˜› Again, I don’t expect these to all be added soon, or ever. If things I really want to be added are not added, I’ll mod them in lol. 3089 is an awesome game so far, and I can’t wait for more updates. Keep up the awesome work phr00t. You deserve many many of cookies! πŸ˜€

    • Something else I forgot about, a key to use a health and another to use an energy consumable. Going into my inventory in the middle of a battle is very annoying and I end up dying most of the time. But players could spam the button with a bunch of health kits and never die, so another way of making this work is somewhere in the inventory menu there are two slots, both labeled with whatever keys that need to be pressed to use the consumables.

      For example, I could place a health consumable in one slot, and the other has an energy consumable. Or a weak and strong health consumable, so the better one isn’t wasted on little injuries. This way players would need to replace the consumable thingy once it runs out, hopefully preventing spamming. πŸ˜›

      • You touched on one of the problems with having a energy/health consumable hotkey… that people would spam it in the heat of battle. I don’t want people using the consumables in the heat of a battle, since I’d rather them be relying on their weapons, tactics, defense etc. The inventory screen is already pretty full of stuff, not sure there is room for 2 more slots… key bindings are also abundant & having energy/health hotkeys would require 2 more. :-/

    • ooooooo I really like long posts full of ideas & constructive feedback πŸ˜€

      1a) Your game isn’t glitching out, I just haven’t implemented those parts yet πŸ˜›

      1b) I’d like to have a forum up sooner rather than later, but these blog posts and comments have been serving pretty well. And it isn’t just about “bad” reviews, but inaccurate ones… someone might share some tips or reference a game mechanic that no longer exists or gets “fixed” in a few releases… there is no way for me to respond to individual reviews, so they just stay there :-/ However, we are probably looking at 3 months and not 6 months/year etc.

      1c) I probably won’t be implementing other planets… I have to make sure planet Xax is full of fun things to do.. making another planet would require much more different stuff that wouldn’t be seen on Xax. :-/ That opening screen is suppose to convey the message that the whole planet Xax is a testing site, which is a kinda crazy idea that in this future, some robotic race can take it all over for testing designs.

      2a) Yup, I’ve had this happen a few times in testing too. What I might do, is require the player to “activate” the next task in the quest menu? Then the player could understand what is required for it & be in a safe position to start the next task.

      2b) Heheh.. I can imagine that’d be annoying, but I’m not sure it is something that needs to be “fixed”.. or maybe have the beams stop for a short period of time if you haven’t died yet? πŸ™‚

      2c) Yeah, that is a good idea. I’ve had a few situations when I wanted to “lure” enemies in, and 3079 had a “yell at” key function to get targets’ attention.

      3a) I do plan on adding small structures you can build & storage will be one of them!

      3b) Yeah, I’ll probably make holding the “back” key slow you down a bit.

      3c) I think I am going to make ships a thing you can construct with a construction tool πŸ™‚

      3d) I do have lobbed launching weapons, but having some that have more unique effects are a cool idea!

      3e) Yes! I do plan on adding more to the scenery, along with your watch towers etc.

      3f) Hrm.. good idea. The skill required to fly it is linked to its difficulty rating.

      You’ve got some other ideas there that may find some place along the road, but man, you’ve already given me much more to do πŸ˜€

      OK, back to work!

      – Phr00t

  7. Hrrrmmmm… all you people commenting saying you are on level 40 or reached the end of the game already.. can someone do a tutorial or something? I can’t even get a single mission completed 😦

    • Where are you running into trouble? I’d like to help!

      Make sure you are spending some money on armor & only activating a backup station after you spent all your money (e.g. backup stations are based on how much money you have, not a fixed amount).

      • Just in general.. lol.. This is how my game will go:

        Start new game, enter some random name. Make my way to closest place with weapons, armor and backup station. Buy a decent energy weapon so I don’t have to worry about ammo.. usually a pistol. Then I grab usually 2 pieces of armor with approx 4 or 5 combined defense points in the torso and 2 or 3 combined defense points in the helmet.. something like that. Then after I have those, I go and recharge my energy and then do the backup.

        Then I go find a simple quest with a reward like 3 or 4 skill points figuring that one will be easier than one with more rewards (risk vs reward) and one that looks manageable, such as getting an item, taking it to someone without killing anyone.. or if I have to kill something, just one thing to kill.

        Then what usually happens is that I am halfway through the mission and something will attack me for no reason and I die trying to defend myself or if I have to kill something the weapon I have is so innacurate that I can not hit it enough times, meanwhile the enemy is very accurate at not only shooting me if I am standing still but also predicting my movements and jumps etc

        Then I die.. and I quit the game, wait a day.. and then try again.

      • Well.. I just played again.. I paid attention to accuracy as well as “Homing” for my gun.. I got an energy rifle.. and this time I was able to do a bunch of quests.. FINALLY! I think the problem is in understanding the weapon stats for someone starting out who is not familiar with how your games work (like someone who hasn’t really played 3079 much or at all).. sure.. you can get decent armor.. and pick easy quests.. but if your gun isn’t accurate, it’s all for nothing.. the accuracy rating seems fairly abitrary without any experience with the game.. also the homing stat makes a HUGE difference..

      • I think the pistol accuracy might need to be capped to something better & I may make homing a bit more expensive… hopefully this will help in a balanced way…

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