3089 Update: v0.29a

Hey all,

Welp, I thought… I’ll just fix a few bugs before adding some more content. Then I fixed lots of really important stuff!

Some really requested fixes are also included, like reduction in slope sliding & a way to “fix” your position if you get accidentally stuck. Check out the Version History above for more info!

Let me know how things are going — I do know some more balancing has to be done.

OK, back to work 🙂

– Phr00t

13 responses to “3089 Update: v0.29a

  1. I played quite a bit more of the game and have a few more thing to mention/suggest.

    First of all, I think the system about putting piece together to make a weapon/armor/chip is pretty interesting, but because of that system it make it so you have to get a lot of stuffs in your inventory to be able to actually make something so I have a few suggestion related to this:

    – Could you add some type of persistent storage like an additional option to backup station or a new type of station that randomly appear in building, because if you want to actually make an item with what you get from enemies you need a lot of space and end up with a lot of burden. You could enven make us pay credit for more space or weight limit.

    – Could you make it so we are able to combine pieces of items which are no more than 1 level apart up or down, because the difficulties level of the enemies vary a lot and often you can end up with something like 3 rifle piece which end up level 5-6-7 unless you examine every enemies and only kill the one of your chosen level.

    – It would really help if we saw the health of our ship when we are flying in one instead of seeing our personal health or make it so we see both.

    – How much programming do we need to make a chip which have stats similar to what we buy in shop, some time ago I tried programming a level 11 or 18 chip with 110 in programming and end up with something that was weaker than the level 5 chip I had equiped, I did try again and got better result but it just seem like programming was close to useless. Also most of the programming I had was from items if that change anything.

    -Could you make it so once you exit a ship in the air, make the ship slowly go down to the ground, it just feel wrong to see empty ship in the sky and sometime its the only ship close to you.

    – Could you make it so once you quit you game, the chunk where you are is kept as is, because it would be nice to load my game and still have the ship that I left right next to me.

    – Are there any plan to allow us to take a grappling hook, shoot it at a flying ship so we are able to pull ourself to the ship and allow us to hijack it if we have a stats high enough compared to the difficulties level of the ship?

    – how does the oveturning of a building happen, it was kind of interesting to see the building where my respawn was completely fallen on his side?

    – on the map, could tou put something that tell you a place is radioactive like when pointing something on the map have a “radioactive” on the bottom right of the map.

    – I don’t know if its just me, but it felt like the rollertank gave a lot of ammunition even if their difficulties levels are pretty high, kind of annoying but I can live with it.

    – Does base stats have stronger effect than stats from items like do we get better result from having 50 programming in base stats compared to having 50 programming from equipement?

    I think its time I stop here, I will say something else if I find something else to say.
    Thank you for reading and anwsering.

    • There are a lot of suggestions here that I agree with – especially about items.
      The item combining system is currently impractical due to the burden of carrying around parts, waiting to find the rare others that fit. Overall, it’s easier to just sell pieces the player finds and buy items with the credits, which feels like it defeats the purpose having modular items in the first place. I don’t know whether the solution is implementing a storage system, making piece combination more lenient, or something else entirely, but I feel like it’s something worth thinking about.

      Being able to hijack ships, or otherwise disable them without destroying them, would also be really fun.

      • Yeah, the item part system needs some work.. I will need your help in figuring out what works best. I think I’m going to make item combinations more lenient (e.g. allow pieces 1 level apart to be combined) & see how it goes…

        I would like to make some type of controllable projectile that would temporarily disable targets.. this might play into taking over ships 😛

    • I’m going to increase the effectiveness of Agility to make it easier to increase your maximum burden. I want to start off with small improvements to see what works best before implementing larger resolutions…

      About combining items that are 1 level up or down… this is a tough one. Some parts, like a gun’s magazine, may have the same statistics as a magazine 1 level higher, but the prices will be different (since the levels are different). This extra cost is currently justified by it being required to fit the same level gun. However, the price still could be justified because that same magazine won’t fit an item 2 levels higher… Anyway, I’d like to make building items easier, but I’m worried about things becoming too unbalanced… I may make this change, but I’ll need feedback on how well it works (or doesn’t)..

      Health of the ship is a good idea.. maybe I will replace the energy field with it..? That might be confusing, though… maybe I’ll add another smaller % somewhere..

      I need to balance out the programming skill — I haven’t fully tested it, especially later in the game. Looks like this needs to be made more effective too.

      Ships slowly fall — got it.

      Hijacking ships is possible again — I’ll revisit it a bit later 🙂

      Overturning of buildings happens by bugs, apparently 😛 They shouldn’t be rolling over… can you get a screenshot of it?

      Yes, notifying of radioactive areas on the map is a great idea.

      The rollertank gave a lot of ammunition? You mean you had to shoot at it a bunch, or did it drop lots of ammo as loot (confused as why you’d say that’d be annoying, hehe)?

      There is no difference between “base” stats and item stats.

      Keep the feedback coming! Thank you very much!

      • Thank for all your anwsers.

        – I can’t make a screenshot of the overturned building since it happened at the very beginning of the caracter i’m playing and after a while(maybe reloading of the chunk) the building was back to normal, I can only say that it was in a level 1 area where the backup station I was using was and the building was overturned when I came back to get a new quest. Even if this was not intended it was interesting to see and then try to get to the quest station by using my grappling hook.

        – What I meant by the rollertank giving too much ammo, I was talking about the loot they gave, it probably felt like that since I was only killing rollertank in the hope of making new stuffs, In fact it took me about 60 kills to finally make something but it was a helmet without much stat on it and i’m guessing the drop chance of thing like ammo are no different than the chance of getting them from small enemies.

        – what are you thought about keeping the chunk(or four chunks in case you are badly placed) where you are as is when you quit the game so we can reloaded the game and for example still have the ship that was right next to you when you quit the game?

        – Could you make it so we can see the info of our items right away(maybe an option you can toggle), it feel really slow before they show and sometime they don’t show, its like it get kind of delayed when your trying to see the info of your items quickly.

        -Is it intended that if we stealth ourselve before getting into a flying ship, when your flying, the ship seem to be stealthed.

        -Sometime when I get out of the ship i’m flying and quickly use the scroll wheel on my mouse to get my weapon out, sometime I just can’t take my weapon out even if its equiped, I have to open and close my inventory quickly to be able to take my weapon out again.

        – Could you make it so when you exit a ship, the weapon you were using when you entered it reappear when you exited it or do you think that is an hindrance that should stay.

        – is it intended that you can take as much drops as you want, even if your inventory is full, the other drop you take simply appear once you clear a space in your inventory. At least the burden seem accurate even if you don’t see the other drop you took.

      • The drop chance is the same for different item types… I am making the item creation system more lenient so it should be easier to make items.

        I’ll probably make it so things are you are reloaded, like ships. However, I do plan on adding a construction tool where you can build your own ships to fly. 🙂

        If you are moving/combining items, it can be kinda annoying when the item stats appear too quickly… :-/

        I’m fixing the stealth when getting into ships bug, thanks!

        Odd.. I’ll look into the item thing when getting out of a ship.

        The inventory thing is a bug, I’ll have it fixed in the next release!

  2. “Fixed the player getting stuck in “running mode” in certain situations”

    Hrmm.. could you perhaps make it so I can toggle the running on and off rather than having to hold down the button to sprint. Maybe you can add an option in the options menu to change the behaviour of the key so it is either a toggle-style or as it is now where when you release the button it goes back to walking. I’d prefer the toggle mainly because my hand gets sore holding it down..

  3. You tweeted that you are re-designing building generation to get rid of rooms that can’t be accessed. I actually really like the way they are now. Some rooms require you to use the teleporter to get inside, and I think that’s a cool emergent mechanic. Especially if they are on a higher level, and you have to use both the grappling hook and the teleporter to manage to get inside.
    The only problem would be if someone used a backup station inside a closed-in room and then lost their teleporter upon death…

    • There are more problems with normally inaccessible rooms… it is very hard to detect which rooms are inaccessible, so spawn points & stations would be placed in those rooms. This causes the map’s “Stations Nearby” list to be inaccurate. Also, quest spawns can end up in those inaccessible rooms… and even with a grappling hook & telelocator, you still can’t access all the rooms. A previous change also made the telelocator beacon not fit through windows, so far too often inaccessible rooms would just be a frustration.

      The new building system allows for more open areas & less random mazes. The building layouts are much more AI-friendly, too (hard to make AI navigate all the random dead-ends of the previous building system). The new system also uses less polygons & is quicker to boot 🙂

  4. I do understand that making items info appear too quickly in some case might be annoying, which is why I did mention the idea of it being an option you could toggle. I’m asking this mainly because sometime the info just don’t want to appear even after having the cursor on the item a long time, it feel like if you go too fast when trying to know the level of your items, the game sometime just don’t realise your on a new item, so it does not show the stats. I don’t know if this is partially because of my old computer, but i’m able to play the game and it feel smooth, not super smooth but smooth.

    If I stop forgetting the small things I want to talk about I will write some more stuffs.

    • Hrm.. probably should fix info not appearing at all :-/

      Looking forward to more goodies — keep it coming and thanks 🙂

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