3089 Update: v0.22a

Hey all,

I am releasing early & often, at least for now!

I’ve started to expand the story a bit by adding a new NPC & some new story events (which you will hopefully discover). I’ve also fixed a bunch of bugs with vehicle weaponry. I’m also hoping to get some feedback on the automatic updating system with this release. Hopefully all goes well!

I plan to continue adding content in the next few releases. I want to fill in some more story events & get another NPC created with a unique weapon.

My preliminary roadmap is as follows: get the story & single player content implemented in the alpha version. Then, implement 2-player co-op features (while tweaking the single player content) for beta.  Once those two things feel “solid”, 3089 will be considered “final” and in “maintenance” mode.

OK, back to work!

17 responses to “3089 Update: v0.22a

      • Harder, but possible. Doesn’t BMT Micro support free downloads? 😀
        btw, no need to change anything, i kind of like that all cheapskates (including me) have to burden themselves by going to this page, then downloading demo and installing it every time.
        Also, as your updater is kind of automated, does it have any check if player has paid for game, or does it simply update game without questions? That would mean that pirates simply can get updater and enjoy free game :-/

      • BMT Micro supports free downloads if I pay for that service 😉

        The BMT Micro download links monitor for unauthorized use (e.g. multiple people using them) — so if a link gets shared with someone else, both people get screwed.

  1. Hey, I like the automatic updates. (I wouldn’t want it running in the background or anything… I prefer it just to update when I try to launch the game, like it does.)
    I’ll keep an eye out for the new NPC. Just now, I got some clouds rolling through my spawn area (at surface level.) Was pretty cool. 🙂

  2. Perhaps it’s just me, but when starting a new game as of this update, the game crashes a short way into the introduction text with some error about “LWJGL Renderer Thread.” Skipping this screen does lets me get to the game itself. Running on Linux. Haven’t had this problem before this update.

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