3089 Update: v0.21a

Hey all,

I want to make it a bit easier for you guys to keep updated — so I’ve implemented an auto-updating feature into 3089 itself! The game should now check this website for updates & after providing your BMT Micro download link, it will automatically download and install the latest version for you! When I release the next update, please let me know if you have any issues using the auto-updating tool.

I’ve also made a few other improvements, particularly to the map: it now will tell you stations that are near the cursor. This will save time searching for an individual stations you are interested in.

OK, now that I have a trailer, an auto-updating tool & lots of bugs fixed… now it is time to get back to adding new content! I have some plans for some new “scary” NPC types that only show up at night. The story, which I’ve said a bunch of times, needs expanding — I think I’ll finally get to that in the next update!

OK, back to work!

– Phr00t

18 responses to “3089 Update: v0.21a

  1. Hi, I’m having a lot of trouble with the gameplay.. I try and try and try to do a single quest but I always die very quickly no matter what I try.. can you perhaps work on some kind of tutorial.. even if it’s a PDF tutorial to help those like me.. I thought I wouldn’t have this much trouble but I can’t get past 5 or 10 minutes in the game without dying.. and then when I respawn my gun and/or ammo is broken or missing and I have to quit the game and start from scratch again..

    • I may need to balance the difficulty a bit more… also may help to know what is going wrong here:

      Are you giving yourself starting skills by pressing “P” at the start of the game? Maybe try giving yourself more Stamina or Defense? How are you being killed? Does it feel like you are not doing enough damage, you are having trouble dodging bullets, enemies are putting out too much damage? Are you buying armor to wear? Do you feel like more cover is what you need?

      • Mainly what I am finding is that I am not sure what weapons/armor I should use my very limited cash on at the start of the game. I have to spend 200 credits on the backup, leaving me with 800. Then I have to make use of that 800 somehow.. if I increase Stamina, then I need to spend some credits on repair/health recharge and then I usually buy a gun for around 350 credits and I have to buy ammo, which is 88 credits.. leaves me usually with around 200 credits or so.. I don’t want to buy anything more because I might need it to recharge health.

        So then I decide to do a quest but the quests don’t seem to give credits as rewards, only skill points. Not sure how to earn more cash. If the quest involves killing, I tried to avoid that at the beginning.. but usually I find something will start attacking me at some point. I find that I am at 50% health before I have time to react and then when I do, my weapon doesn’t really seem to be effective. Dodging doesn’t seem to be an option for me because I usually get attacked at too close a range for that to be an option. One time I did have time to react and I had a lot of health.. I fired a lot of rounds into the target, all were hitting but I still died before killing it. So to asnwer the questions.. it’s almost “All of the above” really..

      • Hrm.. so it sounds like you don’t have any defense when you go out.. e.g. not spending any skill points on Defense and not buying any armor. Here is a trick to save some cash — activate a backup station last. It takes 20% of your money to activate one, so if you only have 10 credits, it will only cost 2 (I’ll probably change this somehow in the future.. make it based on the area’s difficulty, perhaps).

        Instead, go buy a weapon first, then go buy at least some Torso armor & then some recharge stuff. Put just a few points into Defense and put the rest into something you like. This should give you a “usual” Defense level. I’m wondering if this will help… if it does, then maybe I will have a new player start with a few Defense points. If it doesn’t, then we need to find another solution… maybe make enemies shoot a bit slower?

  2. That’s great news, but i think this page will get way less visitors because of auto update technology. (while beta, people will be here to comment, but what about later?) Still, i don’t see how update works in action, but does it give you changelog or link to this page for information? As my internet is quite slow, i’m very interested at reading patch notes while downloads happen 😀

    • Hrm, I should add in something with a changelog — that is a good idea 🙂 I would like people coming to this site, but I don’t want to require it….

      • Then, as you did auto update, it must be easy for you to make link in launcher or somewhere else (even like a pop-up asking if user want to read it).
        BTW, it’s quite a bad topic, but you know, pirates are everywhere. What you think about securing your games? Will this game have same security as 3079 or something more advanced? (I’m pretty sure there will be people, who are kind enough to share their full game launchers)

        P.S. No, i’m not going to do that, but it just happens…

      • I’m not going to use DRM… I don’t want to spend the time working on a “secure” version of 3079 that will probably be cracked in a few days & introduce bugs… I’d rather focus on making a great game worth paying for. With that said, I do know some people will never pay for a game.. but then they probably wouldn’t buy it anyway. If there is some feature that would make it easy and seamless to check for a legit version (say, a common multiplayer match-making service), then I may do it then.

      • Great attitude you have there. Yes, there are people, who just wouldn’t buy anything if they can get it free.But also, there are people like me, who just can’t find any way to pay for game without spending extra money on transfers or exchanges. Match-making service wouldn’t pay off, because people would crack your game anyway (I suppose it’s written in Java, which is possible to decompile and edit), making it simply singleplayer or even redirect it to custom servers (if game gets very popular). It happened with LineAge2 i think…
        Off-topic: At least latest version of full android games like DroidCraft is nearly impossible to get without paying xD

  3. I feel like the terrain should be a little more flat. I’m finding that i’m constantly climbing up and down mountains.

    • When I was testing terrain generation, I personally found walking on flat terrain to be relatively boring compared to hills & unique arches and other terrain features. I can test adding in some more flatter areas, though… However, keep in mind some biome areas are more hilly than others, so it is possible you are in a very hilly area.

  4. Hey, one bug I’ve noticed (if I haven’t posted this one already…):
    – Weapons on player-controlled vehicles don’t appear to deal any damage to other robots, and don’t draw aggro. They can damage the player if the player exits the vehicle just after firing and move in front of the projectile, so why aren’t other robots taking damage?

    • Ah, thank you! I think I may already know what causes this — since the projectiles come from the vehicle, and not the player, they are considered NPC shots (which don’t hurt NPCs but just the player). Fix coming!

      • Making all NPC shots interact with all NPCs is a bit of processing overhead that I don’t think adds much to the game… I’d also have to make the AI look for more clear shots before firing, which would add even more processing overhead. It would also be rather annoying when you have a large group of followers, occasionally hitting each other & killing themselves… :-/

      • Well, then i hope bullets don’t go through units NPC just because they are friendly.
        Also, i don’t know how much processing it would take, but since computers nowadays are not the ones used 5 years ago i think it wouldn’t make serious problems. (My laptop can run demo with highest settings with highest Nvidia quality settings without any problems)

      • If people want it, I can put it in… but there are more pressing matters I need to attend to. The kind of processing it would take is on the CPU, not GPU (however, it’d be unnoticeable on most machines). I’m just saying having “friendly fire” does add quite a bit of overhead for something that would happen rarely, and it might annoy players when it does (especially when the AI isn’t fully developed).

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