3089 Update: v0.19a

Hey all,

Maps are here! When viewed, time stops & you can see individual bullets standing still, ships flying in the air… you can also scroll around endlessly and place waypoints & determine what the difficulty of the area is:

Screenshot from 2013-02-13 11:27:18

Also included are the usual bug fixes — I’m hoping spawning bugs, particularly with quests, are mostly cleared up. You may occasionally see spawns inside rocks & in rooms you can’t access.. I’m working on a solution for them. In the meantime, you can use the “Report Missing Quest Target” option in the (Q)uest dialog to re-spawn the target.

Update by downloading the demo again or downloading the 3089Installer.jar from the BMT Micro link you were provided!

I’m going to start working on a trailer now!

– Phr00t

4 responses to “3089 Update: v0.19a

  1. Looks great and I am glad there is some sort of difficulty checking in place for carebears like me.. haha! 🙂

    Will you be looking at some kind of updater in the future so that we don’t have to download the installer each time? Not that it’s hard to do or anything.. just curious.

    • Yes! I do plan on making an auto-updating function. What I’ll likely do is have an option to enter in your BMT Micro download link into 3089. Then, when the game determines there is an update, it would automatically download the file & install it. 🙂 I’m hoping to get to this in the next release or two…

  2. The new map system is really nice – and using it, I’ve noticed a very interesting terrain generation bug. The terrain sometimes seems to have a single, clearly square section raised up above the others, with sheer cliffs for sides. I couldn’t fit all of it onto the map screenshot, but here’s a corner of one of these sections: http://i.imgur.com/hA9kYAT.jpg

    One other bug: firing removes stealth even when you have insufficient ammo/energy to actually fire

    Also, if you have time (what with working on the trailer), it would be nice to be able to see icons on the map marking where specific workstations/vendors are – so you can find the nearest health station, for example.

    • Those sheer cliffs are actually being created on the edges of faction “bases”, because the base is being raised above the water (otherwise it would be submerged). I do want bases to always be above water… making the bases slowly slope up would be a bit more processing & I personally think the steep cliffs look like walls around the base.. no? 🙂

      Ah, that is a bug with firing! Noted.

      Yes — I do plan on adding station markers, but I’m not sure how it should look since I suspect it will look cluttered (especially in multilevel buildings)… I’ll have to experiment…

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