3089: v0.17a

Hey all,

This is mostly a bugfix update for 3089. The big fix is in spawning — there were a handful of bugs that prevented the world to be properly populated. This should also help with quest spawns, which were still problematic. I’ve also added a “backup” solution just in case a quest spawn isn’t working right — bring up the quest dialog (default “Q”) while on a quest and select “Report Missing Target”. The Overlord will then try and re-place the target for you 🙂

I’ve also significantly improved performance in this version by making some changes to how things are rendered. You will notice the terrain looking a bit different & I particularly like how cliffs look.

I’ll be working on expanding the story in the upcoming releases. I also want to start thinking about a map system & item sets. AI could use some work, too…

I also need to find some time to make a trailer!

Much to do — back to work!

14 responses to “3089: v0.17a

    • Sorry about that.. I’ll remember to make the next version more boring.

      oooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr you could show your support and get the full version 😀 Glad you are enjoying it!

      • Man, if i had any way to support your work, i would have done it in kickstarting! But sadly, my credit card is unsupported by paypal and most of my money are in my wallet, which is not supported by paypal either :/
        There is no need of making game boring. Actually, after 150th try i think i’m able to survive about 20 minutes.

      • The problem with ending the demo at the first death is how unpredictable the length of the demo would be. Some players may die in 2-3 minutes, while others may play for 30 minutes to an hour without dying. Having a set time limit assures players some time to get a feel of the game, but still wanting to play more.

      • Unpredictable? Then what if whole generated world in demo would be like a +3 level? (like in 3079, where world was in difficulty levels) That way players would have a very hard time surviving/doing quests. It would be like a hardcore difficulty (By writing that i realise that might be even better than normal game, because of increased difficulty). Afterall, inability to save, use special items, level up skills (because of very hard quests and enemies almost insta-killing player) may be too hard to play for most players. And after these 10 demo minutes, all robots could just become aggressive. That way player wouldn’t last longer than another 5 minutes alive.

      • Then people would complain the game is too hard & be frustrated anyway. :-/

        There really isn’t a perfect solution… making the end of the demo be determined by some player-controlled mechanic allows it to be abused. However, I want to spend my time adding more value to the full version than tinkering with the free one. I do believe the demo does what it is suppose to do: allow people to test-run the game before buying it.

    • I understand. Afterall, no one of us want to see news about better demo instead of full game 😀
      As i am very interested in creating games i really would like to understand how you do that demo. As i think it’s same full version with specific code to end game after specific criteria is met. Or is it like a “wrapper” to whole game to block some features? Or you even remake each demo by editing whole code of latest version?
      P.s. I’m not skilled enough to use this information yet and i promise not to use it for illegal actions (like cracking your or another game xD). I’m just curious 🙂

      • It is a compilation flag I set. If it is flagged as the demo version, then a different version of the game is built — I just need to flip that flag on or off during compilation to make the demo or the full version. So, I use the same original source code, but that source code drops some parts & has new parts added, depending on that compilation flag.

      • You need a BMT Micro link to download the full game… 3089 will just try to use that provided download link to get the latest full version. If you don’t have a link, you can’t download the full game.

  1. I don’t have my usual list of errors today, but was just wondering something: Are you planning to implement destructible terrain in 3089? I guess it might be hard with the new smooth terrain, but it would be really fun to see.

    • I’m not planning on implementing destructible terrain (saves on lots of other issues, particularly multiplayer issues down the road).. However, nothing is set in stone at this point!

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