3089: v0.16a

Hey all,

Quick update: fixed a nasty crash with protection missions. Update away!

What do I plan on working on next? I’d love to get a trailer together to generate some more 3089 buzz. The game itself — I want to get the quest spawns under control, which are still buggy. I also need to start filling in the rest of the story. Bigger flyable vehicles, probably only spawned as part of a mission, are also on the short list!

– Phr00t

25 responses to “3089: v0.16a

  1. I have a few (a lot) more bugs to report:
    – Explosive Crates won’t detonate as a result of explosions, only direct hits
    – Explosions cause damage well beyond (about 4-5 times further than) the visual range of the explosion
    – Explosions seem to deal damage to targets very, very far away from their origin in general (approx 10-15m if the player was the size of an average human)
    – Quest marker sometimes points to the wrong thing (typically a point high above the ground with nothing there)
    – respawning, having a replacement sent, and exiting vehicles all cause the player unequip all items, although the items still appear in the “held” section of the inventory – so that the player needs to select an item and place it in the same spot to use the item
    – parts of the same weapon/armour/chip type cannot be combined if they are different levels
    – vehicles are unaffected by water
    – projectiles are unaffected by water
    – terrain generation results in lots of tiny pieces of land in the middle of the sky
    – sprinting/stopping-sprinting mid-jump causes very noticeable increase/decrease in momentum
    – Telelocator projectiles seem to have slightly larger hitboxes than they appear, such that the projectiles won’t fit through building windows despite looking like they should
    – Firing telelocator projectiles while against a wall causes them to appear behind the player, such that the player doesn’t see the projectile fire

    There is also one particularly pressing balance issue at the moment:
    – dying, whether backed up or not, sometimes results in the player having no items (having lost them), and no money (having spend it on the lost items). When this occurs, it is pretty much impossible for the player to do any quests, or survive for very long, leading to another death (especially if the player has no stealing skill points). From here on the player pretty much needs to start a new game, unless they’re willing to keep dying repeatedly.

    • Thank you for the feedback!

      – Hrm.. do we want explosive crates to explode on non-direct hits?
      – Explosion radius is a bit tricky, since the visual effect of explosions are flat (except for the lighting). I do like big explosions, but they may need to be represented with some 3D explosion effect…
      – Yeah, quest markers still need work.. spawning problems..
      – You should only stop holding your held weapon (e.g. you need to put down your weapon to fly a ship).. all items in your “active” slots, like armor, should still be working (right?). You should only have to hit 1-5, or mousewheel, to start holding an item again.
      – Yes, water & some objects need work!
      – I like larger sections of floating land in the sky, but in order to keep that, it is very hard to prevent small pieces of land… I had floating buildings in 3079, so I may keep this.
      – I like having lots of air movement control, much like many other FPS games..
      – The telelocator projectile needs to have a hitbox the same size as the player, since you need to be able to teleport to it, wherever it is. I’ll likely need to increase the visual size of the wireframe beacon thingy.
      – When you fire the telelocator into a wall, it immediately bounces off the wall & ends up behind the player..
      – About your balance issue: try “interacting” with some crates — this will destroy them & they may drop loot, which you can then sell to get back on your feet.

    • Also, I designed the game so different level parts couldn’t be put together. This is to avoid situations like putting a low level, low energy use part on a high level, high damage gun.. it’d cause all sorts of balancing problems.

      • Huh… I didn’t realise the crates thing. Looks like a lot of things I thought were bugs were actually fine, then. Thanks for your response to my post.

  2. It would almost be great to see a better options menu, the one right now resents every time you open the game, and when you switch from full screen to windowed.
    Are you planing on putting in DirectX11 support?

    • The engine I use, jMonkeyEngine, manages that first graphics setting window. The only options that should reset are anti-aliasing & vsync (which are ignored) — the resolution settings should stick.

      3089 uses OpenGL and does not, and will never, support DirectX (since DirectX is Windows-only & 3089 is a multi-platform game).

  3. Had a few bugs to report but most of them are taken care of above.. Here’s one though.

    -Bullets can sometimes go through walls. I was shooting at one of the robots and he was hiding behind a cliff, yet I was still damaging him. (Was this intended?)
    -If you’re too close to them with the rifle and you shoot, it won’t hit them.

    A suggestion…

    -Make quests a bit more noticeable to find. I listened to the chat and they said to go do some quests, but I couldn’t find any :(. I got a bit confused since I had explored many buildings and saw nothing quest related, and since I was expecting 3079 style I was also trying to talk with everyone lol. Eventually found them, though it took awhile. Maybe some cues or something?

    Overall it’s a great start, I love it! Can’t wait for it to be improved.

  4. Hey, do you remember me?
    I played the demo, and I liked it, but im a little disappointed =(
    Well, I know its just a demo, but, the 10 minutes I have is the time I need to found a weapon( I know how to buy it),and almost always the weapon shop is under the terrain.
    This is the first version of the game, and the with limitations of the demo, the only thing that I see I can do is search for a weapon and die after 2 minutes.

    Well,I know that people who bought the game must have more things,and the game is yours, so do whatever you think is better to the game =)

    • Hey Crash,

      Remember that you can start another game for another 10 minutes… once you get the hang of things, you should be able to do a bit more in that 10 minutes. You can try a different game name, which will give you different terrain, which may help find weapons closer. Let me know if that helps…

      • I tried different names, and in one of then i founded 2 buildings with weapon shops ( asdas is the name)
        That helped me a lot =) thanks!
        Well, i didn’t said what I liked on the game,here it is:
        -Music and sound effects are just amazing
        -Good character movement
        -Awesome start ( I love to fall off the ship when the game starts :D)
        -Simple interface
        -A great variety of weapons

        And all that in the first version!

        Here are some things you could add:
        -More weapon shops ( just make then less rare)
        -Energy dropped by robots
        -A lantern that you can buy
        -Normal robots ( or aliens ) walking on the map ( this game needs animals!)
        -Giant trees with bosses (or not) in the top
        -Traps on the buildings
        -Aquatic robots
        -I saw you can make the robots follow you, you could add levels to then and system/items upgrades
        -Floating Islands biome
        -More time on the demo version ( 20 minutes are sufficient PLEASE!!)
        -When the demo version ends it just scares me a LOT!Because I just die suddently with a explosion sound!It could be just an messange saying “end of demo version” or something like that.

        But anyway, thanks so much for making a demo version and sorry because my english mistakes, I live in Brazil and im studing english =)

      • Glad you are enjoying it!

        – Energy is dropped by robots, but just as likely as everything else
        – There will be more weapon (and quest) shops!
        – The robots killed all the animals 😛 I do plan on adding more NPC types, but ones that directly relate with the story
        – Aquatic robots — I love it!

  5. Hey phr00t I’ve played about 5-6 hours of 3089 so far and it’s really fun! Great graphics and moving around the world is a blast! I love how there is no fall damage so I can go flying off ledges! Also the weapons building is a ton of fun! My only complaints so far is how little fighting goes on like in 3079 almost everywhere you looked there was npcs fighting, they felt real in a way however in 3089 I’ve only seen two or three npc battles and there is never many robots on screen! Just as a suggestion raise the number of on screen npcs… Other then that everything feels and looks great!


    • Glad you are enjoying it 🙂

      About the robots… I’m not sure what to do about it yet. Since there were so many NPCs in 3079, you could never really do stealthy missions, since you were always in someone’s sight. Also, the viewing distance is far higher in 3089, so to make the robot coverage seem dense might require many many robots that might degrade performance. However, I might be able to better group up robots & find ways to increase their count without degrading performance too much.

      • About the stealth problem you could just make them way less observant to a player when he is sneaking. And I see what you mean… Maybe make a view distance option so if players are having issues with performance they can lower it Or you could have a slider for how many robots to spawn at one time… I don’t know haha your the dev not me!

      • One last suggestion if you can’t have more robots at once have them more frequently because right now the kill x amount of robots quests are nearly impossible

      • I’m working on the general spawning code now — I feel the same way, too little robots are seen on a regular basis :/

  6. Okay, it’s my time to do some feedback ;).
    So, I’ve played the demo version a couple of time and first of all, well done on the terrain generation; it’s gorgeous, and the pixely-textures really fits the game’s atmosphere.

    Things I enjoyed:
    – Terrain generation ( :O )
    – Water !
    – Robot animation (dodging is so cool)
    – Stats and skill point
    – Combat(Faster and funnier than 3079)
    – Unfortunately I couldn’t try the hook nor the vehicles, but i’m quite sure i would’ve liked them.

    Things I did not enjoyed:
    – The buildings ! ( :S ): I’m sorry to say that, but I couldn’t like the way building were made. The random textures don’t get along with each other and the interior design is lacking something, I don’t know what exactly, but the buildings are not as interesting to explore as the outside world.

    – Demo time limitation. As said before, 10 minute is too short for an action-RPG to be tried. However, I think 20 minutes would long enough for the player to try the game and short enough so to be frustrating and lead them to buy the game.

    – more difference between 2 npc faction; Humoids and neanders were different, and choosing your side had a meaning. Blue Vs. Red is fine, but you don’t feel like it matters if you are on one’s side or the other

    – More building designs !
    – Forest biome !
    – Flat biome !
    – Island biomes !
    – Towns !
    – If you want this game to be more story driven than 3079, maybe important conversation and message should be voiced; It would be more immersive that way.
    – An other faction you could join
    – Neutral NPCs

    Well, I’m running out of suggestions 😉

    So, that’s it for feedback. I’m sure the finished game will be amazing ! I think I’ll buy it by this month, so I could continue to deliver feedbacks and help you.

    p.s: there might be grammatical and spelling mistakes, but hey, I’m french, and everyone knows we’re terrible at foreign languages ;p.

    • Wow, lots of feedback! Thank you!

      I first want to address the demo’s time limit: I’m not extending it at this time. Considering how much feedback you’ve provided & how much you paid for the demo, sounds like you got your money’s worth. If someone wants to play for more than 10 minutes at a time, they should show their support & buy the game (as you say you will later this month). The demo is not meant to provide a full RPG gaming experience — it is just meant to determine if you want to play more, and it sounds like you do. 🙂

      – I’m tweaking the spawning code, which should place more robots, turrets & crates in the buildings. I’m also tweaking the textures to make them more consistently pixelated like other textures… I’m hoping this will help a bit. I would like to expand on different building shapes (e.g. not all rectangular), but this will come with time..

      – I’m not sure how much I’m going to expand on Red vs. Blue differences, since I want the story to be led by the Overlord vs. the “unknown” thing already on the planet… something I still have to build on.

      – “Towns” already kinda exist with the Red & Blue bases, which have more buildings & only spawn Red/Blue guys & turrets.

      – I’ve noticed in testing that flat terrain is rather boring, since the visible world is large. Walking across large, flat areas is pretty dull & every robot can see you (which makes sneaking nearly impossible).

      Lots to do — back to work!

      • There are red & blue robots (each with separate bases — you start off in a red base). Then, there is the “Overlord” (which built you & is monitoring you) and the “unknown entity” that is already on planet Xax 🙂

  7. There are a few more minor bugs I’ve noticed:
    – bombs/grenades fired from vehicles pass through robots and crates, rather than exploding on a direct hit like those fired from the ground
    – (rare) while in a vehicle, health starts dropping for no apparent reason over time, and energy increases over time (even above 25%)
    – grappling hook shots pass through crates
    – After exiting a vehicle, pressing number keys 1-4 re-equips weapons/specials, but scrolling with the mouse wheel doesn’t (until a number key is pressed)
    – buildings (rarely) spawn intersecting through one another, rendering both buildings mostly inaccessible

    • Thanks for the reports!

      About the health dropping — you are in a radioactive area (kinda purple area). Those areas take away a bit of health while giving energy.

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