3089 Update: v0.14a

Hey all,

I’ve updated 3089 to v0.14a thanks to all of the feedback I’ve received from KickStarter “early testers”. As you can see in the version history, lots of things have been updated and fixed! Still plenty to do & much feedback to hear 😉 Please reply to this post will all of your feedback for the next release!

I want something else really cool for the more public release & demo… to help 3089 “pop.” I’m thinking weather: rain, lighting, wind storms (that blow things around etc.) — what do you think?

OK, back to work!

– Phr00t

11 responses to “3089 Update: v0.14a

  1. About to download…looking forward to trying it out.

    Weather elements might be cool. In terms of making the game pop more, my suggestion is more enemy types. Right now, you have the robots, which are basically like the player, if I understand correctly. They have variable stats and equip the same weapons as the player. They even seem to strafe in duels, which is cool.
    My suggestion is that you add some sort of pattern-based enemies to the world to complement them….they could either be more simplistic bots, or organisms native the planet. They could live in cohabitation with the robots, or fight with them.
    The enemy types could be 1) creature that rushes at you, and melees/bites/etc. 2) Creatures that stop at a medium distance and throw projectiles.
    As for #2, there could be versions that are flying/hovering…versions that are ground based… and variable degrees of speed, health, damage… different types of projectiles. The melee creatures could have different variations of movement, such as frog hopping, or zigzagging.
    The difference between them and the robots would be that they are recognizable…have a learnable pattern, and they would most likely be weaker. Being weaker means that there could be times where the player fights 20 of them at once..,thus creating a lot of projectiles to dodge, which would be a nice change from taking on a handful of powerful robots at a time. It would be nice to have the enemies inside the buildings at times.

    In addition to that, some chests with random free loot in the world would be cool. (Or free loot just sitting around like in 3079). Maybe you could design the procedural generation so that the pattern-based enemies spawn in large numbers around the loot chests.

    Finally, I’d love to see some mega-buildings (or temples, perhaps) which are large and full of enemies and rare loot. (Or perhaps giant floating ships with explorable interiors.)

    Anyway, just some ideas.

    • I’m sure I wrote too much there. I guess I just feel that the environment and world are nearly perfect. It’s really outstanding.
      The combat is probably the hardest thing to get right, and I think it might need some experimentation and tweaking to due the environment and great loot mechanics justice! But these could be things to think about for your future games. 🙂

      • Played the new build a bit. I love the new buildings! Having occasional openings makes travelling through them feel more fluid.

        Something I remembered… when killing a flying enemy, would it be possible to make the loot fall to the ground? Some people might be frustrated by not being able to get to it…. though I admit that if it is near a tree, using a grappling hook to get the loot can be quite satisfying.

      • The falling loot does need some work… I might do what I did in 3079 — if you are flying, the loot won’t fall. If you are not flying, the loot will fall. In a future release…

      • You didn’t write to much — I like seeing lots of good feedback 🙂

        I’m also thinking about this for 3089, which I want to get just right — with your help, of course!

    • Yeah, more enemy types are coming. Right now, there are surveyors, normal robots, turrets & “normal” flying robots. I’d like to add some “scary” guys, like demons in 3079, later in the story.

      There is random loot around the world already — you just need to destroy the crates and it appears in them randomly. If you have no weapons, you can “interact” with the crates to destroy them.

      • Oh, nice. I didn’t realize that. 🙂

        I love the fact that even with the great changes you made to buildings, there is still the occasional closed off room or wing that I need to use the teleporter to get into.

  2. Phr00t! A demo is out? Awesome. I’ve never demo’d an alpha game but this game has me so enamored I’d love to offer ideas with the rest of the fans. I don’t know where to say this and email seems too intrusive but about the energy:

    I may be wrong but in 3079 energy, used for pretty much everything, I found would only rise when it was exhausted. This of course resulted in burnout and you’d take damage, so I would make an effort to avoid it. I realized after playing a long while that my energy score simply stayed low because of this. It was cool that you needed to exhaust your supply to force your body to have more but I didn’t like that I had to injure myself to get anywhere with it. Will this system be the same? Or could you make it so energy level rises with consumption?

    Also, I noticed as loot went on, I gave up most newer guns because they were horribly inefficient. My level 4 shotgun would be weaker, but took such less energy that it’s dps was almost always superiour to shotties 7+ levels up.

    Lastly, weather sounds terrific! Adds immersion to a game, especially if you can code ai pathing to seek shelter. That would be the bomb. Lightning, thunder, wind on physics all sound like really cool ideas.

    • The demo isn’t out yet! I’m making some tweaks to it — it should be out a bit later this week.

      Energy is handled much differently in 3089, mainly due to the frustrations with it in 3079. To improve the situation, many things no longer use energy (like being stealthy, ammo-based weapons etc.). However, energy only recharges to 25% (unless you are in a radioactive area) & must be recharged with energy packs. Finally, energy doesn’t increase on exhaustion (which caused players to just keep shooting at 0 energy) but instead by adding “skill points” to your energy skill after completing quests. We’ll see how this plays out in testing…

      I’m still planning on weather, but I’m not going to get to it for this week. I want to spend more time on it to get it just right..

  3. I haven’t played v15 yet, but I finally got to really sit down and play this. I love the gameplay and structure, but had some serious issues with quests.

    In the version history, it looks like you tried to address this in v14 (the version I was playing), but I attempted several different quests and about 75% of them eventually led me to a rock, tree, building platform, or empty field. It was clear in a couple instances that there was a robot inside an object, but most of the time there didn’t seem to be anything. I did notice that if a target is killed by another robot the quest is unbeatable, so maybe a couple of them died before I got there? Not sure.

    That’s all! Great work otherwise. 🙂

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