3089 Initial Feedback & Improvements Coming!

Hey all,

Thank you KickStarter supporters for trying out 3089! I’ve received lots of feedback & these are the things I’m working on for the next release:

  1. A demo version so everyone can try this game!
  2. Improving buildings:
    1. Making the entrance (and entire building) pointed away from terrain
    2. Closing off some windows
    3. In some places, instead of a window, there will be a large opening you can jump through
  3. Quest location & spawning problems (e.g. that “Q” isn’t working right! ggaarrr fix it!!) 🙂
  4. Problems jumping on moderate slopes

There is still much to work on, but will likely be in a future release, like:

  1. Making the handheld weapon not be drawn behind walls & terrain
  2. Make fired weapons not shoot through walls when up close to the wall
  3. Targets you are protecting for a quest should be under attack!
  4. More vehicles with weapons
  5. Storyline
  6. Balancing

I will get to #1 & #2 hopefully shortly after I get the top list done! I’m planning to have the next release sometime next week. Keep testing & feel free to report bugs & other feedback here!

– Phr00t

6 responses to “3089 Initial Feedback & Improvements Coming!

  1. Hmm.. just played a little bit. Open world seems fun. I assume there’s still some work to go. Like you mentioned, i couldn’t figure out quests. Also, the concept of money/credits is a little too hidden, i accidentally spent half my starting money on a stupid special. I also have no idea what to do! But i hope that’s related to the lack of quests. Otherwise though – really, the world and exploration looks fun. Has potential!

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