3089 Update: Alpha coming soon!

Hey all,

I’m planning on getting the KickStarter pre-alpha out by the end of this month to make the “estimated date”. However, I’m expecting the public alpha to be another week or two after that (e.g. early February). This is because I’d like to get a bit more into the KickStarter pre-alpha & I want to get some solid feedback before the public alpha goes live.

With that said, I’m still making tons of progress. I have some more biomes created:

Screenshot from 2013-01-18 12:33:21 Screenshot from 2013-01-18 12:31:51

You will also notice a big ship flying around and some clouds 🙂 The first radioactive biome will cause a bit of damage but increase your energy regeneration ability.

I’m working on the storyline, but the story won’t be complete for alpha. You will get an introduction to the setting & main players, at least. I’ve also got some special items like the grappling hook & telelocator implemented. Sound & music is coming in place too.

Back to work!

– Phr00t


20 responses to “3089 Update: Alpha coming soon!

  1. That is starting to look really good man ! Count on me for a complete feedback of your pre-alpha.
    The draw distance seems very good (judging by the size of the buildings).
    Very good job man. I will put all my attention for the first feedback that I will provide.

    • Next video will probably be the alpha trailer in about 2 weeks. It takes a decent amount of time to make a video… time I’d rather be spending developing the game itself 🙂 Lots still needs to be done! Working on charging up energy weapons now…

    • Yes indeed! They likely won’t make it into alpha, though. The first flyable vehicles will only be small ships used for transport. I just need to make or get models for the bigger ships & then there will be much more flying fun to be had 🙂

  2. Im having trouble opening the installer for the alpha, when i try to open it, i get an error… When i right click it, there is no option for Java Runtime… I know i have java on my computer… any ideas for help?

    • You won’t be able to open it yet, since the alpha hasn’t been released yet. You just downloaded a “placeholder” file — it will be replaced with the actual alpha installer in a week or two. When that happens, you can re-download the file and it should just open normally by double-clicking it (which should initiate Java).

  3. Been playing some. The environment is very beautiful. I’ve still yet to complete a quest, but I don’t mind difficulty. At first, I was having trouble killing anything, as I wasn’t attacking or stealing from any of the neutral robots. It seems that I am meant to steal from/kill the neutral ones though,as it makes starting off a lot easier. 🙂
    I’m not sure if there is a way to directly earn credits, but I do like having to sell equipment for them. A lot of times, I get a cool drop such as a grappling hook, but because I need ammo or health or something, I’m forced to part with it. The death penalty also feels good to me.
    As for the quests, I fail most of them because I get attacked from someone I didn’t see. I haven’t been able to find one of the discs yet, though I like the fact that we need to search for them. I’m not sure how big the search radius is, though. Sometimes I need to find a person that the Q marker doesn’t directly point to (Q marker is floating in air.) In that case, I only have a name, but I’m not sure how to check the names of robots without attacking them.
    Exploration is great fun. I do think the buildings need to have potential for more than one entrance. Maybe an occasional window that is big enough to jump through? Or an open air top floor? Or maybe some doors that can be destroyed or pulled off with a grappling hook? I liked how in 3079, there were sometimes open floors that allowed you to jump into or out of a building. The textures create some really cool stuff, by the way.
    I think the main focus should be on the combat. You’ve got a great world and framework here, something that I wish big name developers would copy from in fact…combat is really going to be the thing that keeps people playing, and allows them to really enjoy the world. I can play Doom, Quake, Tribes, and Borderlands 2 forever because the combat is so satisfying. Great single player gunplay to me is about movement, dodging projectiles, and reading the movements and actions of several different enemies at a time.
    I like the fact that its somewhat difficult to get your character started in 3089, sort of like a roguelike..and I understand the desire to let the player feel as though their equipment is getting better…but when players are going to spend a lot of time with the low level equipment, I think it needs to be more satisfying in terms of accuracy and fire rate.
    Personally, its hard for me to enjoy guns with extremely random accuracy. I think the low level guns should have a better accuracy than they currently do, anyway. In terms of firefight, I like the fact that you have split up ammo and energy. Waiting a long time for energy to charge in-between shots can be very frustrating, so its nice that I can go the ammo route instead. I assume that after playing a while, I will have guns with railgun accuracy and a really fast energy recharge rate. 🙂
    I bought a grenade launcher, which had a very cool bounce to it. The fuse time was incredibly long for the range though, which made it hard to use. A long fuse time is great for a long range launcher, I think….but I think that shorter range launchers need less of a delay, even at a low level.
    Anyway, really impressive work!

    • Thank you for the feedback — I’ve gotten quite a bit & I’m taking note of it all. Thank you and keep it coming! I hope to have another update sometime next week where I will address these things.

      • Ok, so after getting the telelocator, I realize that you can use that to get in and out of any window. Cool! Multiple entrances aren’t so necessary anymore. What I like about this is that for the buildings that have entrances blocked by the terrain, you can still get inside with the right gear. For closed off rooms on upper floors, you can get in with a combination of the grappling hook and telelocator.

        I’ve still yet to complete a quest. On the most recent one, the 2nd task had me going to get an ancient disk from a bot. The Q marker was somewhere in the closed off area of an upper floor of a building. I’m not sure if the Q marker is supposed to lead me directly to the bot, or if it is just telling me a that the bot is somewhere in the vicinity. I managed to grapple and telelocate myself into one of the closed off rooms of the upper floor…there was a bot in there, but it didn’t respond to interaction. (Stealing didn’t give me a disk either.) Still, figuring out how to get into those rooms was a pretty cool experience.
        I tried interacting with all the bots I could in the vicinity but couldn’t find the “Kaitlyn” I was looking for.

      • I still made some changes to the buildings, since it was pretty cool jumping in & out of buildings so smoothly when a few of the windows were missing. 🙂

        There were lots of quest problems, which should be better in v0.14a!

  4. I have been playing this alpha. A lot. Im having tons of fun! It is really satisfying crafting your first weapons/armor. I have a suggestion, make it cheaper to craft your own things, then to buy them separately(kind of like when you build your own computer its cheaper). Looking forward to new updates in the game, Phr00t!

    • Oh, and i forgot! I suggest you give a copy to a youtuber “RockLeeSmile”. He has a series called “Indie Impressions”. He showcases lots of Indegames on that series, i think you should check him out!

      • Glad you are enjoying it! I’ll start giving out the game to be more publically advertised once I get some of the (many) reported bugs fixed 😛 And yes, it is a good idea to reduce the price of parts a bit..

  5. Hey phr00t! You are such an awesome dev, first you work constantly and work hard, second the content you make is always fun and unique, lastly and by far most importantly you interact with your fans… you always listen to feedback and suggestions you respond to almost every question and that is something a lot of developers dont bother to do! I absolutely cant wait for public alpha, this game will be my go to game for the next (insert insanely large amount of months here) cant wait!


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