3089 Update: Too much to post!

Hey all,

3089 has been seeing lots of work. New robotic models are being implemented, new art is being ushered in, the questing system is taking shape, skills are coming together… gah, I better make an update on my blog! 🙂

Another big breakthrough: 3089’s setting & story is being formed. I had a great discussion with some fellow gamers to put together something I really think you will all like. For now, let’s just say 3089 will take place on planet Xax, a robotic military experiment site.

Screenshot from 2013-01-07 16:07:28


Lots of the game logic is coming together. Here you can see some interesting terrain generation along with a lamp, new weapon & explosive crate:

Screenshot from 2013-01-07 16:14:06


I do have a cloud system being worked on, but it generates clouds too sparse at the moment, which is why none are seen here 😛 I’m working on it! Still aiming for a pre-alpha during the last week of this month (for KickStarter folks), and alpha at the end of this month. However, there will still be much left to develop!

Thank you all for your support!

– Phr00t

15 responses to “3089 Update: Too much to post!

  1. The new weapon model looks much better.. While I like pixel art.. I like this blend of pixel art and clean lines a lot more and hope you continue with this style.

    Will there be controller (e.g. XBox 360) support at some point as well?

    • I’m actually using PimpMyGun (credit http://pimpmygun.doctornoob.com/) to help design weapons for 3089, which are coming out pretty good. I haven’t replaced all of my art with models like that yet, but I plan to.

      The engine I use, jMonkeyEngine, does support joysticks so I can put that on the “to-do” list — it will take some work since the inventory system (swapping in and out parts) works nicely with a mouse, and there are quite a bit of keybindings (stealth toggling, running, interaction, stealing, weapon switching etc.).. but it could be made to work 🙂

      • I’ve played 3079 with my controller with DS3 Tool. I’ve made my controller to input keyboard and mouse commands, making it good enough to play.

        Also, i also like that weapon. Reminds “Borderlands”.

        There are holes in scenery hill. Are they from shooting with a powerful explosive gun or generated? Will there be any chasms or something similar in world? (I mean like big caves underground or big scars in ground… Something similar to minecraft…)

      • Cool report — and yes, the weapons do look a bit like Borderlands, which isn’t a bad thing 🙂

        The holes in the scenery are generated. There are chasms & even some floating terrain which looks pretty neat. However, I don’t have big caves underground, since I’m focusing on populating air, land & sea at the moment. Caves may come along in the future, though!

  2. I really really like the weapon model ! It’s nice and very clean.
    We can see that there is a lot of work put in the game. That’s really great man.
    The menu system is cool. It directly come from Gentrieve 2 and I like the font.
    It seems your game is on the way to be a serious competitor for 3079 wich is one of my favorite game (really)
    I only hope that there will be other biomes than those green hills. I like them but I like discovering new things in a game, including new places.
    Anyway, you made, as usual, a very good work man. I’m very impatient to se the alpha running on my computer ! You have made such a way since 3059…

    • Yes, more biomes are planned. I’m planning on adding at least a “desert” biome & a radioactive biome (which may alter the gameplay slightly, like giving you an energy boost, but taking some health away). There are currently snowy mountain tops & swimming in the ocean “biomes”. More down the road will be likely.

      Thank you for the support 🙂 Lots of work to do!

  3. Hello, its me, Crash159,well, I see you are adding so much things,I really like the new stuff,but, I think Xax isn’t a good name, its a robot milotary planet, military bases didn’t have names like Xax, what about planet 89, or another nunber ( is just an idea)

    • Hey Crash159,

      Thanks for the post & sharing your comments. I picked Xax since it is short & “powerful” sounding. The planet was named Xax far before it was designated a military site. Finally, there will be many cases of numbers within names (much like the title), so I like to balance names out with non-number names too. I think it will work 🙂

  4. Hey Phr00t! this game is looking great (hence why i pre-ordered!) i really like the none pixely weapon! also im looking forward to the smooth terrain! just one question though… on my computer the file from the pre-order has a java virtual machine error when i run it. Is it suppose to just not do anything?

    • Thanks for the support! 🙂

      Yes, that 3089Installer.jar file is just a “placeholder” and otherwise doesn’t do anything. BMT Micro requires I use the same filename for the product, even if it hasn’t been released yet. When the alpha DOES get released, which should be late this month (or very early next month), you will re-download the 3089Installer.jar file which will actually do something 😉

  5. Oh man, I was already happy when I heard about your sequel to Gentrieve. I then see this? You’re a machine, man… no pun intended. Can’t way to sink my teeth in this 3079 was really good, and this just made my day!
    By the way, if I pre-order now, would I get the Kickstarter alpha, or is that exclusive?

    • Hey siveon — thank you for the compliments, much appreciated 🙂 Glad you have been enjoying 3079 — I believe it highly deserves a strong sequel!

      Pre-ordering now will get you the “regular” alpha which is due out late this month (or very early next month). I plan on releasing the KickStarter pre-alpha about a week earlier than the “regular” alpha, so you wouldn’t miss too much time. Hope you enjoy 3089 — I’m working on making it a great game!

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