3089 Update: Gameplan & Content

Hey all,

I have been working very hard on 3089, even if I haven’t been posting here very often. The reason I haven’t been posting very often is because I’ve been working heavily on things “behind the scenes”, so there isn’t much new to see. I’m actually doing this on purpose — it is more important to finalize a strong foundation to build content on before I get to the content itself. One of the mistakes I made in 3079, and why I really needed to start a new game, is because I mixed content within the engine too closely. This led to a very inflexible engine & made adding new content difficult. This won’t be a repeat in 3089 & I will be able to build upon this game far more than I could with 3079.

I do have some things to show, though. 🙂 Keep in mind these screenshots are more about the functionality being implemented and less about how things will look (since I’m building in the ability for content to be easily swapped in and out).

Screenshot from 2012-12-19 20:44:50

The HUD will be a bit more simple and easier to read in 3089 compared to 3079. Percentages will be used instead of bars & that green haze in the background will provide your detection & warning indicator. Here a friendly robot can see you rather clearly, so a green haze rises.


Screenshot from 2012-12-19 20:47:36

Here is an “armor station” which you will use to purchase armor. There will be a station like this for many other items & purposes in buildings. There will be a workshop one that you will use to split & combine items, a health one to heal yourself etc.

Screenshot from 2012-12-19 20:47:46

In this final screenshot, you can see I’m providing a much larger area for items to be sold. This should make it easier to find items & parts you are looking for without going to many different merchants.

I still plan to be working on “behind the scenes” stuff for the next few weeks. I want to have very unique & powerful powers like time slowing, invisibility, damage boosts & more that will use energy (which will be a bit harder to obtain than 3079) — however, weapons won’t be based on energy (unless you are using energy-based weapons!). The questing system is also on the short list, which I’ll need to work on to start a storyline.

Oh, you will be able to run in 3089 😉

OK, back to work!

– Phr00t



27 responses to “3089 Update: Gameplan & Content

  1. First of all, i love the progress Phr00t! Second, at one point, weapon customization should be really deep and in depth, like, say you’re planning on building an energy weapon. You need to find very specific parts, such as if the gun doesnt have a power supply that doesnt have enough watts of energy, the gun simply will not work. Getting a power supply with more wattage would result in a more powerful weapon, considering it is an energy weapon. More into deep customization, if you choose to use a certain type of ammo, such as a 50 caliber sniper shot, it will not fit through a barrel designed for a SMG, resulting in the barrel of the gun being blown off. I know coding is hard, but im talking about a while after the game is released if you choose to make new updates.

    • Thanks Miniman 🙂 I’m a fan of comments and people who follow my progress!

      I think there is a balance that needs to be struck with weapon customization… I don’t want to make it so complex where players would just be annoyed with all the requirements to make a weapon (which will be such a central part of the game). However, I don’t want it to be brain-dead where any part can go with any weapon. I’m planning on having 3 categories of projectile weapons: pistol, rifle & heavy. Then, there will be energy & traditional ammo versions of each category. There will also likely be two sets of melee weapons (light & heavy). Guns will be split into barrels, bodies & magazines. Melee weapons will be split into blades and handles. Only parts that are the same level & category (and sub-category, like energy vs. non-energy) can be put together. Armor & computer chips will also work this way — chest armor is split into an upper and lower part, helmets split into visor and body, chips into CPU & board etc.

      So, the depth will come from all the different parts you can put together to give yourself a very customized set of items. I also plan on having item “sets” — like the “Stealth” set, if all parts found, will give you an extra stealth boost.

      • Thanks for the reply, sounds good! Im a really big fan of customization, so more stuff = 😀
        Also an idea for cosmetic changes is you should be able to dye your weapon parts individually.

      • What about additional scopes, increased magazines, silencers or something similar stuff, that can be added (but not taken out, maybe) to gun but are not necessary for weapon to function? Maybe even similar stuff for armors, helmets and other stuff? this would make game more customizable. Maybe even armor and gun repaint, so people can customize their characters more?

      • Ahhh yes, silencers & scopes ARE coming to 3089, and I actually have been working on them already. What I’m planning is for silencers & scopes to be mountable on ammo-based weapons, and not energy-based weapons. Instead, energy-based weapons can be “charged-up” to shoot stronger (and more expensive) shots. More customization options will be coming down the road…

  2. You like comments ? So here’s one !
    I really like your work. What you are doing is always clean, with very few bugs (or none I saw…) and you are coding faster than light !

    But the greatest features of your games are in one world: Procedural. And I don’t know why but Non-Indie modern games are on the over sides: Scripting and no procedural at all. Think about the difference between Daggerfall & Skyrim. But with the huge sucess of Minecraft and maybe the come back of David Braben this could change. (Far Cry 3 also try to introduce random events).

    What you are trying seems to be on the path of dwarf fortress: A complete procedural game with infinite replayability. This is a long roguelike tradition 😉

    This “random/procedural/perlin” approach is capital because you are a minority working in this direction. (OK, OK, more & more indies game takes this direction). And for a lonesome coder, this is the only weapon to fight against huge game like Assassin’s creed and COD series.

    In my humble opinion, there are two pitfalls that procedural games should avoid to be a total hit:
    -Monotony in lanscape. Minecraft avoid it with many caves, biomes & villages. 3079 also makes the difference with fortress-town: That was the best feature you ever made man ! It makes a kind of flat-entropy-breaker (lol) that brings points of interest. This aspect of POI is often forgotten by procedurals devs.

    -Reel procedural quest. For now, no games succeed in this point. I know it’s hard (I’m also a Java coder) and in sight only cube world will maybe makes the difference. But at the moment, no games brings a complex procedural quest system. And I’m playing since 1984 ! Maybe only Soldaak games (Din’s Curse, Depth of Peril & Drox operative) with quest based on what REALLY happen is the closest of this goal. Other games don’t creates events based on the world.
    Will 3089 be the first ? Of course I hope but it is complex, even in only text based concept.

    Anyway, again, I’m waiting with patience 3089 and take your time to create, once again, a great game. Phr00t, you are one of the best dev on Indie scene. Good luck & count on me to support you !


    PS: You said you like comments !

    • ooooo lots of stuff 🙂

      Thank you for the comments, and of course I like constructive & supportive comments!

      I find great importance in avoiding those two pitfalls. Having interesting terrain, even over long distances, is something I will be spending more time on & will strive to master. Questing is also a huge one — I’m going for a completely different questing model compared to 3079. This time, quests will be broken up into separate tasks, and I’m going to explore having those tasks branch out as you complete the quest (e.g. you can choose between 2 tasks instead of 1, causing the quest to change a bit).

      OK, back to work!

    • 3089 will likely be a 2-player co-op game, so the time manipulation will only affect NPCs by slowing down (or completely stopping) their movements & projectiles for a short period of time.

      • Which means, your own bullets will go on normal speed while enemy bullets might stop? Doesn’t that make some cheating? Maybe better call it something like “electrocution” and only “jam” enemy robot control for few seconds instead of stopping bullets? idk, but that seems more right to me. Of course, you can simply make seconds player to slow down too, to make everything even…

      • It can be like Dishonored’s method of time warping — it could act like you (and your co-op player & bullets) are moving relatively fast compared to enemies. It would be a “super-power” of sorts that takes lots of energy to balance it out (and it would only work on enemies at the same or lower level than your “time warping” item). How does that sound?

      • Well, when you fist mentioned time warping, i imagined something similar to Dishonored 😀 So i think that sounds fair. High energy cost is necessary when such super-powers skills come. But does that mean, that such “powers” will be like radars in 3079? I mean, you will need item from higher level to work and the higher item level will take even more energy?
        Also, let’s say there are 2 enemies nearby, levels 9 and 10. You have 9 level time warping. Does that mean, that level 9 monster will be slowed very much, but level 10 monster will be unaffected? It would sound better if 10 level monster would still be slowed by, let’s say, 40% of maximum slowing power, because it have better resist for such technology or something, but he can’t fully resist it. I think such percentage of done effect should be everywhere, where it’s possible. I don’t know, it just make sense to me…

        Also, how will inventory work? Will you be able to carry specific number of items or it will use weight to limit inventory?

      • Yeah, high energy costs will be required — if you haven’t been improving your energy skill, you’ll likely not have enough to use some of these super powers.

        Yes, it will work kinda like the radars & as you describe: a level 3 “time warper” will really slow down level 3 guys, completely freeze level 1 and 2 guys, and just slightly slow down level 4 guys.

        There will be a specific number of items you can hold & if you have lots of high level items, you’ll need a good agility skill to be able to move quickly & jump high 🙂

      • But even having lot’s of high level items you will be able to move? Sounds kinda strange, that you can’t run, but can pick up double the amount you have and still be able to move…

        Improving skill? So it will be based on level? Or you will get skill points for using that skill like in 3079?

        Also, wouldn’t that just mean, that increasing energy skill will be main aspect of the game? Because it will allow to use all powers and shoot energy guns (right?)

      • “But even having lot’s of high level items you will be able to move? Sounds kinda strange, that you can’t run, but can pick up double the amount you have and still be able to move…”

        This is the fine balance between realism & fun. If I wanted the game to be realistic, I’d have the player stop dead in their tracks under massive load.. but that’d not be fun. Running & jumping will be important, so the player will want to improve their agility — but it won’t be “game breaking” if you don’t do it enough.

        “Improving skill? So it will be based on level? Or you will get skill points for using that skill like in 3079?”

        Skills will work a bit differently in 3089 which will require the player to make more choices. When you complete quests, you will be rewarded in skill points. You will then permanently assign those skill points to your available skills.

        “Also, wouldn’t that just mean, that increasing energy skill will be main aspect of the game? Because it will allow to use all powers and shoot energy guns (right?)”

        Energy will also work a bit differently, because it was too important in 3079. Energy will power special powers & utilities like slowing time & the grappling hook. Energy weapons will still use a little energy, but traditional weapons will use basic ammunition instead of energy.

      • Yeah, maybe you are right… Maybe i think too realistic. Making game interesting is more important than making simulator.
        So doing quests will be necessary, that’s cool. I only hope, that story and secondary mission rewards won’t be same and you can’t complete storyline by only doing story missions and getting skill points.

        What about a short range teleport power? I mean something similar to Dishonored’s “Blink” or League of Legends’s “Flash”. Have you thought about more powers, that we don’t know?

        Also, Happy New Year!

      • Happy New Year to you too 🙂

        I’ll likely have “story” missions, which won’t be the same each playthrough — and optional missions. Not sure what you mean by completing the story without doing story missions?

        Yup, there will be a short range teleport power — I’m thinking on using the “translocator” idea from Unreal Tournament: you shoot a beacon which then you can teleport to.

      • I meant, that story missions could ask item rewards from secondary missions, but nevermind, because that would create worthless story missions or very repetitive rewards.

        Never played Unreal Tournament (though, i think i should…), but does that shooting and teleporting wouldn’t be too slow? Asking because teleport for me is like tactical withdrawal at moment, when others would die.

        Off-topic a bit:
        How long does it take to make simple 3D world with physics in which it’s possible to move?

      • You could use the “translocator” a bit differently for tactical removal: fire the beacon somewhere safe before entering a fight. Then, if things go south, activate the translocator and teleport to the beacon. 🙂

        It can take a bit of work to get a 3D world with movement… it really depends on what your 3D world is & how the player moves. In 3089, I model the player as a ball that just rolls around (with lots of rolling friction to make it feel like you are walking more than rolling). There is a tutorial with some other physics stuff to give you an idea on what it takes to do these things:


      • jMonkeyEngine certainly does give the developer complete freedom. jMonkeyEngine uses the popular and comprehensive jBullet library for physics.

    • There will likely be 2 sets of robots — team “blue” and team “red” (for lack of better names) 🙂 You will get to manage your faction like in 3079 between the two sides & request friendly robots to follow you. Getting quests will work a bit differently in 3089, though, since I’m leaning towards quests being given by another power (and not the robots themselves).

      • One thing i missed in 3079 was that i couldn’t choose which side i want to go with. After all, it would be the same story, whatever side player goes, because in the end he does same missions and complete same story.

      • You actually can choose what side you want to go with — if you start killing a bunch of Humoids, the Neanders will become friendly. You then can take on Neander missions & interact with them as you did with the Humoids (which will become your enemy).

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