3089 Update: Dynamic lights, buildings & more!

Hey all,

I’ve been working on quite a bit for 3089! I’ve been focusing on visual effects & I now have a video update showing off the latest features:

I’m also taking performance heavily into consideration — even with these features, I’m still aiming for this game to run faster than 3079. I can get about 400-500 FPS on my laptop (which has an nVidia NVS 4200M card). Some visual stuff still needs to be added, like clouds. The buildings will also get some more polishing & filled with goodies like vendor machines.

I plan on working on gameplay content next, like item generation & statistics. AI and character interaction is on the short list too! Story, quests & combat will be soon after that…

OK, back to work!

– Phr00t

13 responses to “3089 Update: Dynamic lights, buildings & more!

  1. Will all of the guns be projectile-based, or will some of them be hitscan? I feel like the projectiles in air look a little odd…are you planning on tweaking them? I was playing Unreal 2 the other day, and thinking about how it might look better if your projectiles had a glowing plasma look to them. 🙂

    • The projectiles now are just debug spheres. I will be changing them to bullet models, rockets and yes — plasma balls 🙂 The glow effects I used in Gentrieve 2 have a large impact on performance, so I’m playing with some other, faster ways to have glowing effects… However, I’m going to work on some important gameplay mechanics and come back to visuals shortly!

  2. Hey phr00t, great work as always! This newest video makes me think of a lot of questions:

    1. Do I spy something big floating in the sky around 00:20 of video? Will floating houses from 3079 be present in 3089?? I think they were really great!
    Speaking of houses – in some older blog post you mentioned there won’t be any lifts in 3089’s houses, only ramps. At first I was a bit sad because I liked those lifts, but then I though – 3089 happens on a different planet, with different (robotic) population and it’s only right not everything feels the same as 3079! So I fully support ramps! =D

    2. Been also reading some very good youtube comments but since I don’t use youtube for commenting, I’m leaving my opinion here – I partially agree with what you said about building. First-person block-building game market just exploded after MC. Personally I liked building things in 3079, but to be honest, it was a bit too basic compared to some MC-clones. Of course, 3079 was not a MC clone, but you would probably have to think of some really unique ways of building things and put a lot of work in it to not make it feel just unnecessary addition in 3089. Saddly, I have not suggestion how to do any of this. 😦
    But I do think your idea of RENTING houses/rooms and furnishing them a bit sound great! It’s probably good not to give player too much of PHYSICAL power over environment, if you are taking inspiration from games like Fallout and Borderlands.

    3. Speaking of this two games, I come to skill shown in video – will we see the return of programing/hacking skill(s) from 3059/3069? I wrote about this before and I know I’m biased simply because I liked those skills in 3059 so much, but I think they would play great in 3089! With the ability to make custom built weapons from different parts, why not add ability to make this parts yourself! Of course, it should not be easy, some balance would be needed to not make this skill necessary for every player…Maybe “blank” programmable parts you could buy from vendors would cost as much as “special”, non-programmable parts? Or not even make this “blank” parts normally available, make them just a drop loot like those special parts? And speaking of parts as whole, what if different parts would negate each other or more simply, have positive as well as negative random effects?? 😮
    Like, you would get a power cell that would enable your gun to shoot faster, but it would, I dunno, lower your armor a bit? I can’t remember, did 3079 this?
    Lastly, when it comes to weapons – are melee weapons still present? Will we be able to customize them too?

    You probably thought of some ideas above yourself, and I hope I did not ask questions you already answered somewhere else…But anyways – can’t wait for more updates and keep up the good work!

    • 1) You did notice something big in the sky, but it wasn’t a house 😛 There will be some floating terrain (Avatar style). However, there will be floating (big and small) ships flying around!

      Yay ramps 🙂

      2) “you would probably have to think of some really unique ways of building things and put a lot of work in it to not make it feel just unnecessary addition in 3089” — totally agree with this statement, and this is kinda sorta what happened with building in 3079. I want features in 3089 to be there because they are “meant” to be there & fit perfectly (instead of being tacked on the side to be another “feature” bullet point). This is why I’m generally ruling out digging & building — you didn’t see digging & building in Fallout 3, Borderlands, Dishonored, Crysis, Just Cause 2 etc. because it didn’t belong in those games. I’m going to use that time instead polishing features that are meant to be in 3089. Renting out a building (e.g. spawn point w/ some furnishings) is likely going to be in 3089.

      3) I’d have to have some type of generic part, like “computer chips” in 3059 for hacking to work, which is possible. For instance, a “blank” gun barrel wouldn’t make much sense. However, adding generic, blank computer chips that you could activate & hack wouldn’t be too difficult! Yes, items that have positive AND negative stats are planned 🙂 Yes, melee weapons will be present & customizable — I hope to expand on melee weapon fighting in 3089 over 3079.

      I’ll keep the updates coming and thank you for the feedback!

      • Thanks a lot for reply! Though I am few days late saying this, ahem.

        You are right about “blank” gun barrel – it doesn’t make much sense. It would make most sense if programmable part I was thinking about was simply a blank computer chip, similar to 3059. Which reminds me – in 3079 there were buff/debuff GUNS. While I think it was an interesting idea, since having a specific handheld, slot-dependent item to apply debuff prevented you from having to big of an upper edge (compared to, say, having ALL items have the ability to produce buff/debuff aura), I wonder what are you planning to do in 3089? Will you go for 3059 add-buff-chip-to-everything approach, 3079 buff-guns-only or would you prefer something in between?

        And if we are talking about the possibility of including hacking/programming, here’s something I remembered back when playing 3079. In 3089 there will also be vehicle, and I take it enemies will use them too. So what if when you try to take over such enemy vehicle (like in 3079) or maybe even a friendly one, the success would depend on your hacking skill? It would probably make sense if that skill-check was present only when interacting with occupied vehicles though…But this is just an idea I have. I don’t want to force you in any way or something. Just tell me what you think! 🙂

      • I want the player to be more role-based & not be able to be super-awesome at everything, so I still think I’m going to allow all parts to have buffs, but only 0-2 buffs per part, and only rare items give 2 buffs. However, this is only what I’m going to start with and see how it goes in testing.

        I’m having a “pilot” skill that will be specific to vehicle use & hijacking 🙂

  3. Will the large ships have insides or just the cockpit view, because it would be really interesting and cool if you had the ability to move around the ship, or atleast the bridge of the ship.This means you could have more weapons and maybe turrets?

    • Likely just the cockpit view — I want players interacting with the world outside of the ship, not inside. Plus, if I made ship interiors, I’d be responsible for creating a believable & interactive ship interior… something that’d take quite a bit of development time & distract from the main purpose of the game.

      More weapons are possible without a ship interior, though 🙂

    • I’m hoping to have a wide range of NPCs that are procedurally generated in parts. For example, there will be a set of heads, arms, torsos & legs — and the NPCs will be pieced together.

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