3089 Update: Building Progress

Hey all,

Making good progress on buildings:


No textures yet — but you can get an idea on how the buildings will be constructed. Ramps will be on one side of the building, allowing access to higher floors (no more magic elevator things like in 3079). Also, all the rooms for each floor will be randomly connected together in “cells”, so no two floors should look alike (as compared to 3079, which had a handful of fixed floor designs). A random roof design will be placed on top (sniper tower, pyramid, flat etc.). Rooms will also randomly have things like shops, recharging stations & more.

Back to work!

– Phr00t

7 responses to “3089 Update: Building Progress

  1. Lookin’ good! Keep up the awesome work. I don’t know all that much about coding myself (sometimes seems almost magical – like a spell that has to be done just right), so it’s very fun and interesting to follow along.

  2. Looks good so far.. I’d be interested to see, once you get it all squared away of course (no rush!), what the end result will look like.. obviously right now, being in such an early state, it looks like a parking garage 🙂 hehe.. but it certainly looks a lot nicer than the blockiness of 3079 buildings.

    • Ha, parking garage 😛 The big difference in looks will come when I add in textures & lighting (after the outer walls & roof is put on, of course!)

    • Yes, I am. I’m working on a way to smooth out the terrain around buildings, so there should be no ground for them to go into…

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